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   Chapter 6 the more She looks at Geoffrey, the more satisfied she is (Part Two)

Rebirth: Double My Love For You By Huang Xiaohuai Characters: 5189

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Olivia was startled. When she was about to scream, a man covered her mouth and hurriedly said, "don't scream, Olivia. It's me, Andrew!"

Olivia's body suddenly stiffened. Since she didn't expect that Andrew would come out of the reed marsh and hugged her so shamelessly, there were so many people passing by here. It was not easy for Olivia to get on well with the Lu clan, and she didn't want others to see and misunderstand her relationship with Andrew.

She pushed Andrew away and asked coldly, "what are you doing here?" As long as she thought of the fact that the Ada and him conspired with each other to kill her in her previous life, her hatred for him could not be suppressed, and her hands holding the basket tightened. If there wasn't lunch for them, she would have slapped him in the face.

In the past, whenever Olivia wasn't coaxed by him casually? How dare she lose her temper on him?

Now, looking at her cold attitude, Andrew knew that Olivia must have been angry the night before yesterday. Although he was a little angry, he tried his best to suppress it in view that he didn't want to have a fight with her. He coaxed her in a soft voice, "Olivia, I'm sorry. Forgive me, okay? I was going to elope with you last night, but I didn't know why my father found it! He locked me at the door and didn't let me out, so I didn't come! "

Olivia sneered. Look, this was Andrew. His mouth was so smooth that it could even turn black into white. He was really good at disguising himself! In her previous life, she even foolishly believed him.

If she hadn't heard the conversation between Andrew and Ada later, she wouldn't have known that Andrew wasn't locked up at home by his father at all, but he didn't intend to elope with her.

In his eyes, no matter how beautiful and rich Olivia was, she was just from the countryside! How could she compare with the big families in the town? He just wanted to play with her!

Besides, he also said that the woman who cheat on others didn't need money and just played around. She cheated on him and she wouldn't want him to be responsible for it. Later, he married her because Jiang family couldn't live in the town anymore. Olivia didn't understand why she was so blind to fall in love with such a scumbag in the previous life!

Now, Olivia felt that it was a great insult to her to look at Andrew and say one more word to him.

"I'm not interested in the past, and I don't want to know this from now on!" Olivia turned around and left with the basket. "Have you finished your nonsense? get out. I don't have time to listen

to your nonsense! "

"Olivia, what do you mean?" Andrew was also annoyed by her attitude. He grabbed her and said, "I've apologized to you. What else do you want? What? Do you think we can pretend nothing has happened since you married Geoffrey? Have you forgotten that you loved me so much before? "

"If I tell everyone what happened between us, do you think that Geoffrey will still love you? After all, you are just a shameless Slut... " Before he could finish his words, Olivia raised her hand and slapped Andrew hard across the face.

Olivia said, "listen carefully, Andrew. If you dare to slander me and spread my rumor in this village again, I will let your family have no offspring all your lives."

"You..." Andrew grabbed her collar and was about to slap her in the face.

"slap? Just slap me in the face! Come on, pinch my right face hard! " Olivia moved her right face closer to him and let him slap her. "If you dare to touch me today, I will immediately go to the police station to sue you for attempted rape. me! Besides, I will tell everyone about your family's bed thing. "

"If I remember correctly, your father is the president of a university, right? If I tell the public security bureau that your father has an affair with the wife of their chief, do you think your family will still be as domineering as it is now? "

When her hand was a few centimeters away from the face, she stopped abruptly. Looking at her with a complicated expression, he asked, "what do you mean?"

"What do you mean?" Olivia pushed him away. Looking at his worried expression, she sneered, "it's what I mean literally. I advise you to be sensible and not to provoke me. Otherwise, if you piss me off, I can do anything!"

After saying that, Olivia took a few steps forward. Before she could take a few steps forward, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. Then he lowered his posture and coaxed, "Olivia, you were just kidding with me. You love me, right? I know you are angry with me? I apologize to you, okay? If you like, I can elope with you now! "

If it was in the past, Olivia would have been deceived by his few words. Now she only felt ridiculous when she heard what Andrew said. She had made it so clear, but there was really such a self righteous and shameless person in the world.

A hint of sternness appeared in Olivia's eyes. She raised her foot and pressed it against Andrew's crotch. Andrew cried out in pain. Olivia turned around and was about to leave. She saw that not far away, Geoffrey was standing under the sun, looking at her coldly.

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