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   Chapter 5 the more She looks at Geoffrey, the more satisfied she is (Part One)

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"Well..." Jacob and Flora looked at each other, Jacob said, "it's kind of your parents to say that. Let's take it!"

After pondering for a while, Flora nodded and took the red packet from Olivia with Jacob. Seeing that Olivia was still kneeling on the ground, Flora was the first to react. She quickly helped Olivia up and said, "don't kneel. The ground is cold. Get up quickly."

"Thank you, mom!" Olivia stood up and took out the remaining four red packets from her pocket. She took out the two red packets which were worth 60 and handed them to them one by one. "Olivia got married and didn't bring any gift for you. This is my little kindness. Please don't dislike it!" Then she gave the two twenty yuan red pockets to Aiden and Bid respectively.

When Bid saw the red envelope, she was excited because she was at young age.. The moment Bid took it, she opened the red envelope. When she saw the money ticket inside, she was so surprised that she could hardly close her mouth because of so many money. "Ah! Olivia, that's too much! Twenty Yuan! "

Flora was also startled. Twenty Yuan was the income of an ordinary family for two months. She hurriedly opened the red packet Olivia gave her, only to find a 100 Yuan bill and a 60 Yuan bill. The amount of the red packet for Jacob was the same as hers, which was up to 320 Yuan. Plus the red packets to Bid and Aiden, if calculated according to each person's 20 Yuan, it was 360 Yuan.

Originally, she had some issues with the bride price that her family offered at an exorbitant price. After all, after marrying Olivia, their family suddenly owed more than 100 Yuan. In addition to living expenses, they only saved 40 or 50 Yuan a year. This was a lot of money.

Now, the Qin clan not only didn't accept a penny, but also gave them 160 Yuan. The feelings of Flora for Olivia suddenly became complicated, and her prejudice against her was much less. she thought the girl was sensible except that she liked the boy from the Jiang clan.

Olivia's parents had already given Flora a red envelope. How could she have the nerve to accept Olivia's? She immediately took the red envelopes from Jacob, Aiden and Bid and gave them back to Olivia. "Olivia, both your father and I appreciate your kindness, but it's too much You'd better take it back. This is the dowry your parents left to you. Jacob and I can't accept it! "

Jacob also refused, "yes! Olivia, you're a member of the Lu clan after you married Geoffrey. You don't have to be so polite! "

It was better for them to accept it, but Olivia didn't know what to do when they refused.

"Jacob, Flora, it's just my small kindness! Just take it! " when Olivia saw they refused, she gritted her teeth and said, "if you don't accept it, then you won't treat me as your daughter-in-law. In that case, I'll pack my things and go back to my parents' house." Then she pretended to walk away, but was stopped by Flora.


ng that Olivia was really a little annoyed, Flora shook her head helplessly and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, okay! we take it! " Then she looked at Geoffrey and said with a smile, "Geoffrey, look at your new wife. I really can't do anything to her. When you come back her parents' house on the next three days, remember to thank your parents in law for marrying such a well behaved and sensible daughter to be your wife. "

"Mom, don't worry. I know!" Geoffrey lowered his head to look at Olivia, and coincidentally, Olivia raised her head to secretly look at Geoffrey. The two's eyes bumped into each other all of a sudden. Olivia obviously saw a flash of light in his dark eyes, and her face flushed slightly. Olivia immediately lowered her head.


The more she looked at Geoffrey, the more satisfied she was now!

"It's late. Let's go!" Jacob took the sickle and said, "it's not too hot now. We should go to the ground and cut the rice!"

Geoffrey whispered in Olivia's ear, "then I'll go first?"

"Okay!" Olivia nodded shyly.

The three men of the Lu clan left soon. There was a lot of rice growing on the ground, so Flora took a rest and followed them. On the other hand, Olivia and Bid stayed at home to wash clothes, cook, chop pig grass and feed pigs.

Bid asked Olivia to sit down and have a rest because of the wound on her wrist. Olivia couldn't help cleaning up the room. When Bid came back after washing her clothes in the well, Olivia had already prepared the lunch.

It was said that the Lu family married an embroidered pillow. she could do nothing but know more words. But that was not the case for Bid. She liked her sister-in-law now, who was diligent, practical and good tempered.

Seeing that Olivia had prepared the food and put them into the box, Bid pulled her and said, "Olivia, sit down and have a rest! You have been busy all morning! "

In the past, if it were the daughter of the rich family, Olivia would definitely not be able to endure it. But now, it was nothing to Olivia. Compared to this, she had suffered a lot in her previous life.

Olivia left some food for Bid, and then put the rest into the basket. "I'm fine. Father and mother must be very hungry after working on the ground for a whole morning. I'll send these food to them first! After you finish eating, you can have a rest! I'm almost done with the housework! "

Bid was about to say that she would send it there. Besides, she didn't know where they were. Unexpectedly, Olivia walked out with a small basket in her hand.

Although Olivia didn't do anything in her previous life, she still managed to bring food to the people of the Lu family, so she knew where they were. the land of the Lu family was located in a remote and far place. she had to pass through a reed marsh on the way. When Olivia was walking in the middle, a figure suddenly jumped out of the reed marsh and hugged her from behind.

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