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   Chapter 4 They Accepted Her As Their Daughter-In-Law (Part Two)

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On the other hand, she came from a well-off family who was famous in the whole village. Her mother couldn't accept that she would marry a poor man, so her mother deliberately asked the Lu family a betrothal gift of two hundred yuan.

During this time, an ordinary family like the Lu family could only earn around seventy to eighty yuan at most annually. Needless to say, two hundred yuan was an astronomical amount for them. But since Geoffrey was determined to marry her, the Lu family took out all of their savings and sold everything they had to raise the money. When it wasn't enough, they borrowed money from friends and relatives just to fulfill Olivia's mother's wish.

Aiden and Bid still needed to go to school, so the Lu family was heavily indebted and lived a hard life for a long time. Fortunately, Geoffrey often sent money to his parents when he was working hard in the military. Finally, they were able to pay all their debts after three years.

Actually, Olivia's mother was really not after the betrothal gift. She only demanded such amount to see how determined Geoffrey was to marry Olivia. After the wedding, she returned the two hundred yuan betrothal gift to Olivia together with the three hundred yuan dowry.

Her mother asked her to return the money to the Lu family. But since she hated Geoffrey so much at that time, thinking that he ruined her life, she took the money and used it to live a comfortable life. When Andrew begged for her forgiveness, her heart immediately softened, and they ended up having a secret affair.

When Andrew told her that he wanted to have a business, she unhesitatingly gave him most of the money. However, his business failed and lost all the money she gave him. Every time this memory came back to her mind, Olivia wanted to slap herself hard.

Olivia looked for some red envelopes in the drawer. She took out six of them and put the money that she divided earlier. She put one hundred yuan to each of the first two red envelopes, sixty yuan to each of the next two, and twenty yuan to each of the last two. For her not to get confused, she labeled all of them before she went out.

While Flora and Bid were cleaning the table, Jacob, Geoffrey, and Aiden prepared themselves to go to the farm. When they were about to leave, Olivia came out of the room and stopped them.

"Dad, Mom, can I talk to all of you for a moment? I just have something to tell you."

They exchanged confused glances. After hesitating for a while, the six of them sat down on the table again.

Geoffrey, who sat beside Olivia, leaned over and whispered to her ear, "Honey, what are you going to say?"

His hot breath tickled Olivia's neck and made her face flushed. Her heart was beating abnormally fast. After she was reborn, she had always wanted to have children with Geoffrey. And she couldn't help thinking about it now.

Afraid that she might lose her manner, she pushed Geoffrey away and winked at him, intending to keep him in suspense. "You'll know later."

Under his confused gaze, she walked

up to Flora and Jacob and knelt down.

Jacob and Flora were both shocked. It was the second time that Olivia knelt down in front of them today. Subconsciously, they wanted to hold her up. But to their surprise, Olivia made a kowtow. She then bent her body to serve each of them a cup of tea. "I am such an unfilial daughter-in-law. I also embarrassed my parents-in-law because of what I did last night. Once again, I apologize to the two of you. I hope you can forgive me, Dad, Mom."

"Well..." Jacob and Flora looked at each other, at a loss for words. After a while, Jacob sighed and put down the teacup. He held her up and said, "Get up quickly. We are not angry at you."

However, Olivia didn't move. Instead, she said, "If Dad and Mom have really forgiven me and accepted me as your daughter-in-law, please drink the tea I personally prepared for you."

Finally, Jacob and Flora realized that Olivia wanted to have a toast with them. Although they had already known that she was different from the daughters-in-law of the ordinary families, they were still a little surprised. But seeing her humble attitude in front of them, their impression on her had totally changed. It turned out, she was not as bad as they thought she was. Eventually, they both smiled and said, "Okay, let's drink."

Seeing that Jacob and Flora drank the tea, Olivia's tense nerves finally relaxed a little. She knew that their thoughts about her couldn't be changed in an instant. However, she was hopeful that their relationship could be further improved as time passed.

Olivia took out the two red envelopes that contained one hundred yuan each and handed it to them. She then said with a smile, "Dad, Mom, this is a small gift from my parents for the two of you. I hope you accept it."

"Well... What is the meaning of this?" Flora, who had already been shocked earlier, now felt a little scared. Although she came from a poor family, she had never been ambitious. She was not the kind of person who would take advantage of others. Moreover, she was worried about what people might say if the news that she got some money from her daughter-in-law would spread. She pushed Olivia's hand away and added, "Don't do this. We can't take it, so just take it back to your parents."

But Olivia didn't move. She was in a dilemma, so she said, "My parents repeatedly told me to hand this over to you in person. They also said that if you don't accept this, it only means that I'm not sincere enough. I won't be able to go back to their house until you accept this."

Olivia had to make up this story to persuade Jacob and Flora. Since her family had received the grand betrothal gift, the Lu family must have some opinions about it secretly. So if she listened to Flora and took the money back, she was afraid that they would overthink things and feel that the Qin family really looked down upon them. For her, they deserved to receive the money. Since she was now married to the Lu family, she would soon find a way to make the two families' relationship closer.

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