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   Chapter 3 They Accepted Her As Their Daughter-In-Law (Part One)

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Olivia's eyes suddenly became red and wet. She was moved by Jacob's words. He was speaking for her now. Did it mean that he was already willing to accept her as his daughter-in-law?

Ada had initially planned to humiliate Olivia in front of the Lu family, so they would continue to criticize her. But she didn't expect that she would end up helping Olivia win the Lu family's favor. In the end, she became the antagonist who sowed bitter dissension between them. She must admit, she was a little afraid of Jacob. After all, Jacob was Geoffrey's father. "You want proof? Just wait and see. I'll lay all the proofs in front of you."

She then turned to Olivia and said ruthlessly, "Olivia, since you don't care about our friendship anymore, don't blame me for exposing your secret to the world. You will definitely regret it." She then turned around and left angrily.

Olivia hated equivocal people the most. She badly wanted to ask Ada what secret she was referring to. She was about to stop Ada from leaving so the latter could explain things clearly, but Geoffrey grabbed her hand and said, "Forget it. A clean hand needs no washing. Just ignore what she said. Breakfast is more important than her."

She bit her lower lip tightly. Geoffrey was right. Also, she knew that it was inappropriate to argue with Ada in front of his parents. Anyway, they lived in the same village. She could easily find an opportunity to teach Ada a lesson some other time. So she restrained her emotions and said, "Everyone, let's eat."

"Okay!" Everyone nodded and sat at the table.

Olivia immediately filled each bowl with millet porridge and gave it to them. The last one was for herself. Perhaps all of them were really surprised at her sudden change, no one spoke for a long time and just focused on their food.

But they would steal glances at Olivia from time to time. She could tell from their looks that they were still a bit uncertain. She could understand. After all, it really seemed impossible for a person to make such a huge change overnight. Olivia wasn't worried at all because she still had a lot of time to spend with them, wherein she could show her new self. After a long silence, she was about to take the initiative to say something to ease the atmosphere and pull the distance between them.

But the second son of the Lu family, Aiden Lu, picked up a deep-fried dough stick, looked at her and said timidly, "Well... Olivia, what's this? It's a golden yellow. I have never seen this food before."

Olivia chuckled and explained, "This is called the deep-fried dough stick. To make this, you need to make a dough using flour first. Then wrap a long stick with the dough and put it in oil. Fry it until it becomes golden yellow. Try it. Let's see if you'll like it or not."

Aiden took a bite and nodded in approval. "It's yummy. It's also soft. You are so good at cooking."

Olivia smiled and turned her head. Geoffrey happened to look at her as well, so their eyes met. She blushed and quickly looked away.

Frowning, Jacob also picked up a deep-fried dough stick. He looked at it and said, "All my life

, I've never heard of this thing called deep-fried dough stick. Olivia, where did you learn to make this?" He felt it was so weird.

Actually, Olivia learned about the deep-fried dough stick when she was in Beijing. But of course, she couldn't tell them because they all thought that she had only been in this small town her entire life.

So she made an excuse. "Dad, I saw this deep-fried dough stick in a recipe book. I thought it was only easy to make, so I tried it. And since it really tasted good, I made more for all of you. Please give it a try."

Bid pointed at the pot of green vegetables. "Olivia, how about those vegetables? I haven't eaten that, but it smells so special. I think that also tastes good."

"That one is shepherd's purse." Olivia pointed at the open space not far away. "Have you seen those green grasses over there? Those are the shepherd's purse. I picked them and washed them. I put some tea seed oil in the pan and fried them for three minutes. Then I poured some meat soup and added garlic, ginger, scallion, and chili. It tastes very delicious."

"Even grass can be eaten? It's so strange," Bid commented while putting some shepherd's purse in her mouth. The more she chewed it, the more delicious it tasted so she couldn't help exclaiming, "Olivia, you know so much. Did you also learn this from the recipe books?"

"Yes, that's right." Looking at the admiration on Bid's face, Olivia couldn't help laughing. "I've learned a lot of recipes from books. I'll cook them all for our family."

"Really?" All of a sudden, the girl perked up. Her pair of black eyes looked at Olivia curiously. "Olivia, tell me, are there..."

"Alright, that's enough," Geoffrey interrupted her. He pretended to look serious and added, "Don't bother your sister-in-law anymore. She hasn't eaten a bite yet because of your endless questions. Save all your questions after breakfast. Let's finish eating first."

At first, Geoffrey was anxious, thinking that Olivia might find it hard to fit in in his family. But upon seeing her talking and laughing with everyone, he felt relieved. He couldn't help feeling proud when he heard his family members praised Olivia. He was indeed lucky to have her as his wife.

Since no one opposed what Geoffrey said, Bid could only utter in a low voice, "Oh."

Olivia didn't say anything more. But when she caught Geoffrey and Aiden glancing at her flirtatiously from time to time, she blushed and felt sweet in her heart.

Living a new life like this, she realized that there was nothing more satisfying than having a considerate husband to take care of her. Thinking that she was now Geoffrey's wife and the daughter-in-law of the Lu family sent an inexplicable sense of excitement in her heart.

They chatted and laughed for a while until breakfast was over.

Olivia excused herself and left the table ahead of everyone. She went to her room and took out her own money and the dowry that she received from her mother. She then divided them into six and put them in different pockets.

When she married Geoffrey, she knew that his family was not rich.

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