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   Chapter 2 Prejudice Against Her

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Because Olivia insisted on cooking and refused Geoffrey's help, the latter felt warm in his heart for no reason. He had a feeling that this would lead to something better. Geoffrey's parents had been dissatisfied with Olivia since she tried to flee the night before their wedding. Moreover, she committed suicide in front of everyone. They had so much embarrassment because of her. But now that they would start living together, Geoffrey didn't want her to feel embarrassed in front of his parents.

Olivia didn't stop coaxing him, so Geoffrey had to give in. With a faint smile, he said, "Just call me if you need anything."

She nodded and poured some water into the pot. Geoffrey then turned around and went back to the bedroom.

It was true that Olivia had never done any household chores in her previous life because she was born into a well-off family. But Geoffrey had no idea that she started to learn to cook to satisfy Andrew in her previous life. That was the reason why she was confident to prepare breakfast now.

She heated the leftovers from last night and added some shepherd's purse that she found nearby. Since this place was in the remote countryside, no one here knew that this wild plant that grew everywhere was edible. As for her, she only found out that the shepherd's purse could be eaten when she came to a big city. At first, she was hesitant to eat it. But when she gave a try, she discovered it really tasted good.

While in the kitchen, Olivia noticed that there was not much rice in this home. She thought that the men in the Lu family needed to work hard in the field later to get some rice. She suddenly remembered the bag of flour that her mother gave her on their wedding day. In the early 70s, flour was an extremely precious food. Ordinary people could only have it a few times in their lives.

Olivia took out a small part of the flour and made a deep-fried dough stick. She also made some vegetable soup. When she finished cooking, it was only in time that the Lu family members woke up one after another.

The first one to go out of the bedroom was Flora Yi.

As a mother, it had always been her responsibility to prepare breakfast for the family. But since she went to bed late last night because of what Olivia did, she got up late this morning. Thinking that the men would start working soon, she rushed to the kitchen. But when she passed by the yard, she saw that the table was already set for breakfast.

Wonderment was written all over her face. Her daughter, Bid Lu, was always lazy, and her sons would never get up early just to prepare breakfast. When she was still confused, Olivia came out of the kitchen with a bowl of soup. She was wearing thick linen clothes. As soon as Olivia saw Flora Yi, she greeted courteously, "Good morning, Mom. Breakfast is ready. Go wash your hands and eat now."

Flora Yi thought that she must be dreaming. Even Jacob Lu, Aiden Lu, and Bid Lu, who had just gotten up, were also stunned. But Geoffrey, who was the last to get up, wasn't as stunned as the others. In fact, he calmly walked up to Olivia and helped her set the chopsticks on the table.

Looking at the breakfast on the table, Flora Yi strode forward and pulled Geoffrey to the side. "Geoffrey, tell me the truth. Were you the one who cooked all these?"

Since Olivia committed suicide for another man, Flora Yi was so displeased of her. Moreover, everyone knew that Olivia came from a wealthy family. Definitely, she didn't know how to cook. So how could she believe that Olivia cooked all these dishes on the table?

Women in the countryside usually talked sonorously. And Flora Yi didn't deliberately lower her voice, so everyone heard what she said.

Geoffrey looked at the silent Olivia first before he replied slowly, "Indeed, it was Olivia who cooked them all."

Before Flora Yi could say anything more, Jacob Lu walked up to her, frowning. He reminded her not to lose her identity as an elder. With a thud, he turned his head subconsciously only to find out that Olivia had already knelt on the ground, kowtowing to all of them.

Everyone was shocked again.

Geoffrey frowned and stepped forward to help Olivia up. However, she ignored his hand and said in a low voice, "I was so thoughtless. I know I had caused too much trouble to Mom and Dad last night, so I want to apologize. Please forgive me for what I've done."

"What are you talking about?" Although Jacob Lu was also displeased with what she did, his heart softened upon seeing her sincerity. He walked up to her and held her up. "You don't have to say that. We are a family now. The ground is so cold. Get up quickly."

"Thank you, Dad." Olivia stood up. But before she could even stand firm, a surprised voice was heard from outside. "Olivia, what are you doing?"

Her body stiffened a little. When she turned her head, she saw her former best friend, Ada, rushing to them. Ada looked at her worriedly first, and then turned to Jacob Lu and Flora Yi. "Uncle Jacob, Aunt Flora, I know Olivia was wrong for committing suicide last night because of Andrew. But please, don't blame her.

She almost ended her life because of too much love for Andrew. But I can assure you, other than holding hands and kissing occasionally, nothing else happened to them."

If Jacob and Flora had not been there, Olivia could have had slapped Ada. Ada was a perfect example of a real bitch. Olivia had treated her well ever since they became friends. She never thought that Ada would betray her.

Clenching her fists, she stared at Ada coldly and said, "Ada, what nonsense are you talking about? Nothing happened between Andrew and me. You really want to slander me face to face?"

"Slander?" Ada's face turne

d pale. She looked at Olivia in disbelief. "Olivia, what's wrong with you? I am your best friend. How can I slander you? I only want to help."

She bit her lower lip and continued, "Besides, everyone in the village knows about you and Andrew. Now, all of them are even talking about how you cheated on Geoffrey. They are saying that you've already lost your virginity at such a young age. So many people are making up stories about you. I'm the only one who tries to speak up for you. But now, you are accusing me of slandering you? I'm very disappointed."

Olivia tried her best to control her anger. Obviously, Ada wanted everyone to believe that even if the whole world turned its back on Olivia, she was the only one who stayed with her. Just now, in front of the Lu family, Ada said that although Olivia committed suicide because of Andrew, Olivia did not give herself to him except for holding hands and kissing. Then all of a sudden, she said that everyone thought that Olivia wasn't a virgin anymore before she could even get married, but she herself was the only one who didn't believe in the gossip.

On the surface, Ada always spoke for Olivia. But the truth was, she was gradually pushing Olivia into the pit. Ada was indeed good at acting. The disappointed look on her face made Olivia appear as a contemptible scoundrel who hid her evilness in front of the Lu family.

If this was in the past, Olivia would really believe that Ada was putting in good words for her. Perhaps she would even be moved. In her previous life, when she knew that Ada also liked Andrew, Olivia was even kind enough to save money and gave it to her, who came from a poor family.

But she had already realized how cunning Ada was. It turned out, Ada had begun plotting against her since she got married.

"Disappointed?" Olivia let out a scornful laugh. Thinking that Ada killed her in her previous life, the anger in her heart flared up. "Ada, I am the one who is truly disappointed in you. Have you ever tried asking yourself how have I treated you, and how have you treated me all these years?"

Her slender fingers clenched into a tightly squeezed fists, but she didn't feel any pain at all. "Since you didn't have money to go to school, I secretly saved my own allowance so I can give it to you. I even sold some of my belongings to pay for your tuition. I lied to you that I only found the money somewhere because I didn't want to hurt your self-esteem. But what did you do? You were so ungrateful! I only had a jar of pickled vegetables every month, but what about you? You had meats that you always hid and ate secretly. You would only give me some when you couldn't eat them all anymore. But every time, you would only give me a piece of fat.

At school, you saw a new lipstick from one of our rich classmates. You liked it so much, so you stole it. Unexpectedly, that classmate asked our teacher to check everyone's bag before she started the lesson. In panic, you put the lipstick into my bag, and I ended up being scolded by our teacher. I came from a wealthy family, but you made everyone believe that I was a thief."

"That's nonsense!" Seeing that Geoffrey's face had darkened, Ada almost lost her control and screamed, "You are lying! You are just trying to find an excuse to slander me because you already have a bad reputation in this place."

Ada couldn't understand what was going on. She didn't expect that the stupid Olivia would become so smart in just one night. Today, her real intention of coming over was to stir up trouble and see Olivia being laughed at. She never thought that things would turn out the other way.

"Slander you?" Olivia laughed sarcastically. She had already expected that Ada wouldn't admit her evilness. All the while, Olivia had been so stupid to treat Ada as her best friend. Although she knew that Ada was the kind of person who didn't deserve to be treated well, she still cared for Ada with all her heart. Now, she couldn't help thinking that Ada must have laughed at her many times in the dark.

"I saw it with my own eyes that you stole that girl's lipstick. You know in yourself whether I am slandering you or not." Olivia took a deep breath and added coldly, "Actually, I don't care about these trifles anymore. But today, you just came here unannounced and slandered me in front of my husband's family.

You know that I have nothing to do with Andrew anymore. You are the witness. You know what really happened between us. Now, I want you to tell the truth in front of my family. Make it clear to them that I didn't do anything to ruin my family's reputation. If you don't clarify everything right now, I swear to make you pay for ruining my reputation even if I die here today."

The whole Lu family looked at Olivia with complicated expressions on their faces. Since Olivia tried to run away with Andrew and even committed suicide the night before her wedding, all of them thought that she really had something to do with Andrew. If not, she wouldn't have ended up like this.

But after everything that she had said just now, they started to have a different impression on her. After all, a person who really did something wrong couldn't easily pretend to be so righteous.

As the head of the Lu family, Jacob felt the need to do something. Since Olivia had already made it clear to them, he must speak for their family. Otherwise, people would continue to think that the Lu family was easy to bully.

So he looked at Ada coldly and said, "Miss Ada, you have to prove everything you said to us with a clean conscience. Since you slandered Olivia in front of us, you must tell us the reason. If not, not only her but also the entire Lu family will never forgive you."

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