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   Chapter 1 Reunited With Geoffrey

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If she could only go back to her previous life, Olivia Qin thought that she would never divorce Geoffrey Lu again. She would also listen to his pleading not to abort their child.

When Olivia Qin opened her eyes again, she was still lying in bed. As she looked around, she found that she was in a shabby mud house. The furniture inside was all basic.

As she felt a sudden pain on her wrist, she gradually remembered everything. Her husband, Andrew Jiang, hooked up with Ada Si, her best friend. The two of them conspired and took her company. They poisoned her child and arranged her car accident. It was at that time that she remembered Geoffrey Lu's goodness on her.

Geoffrey Lu never asked her to do anything. Instead, he helped her accomplish whatever she wished to happen the soonest time possible. He tried his best to give her everything she wanted, except for Andrew Jiang.

If she hadn't been blinded, she wouldn't have ended up like this. Instead of taking care of her relationship with Geoffrey Lu, she cheated on him during their marriage and insisted on divorcing him in the end.

After everything she had done, she couldn't help thinking that this was her retribution. She was now experiencing natural causality.

Seeing some red papers hung on the windows, she remembered that she was in their bridal room.

Olivia Qin was born into a well-known family of educators. Her grandfather was the teacher of the chief of staff, while her father was also a famous teacher. Her mother came from a well-off family, and it was not exaggerated to say that she was born rich and noble.

When she graduated in high school, her grandfather, Christopher Qin, fell into the hands of the Japanese. At that time, it was Geoffrey Lu who saved him. To repay him, Christopher Qin gave his granddaughter to him.

Olivia Qin had only seen Geoffrey Lu twice. He was a tall, thin, and dark-skinned man. He was the total opposite of her dream guy, who was a gentle, elegant, and tender scholar. Indeed she looked down at him. In her eyes, he was just a rough countryman who didn't even know how to interact with people. Moreover, he came from a poor and slovenly family. She couldn't find any reason to like him even a bit.

She was known to be an excellent woman in the whole village. Because of that, she preferred to be with Andrew Jiang, who had all the characteristics of a man she wanted to marry.

Andrew Jiang's father was the principal of the high school in their village. His family owned two villas in the city.

Not long after, she and Andrew Jiang fell in love with each other. In the eyes of everyone, they were a perfect match. However, her grandfather felt that Andrew Jiang was not an honest man, so he opposed their relationship. Thus, he became more determined to pursue her marriage with Geoffrey Lu.

Olivia Qin couldn't allow such a stain in her life.

So the night before her wedding, she chose to run away with Andrew Jiang. They agreed to meet under the willow tree beside the river. However, she waited for more than half a night, but he did not come. Instead, what she saw was her father with some of the villagers rushing towards her.

She became a laughingstock in the whole village.

Her family became more determined to pursue her wedding with Geoffrey Lu the next day. But on the same night, she committed suicide by cutting her wrist.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, she was saved and they still got married. However, what she did left a scar in Geoffrey Lu's mother's heart. For a long time, the Lu family could hardly raise their heads in front of their neighbors. But Olivia Qin didn't care at all. She didn't even care about being mocked for a long time.

She had lived with the Lu family for three years, and she lived like a queen. Geoffrey Lu had never allowed her to wash even a single plate nor cook even once. Flora, Geoffrey's mother, held back her anger despite her hatred towards Olivia. She even didn't say anything after finding out that Olivia was having a secret affair with Andrew after marrying Geoffrey.

Olivia never expected that she would go back to that night when she committed suicide.

But perhaps, this was God's way of giving her a second chance to start anew. She promised herself that she would never go in the same way she used to. All she wanted now was to live a good life with Geoffrey.

Olivia looked at her bandaged wrist. She knew that it was Geoffrey who wrapped it. He was a soldier in Hunan Province, so it was not difficult for him to treat wounds.

She lifted the quilt and stood up.

After putting on her embroidered shoes, she prepared herself to go to the kitchen to make breakfast for the Lu family. She knew that the anger of Geoffrey's parents couldn't be dispelled in an instant. But now, she wanted to show to them that she had changed. She believed that they would also learn to accept her one day.

Before Olivia could open the door, someone pushed it open from the outside. Then a tall and robust figure came in.

Their eyes met, and she was stunned for a moment. She told herself that she was now ready to live a good life with Geoffrey. But when she remembered that she killed their child before, she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Geoffrey just looked calm and relaxed. He put down the basin he had been carrying to the floor and looked at her with a frown. "Why don't you lie in bed a little longer? How's your wrist? Does it still hurt?" There was a trace of worriedness in his voice as he spoke. He held her wrist and checked her wound carefully, fearing that it might have been infected.

Seeing how Geoffrey cared for her, te

ars threatened to well up in Olivia's eyes. She felt a sharp pang of guilt. She was indeed blinded for a long time. She took for granted a good man like Geoffrey and wasted her time on a glib man like Andrew. In the end, her family was destroyed, and she died in a foreign country.

Feeling a lump in her throat, she hugged him all of a sudden. She then said between sobs, "Geoffrey, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me for all the wrongs I've done to you. From now on, I promise that I will never be willful again."

A hint of astonishment flashed across Geoffrey's eyes. Never did he expect that Olivia would one day hug him and ask for his forgiveness. He knew that she disliked him from the very start. Every time he looked at her, he saw that she felt sick seeing his face.

But he couldn't blame her, could he? After all, he couldn't deny the fact that she was only forced to marry him before.

Olivia was born into a rich family. Her skin was fair, and she was very beautiful. She was able to get an education, and she knew how to dress well. Every man in the village, including Geoffrey, dreamed of becoming her lover.

Geoffrey could still remember the first time he laid his eyes on her. He was on his way to join the army at that time when he passed by their house. Olivia was sitting in the yard, talking with her friends. She looked so beautiful in her braids, and her eyes were like crescent moons when she smiled. For him, she was different from all the women he'd met. He even told himself that if he could marry her, he would be satisfied all his life.

He didn't expect that his wish would come true soon. When he accidentally saved Olivia's grandfather, he let him marry her to repay him. As a soldier, it was his duty to save people's lives, so he should have refused the offer. But when he found out that it was Olivia, he unwittingly agreed.

That night, no one knew that he excitedly went back home and used up five buckets of cold water to wash himself up

But he forgot that Olivia came from a reputable family, who used to live a leisurely life. Naturally, she would not want to marry a poor countryman like him. After all, his poor family was nothing compared to the Jiang family in the city.

Although he was hurt when he found out that she ran away with another man and even committed suicide before their wedding, he didn't blame her. Even though she cheated on him while they were still married, he didn't condemn her.

For him, a real man should not haggle with a woman.

When Geoffrey didn't respond to her for a long time, Olivia started to feel uneasy. She was about to open her mouth again when he suddenly reached out his hand and patted her back. In a gentle and comforting voice, he said, "Silly girl. Why are you saying that? There's nothing to ask for forgiveness. I know it wasn't fair that you were forced to marry me."

His voice was low and deep, and it inexplicably made her feel at ease.

Olivia couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Instead of blaming her, he even comforted her. She bit her lower lip tightly to suppress the sobs in her throat.

Geoffrey lifted her up and put her on the bed. "Your wrist has not recovered yet, so just lie in the bed and have a good rest. If you need anything, tell me, and I'll get it for you."

Olivia shook her head. "I'm fine. Don't worry. My wrist was just slightly injured."

She was moved by Geoffrey's utmost care, but she couldn't be so ungrateful.

In the past, she had already taken advantage of his goodness. She was so unscrupulous because she knew that he loved her so much. Eventually, it only made Geoffrey's mother hate her to the core. Now that she would start to live a new life with him, she couldn't just lay in bed and do nothing.

She was reborn, so she had to make it up with Geoffrey and his family. Most of all, she had to fix her relationship with her mother-in-law.

"Dad and Mom will wake up soon, so I need to go to the kitchen to cook for them. I want them to have a hot meal when they wake up. Last night..."

She couldn't finish her words, so she just lowered her head apologetically. If not for her, Geoffrey would have been lying in the bed the whole night. After a moment of silence, she continued, "You can lie in the bed and rest for a while. I'll just wake you up when breakfast is ready."

After hesitating for a short while, she shyly planted a light kiss on his cheek. Geoffrey stiffened as his black eyes stared blankly at her. Before he could make a move, Olivia had already run out of the room with her face flushed.

Geoffrey touched his cheek absentmindedly. He felt that he must only be dreaming. It was unbelievable that Olivia would change overnight. And she even kissed him. This was something he didn't dare to dream even before.

When he came back to his senses, he subconsciously followed her to the kitchen. Olivia grew up in a well-off family. How could she cook? He quickened his pace. As soon as he entered the kitchen, he saw Olivia squatting down beside the strove and turning it on. It was only then that he realized he wasn't dreaming.

When Olivia was about to clean the pot, he walked up to her and said, "Let me do it." Thinking of her wounded wrist, Geoffrey quickly took it from her. "You can go back to the room and rest."

But Olivia dodged him and said, "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

She wanted to cook to prove to the Lu family that their son didn't marry the wrong woman this time. If she let Geoffrey helped her, it would be useless. "If you really love me, just let me do this, okay? Go back to the bedroom and have a good sleep. Wait for me to call you for breakfast later."

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