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   Chapter 61 Working Overtime

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That night, Garrett worked overtime till eleven o'clock in the company, and so did Carla.

After all, she still had a lot of things to learn.

At twelve o'clock in the evening, Garrett hadn't finished his work, but Carla couldn't hold on any longer.

After Garrett made the last overseas call to his foreign employees, the project at hand finally came to an end. He sorted out the materials in front of him, then looked at Lauretta and said, "There will be a teleconference later to discuss the price of this project. Well, you'll make an appointment for this meeting. It was too late just now, and the person on the other end of the phone hung up earlier. "

"Okay, no problem. Lauretta said with great spirit.

"Besides, I'll be out of the company all day tomorrow. Call me if anything comes up at work." Garrett handed a stack of documents to Lauretta and said, "Take these to your men and ask them to deal with it as soon as possible. The plan of the publicity department should be worked out as soon as possible. And the factory... "

While listening to Garrett's words about the task, Lauretta was a little worried about Carla, "Mr. Garrett, Madam has been sleeping here for a while. I'm worried that she will catch a cold."

Hearing this, Garrett finally stopped assigning tasks. Then he stood up and walked to Carla's side.

Just now, Carla had been working overtime on the sofa. She might have finished her work, so she put the computer on the tea table and fell asleep on the sofa.

Garrett put his coat on Carla and blamed himself for not noticing that she was sleepy just now.

"Huh?" Carla seemed to be awakened. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Garrett and Lauretta in front of her, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was really sleepy just now, so I fell asleep. Did I disturb you?"

"It's okay, Mrs. Carla. Mr. Garrett has finished his work. If you are really sleepy, you'd better go home and sleep! The compan

Matt came to me and said that he could sell JY Group to me at a proper time. I..."

"No!" Carla refused firmly, "If I had heard this before, I would have thought it was a good opportunity. At least I could get JY Group back. But now I don't think so."


"Think about it! Businessmen are all profit oriented. I don't know what kind of person Matt is. But I know one thing very well. If he can give you the JY Group so easily, he must be sure that JY Group has no benefit. I want the prosperous JY Group under my father's leadership, not the abandoned one after being raped."

Carla sighed, "If they think I'm a 'corpse collector', then they're wrong!"

Garrett stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair wantonly. With a spoiled look, he said, "I didn't expect that Carla is not a rabbit, but a fox. You even think of this! "

"Garrett!" Carla looked at Garrett with a little tantrum and said, "What are you doing, Garrett! You messed up my hair! Is it interesting to play with other people's hair?"

"Yes! Especially it's funny for me to play with your hair!" Garrett looked at Carla with a smile and said, "Don't worry. I will give you whatever you want. I'm still worried that you will blame me for not promising him. Now it seems that we are really a couple. "

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