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   Chapter 59 Wine Shop

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"Give me the JY Group? As far as I know, although the JY Group has just passed the most difficult moment, are you so willing to let it go?" Garrett put down the wine glass in his hand and said, "Matt, we are brothers. I think I have to say something to you."

"Go ahead!" Matt poured himself a glass of wine and then refilled Garrett with wine, "If it's about business, I'll listen to it carefully! Everyone knows that Mr. Garrett is very good at doing business!"

"Don't say that. I just did business earlier. I'm not as powerful as you said." Garrett looked at Matt, "The JY Group is a good company. If you can develop it well, you will definitely earn a lot of money in the future. You really don't have to give it to me in such a hurry. It's really unnecessary."

"Hey, I heard that your newly married wife, Carla, is the former daughter of the JY Group, and I feel sorry for her! If my sister-in-law blames me, what do you think I should do? Moreover, Harden is not capable of supporting the JY Group at all. As for Wendy, I don't like her either."

Matt chuckled, "For me, a group like JY Group is still too troublesome. If I give back the JY Group to you, you can still get a good result from Carla, right? Well, forget it. Anyway, there is only one chance. If you don't want it, I'll let Wendy be the president of the JY Group later."

"Do you want Wendy to be the CEO? Didn't you say that you have a bad impression of Wendy?"

"I said so, but at least, Wendy knows how to operate and how to deal with things better than Harden. It is said that Harden has learned from Carla's father for a period of time, but I don't think he is capable at all. If he hadn't given up on Carla, he might have become the vice president of the JY Group now."

Garrett seemed not to care about it at all, "I don't want to know the past between Carla and this man. What's more, those things had p

ley looked at Macy with a smile and said, "Last time when we had dinner together, Mr. Garrett specially told me to take good care of you. You deserve this deal."

"Oh, I see." A hint of disappointment flashed through Carla's eyes.

She knew clearly that she had little to do with the success of this contract this time, but even so, for the interests of the other members of the group, she had to work hard.

Even if she signed the contract and then could find a way to do her own performance. Now she was the group leader and couldn't only consider herself.

"It doesn't matter. We all know Miss Carla's ability. Otherwise, how could Mr. Huxley agree to cooperate with you so easily? Mr. Huxley was so excited to see that the contract was signed, so he digressed from the subject. Please don't take it to heart, Miss Carla!"

"It's okay. I don't care. After all, I'm not mainly responsible for signing the contract successfully." However, Carla didn't care about it at all. What she cared more about now was the fate of the group members.

They were ordinary people who wanted to do what they were doing. They should be treated fairly, shouldn't they?

If they had a good group leader at the beginning, maybe they were all very good salesmen now!

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