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   Chapter 58 Give It Back To You

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"What can I do? I still have to do what I have to do. But if our boss really has a strong background, our team won't be dismissed at least." With a lonely look on her face, Macy said, "Alas, to be honest, many things are uncertain. Even if Carla had a strong background, may she be transferred to another good department? Alas... "

"Why are you so worried? You can't have so many worries, understand?" Then Carla looked at the two of them and said, "It's time for us to go in."

"Okay." Macy led the way into the theater.

In the Zheng Family's house.

Garrett just woke up and didn't seem to sleep well last night.

"Where is Carla? Why isn't she here?" Garrett asked.

"Mrs. Carla went out just now. It seems that she is going to watch a play with her friend. She may have lunch outside this noon." Johnson said as he refilled Garrett's cup.

"Friend? What friend?"

"Oh, it's Zack, the radio host. Mrs. Carla said that she would go to watch a play with Macy and Zack first, and then she would discuss with Zack about the following promotion. In the afternoon, she will go to find Mr. Huxley and sign the contract with him." Said Johnson, standing aside.

Garrett didn't seem to be angry, but his heart had already been scratched by thousands of claws, "Johnson, I remember I said that Zack couldn't show up in front of my wife in the future. How many times should I say the same thing?"

"Mr. Garrett, you did say that. But... Now Mrs. Carla is focused on improving her performance. Zack is quite popular. If he can help, that will be the best. Besides, Mrs. Carla went to the appointment with Macy today."

"Macy? Who is it?" Garrett asked.

"She is Mrs. Carla's colleague in the company. They are indeed going to talk about business."

Garrett sighed and said, "Send someone to keep an eye on her."

"Okay, don't worry about that. I've asked the driver to keep an eye on her."

"Well. How are the preparations for the charity din

, and Johnson said you were still sleeping. It's so rare. You usually get up very early. When are you still sleeping at that time?"

"I have no choice. There are too many things to deal with these days. What do you want from me? " Garrett looked at Matt and said with a smile.

Matt poured a glass of red wine for Garrett and said, "I believe you have heard that my subordinate has purchased the JY Group. To be honest, when they did this, I really didn't know at all! The JY Group was originally a losing company. I really don't know what's wrong with my people. They bought such a company."

Matt looked very regretful and said, "I thought that Harden might be a little capable. After all, he had worked so many years by the side of the deceased Mr. Edgar. But I've never expected that he would be an idiot! He can't make it!"

"So? Did you call me over here just to complain?" Garrett chuckled and looked at Matt with a glass of wine in his hand.

"Of course not! You are a big boss. How can you have time to listen to my complaints? I called you here today mainly to discuss with you. How about I return the JY Group to you after I get property certificate later? In this way, our two brothers will also have a nice relationship, won't we?" Matt kept smiled, but his smile was full of malice.

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