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   Chapter 57 A Large Appetite

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"It doesn't matter. I know men! Men are all like this." Zack looked away, took out three tickets and said, "My friend has something to deal with, so he won't come for the time being. Well, I don't want the ticket anymore."

"What a coincidence!" Taking the tickets from Zack, Carla said, "Thank you so much. What's the play today?"

"Oh, it's mainly about... Here is a brief introduction. In fact, I'm not familiar with these things. A friend sent it to me when I was on the show. I thought you might like it, so I came to you. " Zack felt a little uncomfortable. He looked away with a smile and said, "Carla, I haven't seen you for a long time. You have really changed a lot."

"Really? I don't think I have changed. However, I had been living a happy life these years. Suddenly, the JY Group... Well, forget it. I shouldn't have disappointed you."

"It doesn't matter. I know what happened to the JY Group. To be honest, the matter of the JY Group has caused quite a stir in our city. Carla, aren't you the heir of the JY Group? Why did you... " Zack realized that he might have asked too many questions, "Well, if you don't want to tell me, then forget it. After all, this is all in the past and it may not be appropriate to mention them again."

"Of course not. But... The JY Group has nothing to do with me now, and I feel heartbroken. This is my father's company." As Carla was speaking, she suddenly saw Macy walking here from the bus station. Then Carla said to Zack, "Now I'm working in Garrett's company. They don't know who I am. Don't spill it out later!"

"I know. I won't." Zack said.

Very soon, Macy ran over from not far away and kept panting, "Carla, why don't you tell me earlier? If I had known that I could watch the show for free, I wouldn't have returned to the company! By the way, why didn't you go to the company today?"

"I have something to deal with today, and you don't have to worry about the attendance.

t they are not satisfied with the price given by Group One." Then, Carla looked at Macy and added, "We will definitely win this time!"

"Of course! To be honest, we used to have group leaders, but I always feel that they don't like to lead us. So you are the best group leader I have ever met. Boss, if our team can get the first place in the performance this time, you have to treat us!"

"What? What kind of logic are you thinking! Why does your group leader have to pay the bill for your group's achievements? As far as I know, the so-called group leader of your company doesn't have much money, right?" Zack shook his head helplessly. "Carla is so talented. How could you just let her be a group leader? What a pity!"

"To be honest, I also think it's a pity for our boss to be the group leader. But after all, we can't control the transfer of personnel. However, boss, someone in the company said that you are a new comer with someone backing you up. Is that true?" Macy asked.

Macy always spoke without concealment, and now she spoke even more so. Carla didn't feel anything, but Zack next to her felt a little embarrassed.

"Macy, how should your boss answer your question?" Zack shook his head helplessly, smiled and said, "What if your boss has a background? What do you want?"

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