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   Chapter 42 Meeting

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"Carla, I've already thought about what you said last time about recruiting college students for part-time jobs on campus. I think we'd better get someone to find part-time students for us. Nowadays, students have a bad temper! So it's easy to get into trouble. It will not be good for our company's reputation if something really happens. Now that we have just settled one thing, you can't throw in any other bad things."

"That's a good idea, but you have to find a reliable and conscientious intermediary to be in charge, understand?" Then, Carla handed a few documents to Queenie and said, "Go ahead with your work! By the way, tell everyone to think about the plan and give it to me as soon as possible. As for me, I've sorted out some ideas about recruiting part-time sales on campus. You can have a look. "

"Okay, I'll tell everyone right now."

Carla was alone in the office. She looked at the time and found that half an hour had passed, so she quickly packed up the things on the table and was about to go out.

When Carla just arrived at the door of the company, she met Garrett who was walking towards the elevator.

Pretending to be an ordinary employee, Carla walked over calmly and then ran out of the company.

'How could I meet Garrett at this time? What bad luck! Fortunately, the people in the company didn't know that I was his wife. Otherwise, I really didn't know what to do!'

Thinking of this, Carla walked out.

Garrett entered the elevator with several people behind him.

"Mr. Garrett, how about I call the group leader of the sales department to have a meeting?" Lauretta asked Garrett tentatively.

"Okay, go and inform them! The sooner, the better."

At this time, Carla had already walked out of the company and entered the café.

There were several young fans beside Zack. They chatted happily. Then Zack signed autographs for them and they left.

Carla rushed forward and said, "Zack, I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting for so l

I remember that we were deskmates at that time. You helped me explain topics every day in class. We two played gobang, read novels and so on. In fact, I don't have a good foundation in study. It's all my luck to get your help with my homework."

"Don't mention that. It's a long time ago. Carla, I'm working in the radio now. If you have such an activity in the future, you can come to me. Besides, are you trying to improve the sales? You can bring your company's products here and I'll see if I can help you. Although I'm not as popular as those big stars, I still have a fan group! "

For a moment, Carla didn't know what to say. She smiled at Zack and said, "Well... You are very popular now! And I remember that you have hundreds of thousands of fans! To be honest, you have a good image in all aspects. You should be an actor or a TV host. Why are you always in the radio?"

"In fact, I have also thought about it. After all, no matter how popular I am in the radio, it is impossible for me to be as popular as a TV host. But I have thought about it carefully. I went to the radio because I liked this working mode. I liked to communicate with the audience in this way. Do you know? Sometimes I even feel that my radio program is a big tree hole. Many callers can vent their anger to me and get energy from me."

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