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   Chapter 26 Being Jealous

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However, Nona was not so lucky. That Nona said she could cook, but in fact, it was just instant noodles at most.

The fire was ablaze When Nona was cooking, she didn't even pay attention on the fire. So the fire got up and burned.

After a while, Nona didn't take anything out.

While Carla made a curry beef and a fried potato.

Although these two dishes were simple, they tasted good.

After the dishes were served on the table, everyone looked at the dishes cooked by Carla, and then looked at Nona who had nothing They had a result in their mind.

"Miss. Nona, I have told you that you are not fit to come here!" The rest of them burst into laughter.

Nona smoothed her hair and said, "if it weren't for Garrett, who would like to come! I really don't understand why you usually come to such a place to enjoy the time. Isn't there any fun like here in the city? "

"Well, that's not true! There were benefits in the city and benefits in the countryside. But Nona, I heard that you learned to cook a few days ago! But what happened in the end? Why didn't you do it? Don't tell me you are just talking about cooking? "

"Well, forget it. To be honest, I just can't cook. So what?"

Carla was not interested in their conversation. Instead, she was interested in the food in front of her. She got up this morning and started to work early. Then she just had a simple breakfast. Now she was really hungry.

Seeing that his wife could eat so much, Garrett felt helpless. He whispered in Carla's ear, "what do you mean? Everyone is talking. Why do you keep eating? "

"I didn't mean anything! I'm really hungry! Besides, your brothers are talking about her, aren't they? " Carla shook her head helplessly and continued to eat.

"Hey, Carla, why don't you talk to us? Are you introverted? I remember that Garrett doesn't like introverted girls! "

"I don't care what he likes. Now we are married. If Garrett wants to be an unfaithful man, what can I do? " Carla sighed and said, "well, I have something to do this afternoon. Why don't I leave first?"

"What's the rush?" Garrett's friends were a little unhappy. "You cook so well. We have some activities later! You can stay with us. What are you afraid of? "

"I'm not afraid. But Garrett has made an agreement with me that if I can't improve the sales performance of that group within a quarter, I have to go back home. I don't want to stay at home, so I agreed. I have something else to do, so I won't be with you. Maybe next time! " After saying that, Carla put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hands and she was finally full.

Garrett had no choice but to look at everyone. "Since Carla is going back, I'll go back too. You guys Have a good time. "

The two of them left there one after another.

At this moment, Nona, who had been in a mess, left with them.

Near the parking lot, Nona stood in front of Garrett and said discontentedly, "Garrett, I'm here for you! How can you ignore me? "

"Why should I talk to you? I'm married

now. Don't do that again! What if Carla misunderstood me? Garrett has no choice but to look away, " can you be more reserved! Girls should be reserved? "

"Garrett, I've liked you for such a long time. Even if you don't like me, why you suddenly have a so-called wife! What do you mean? "

"I didn't mean anything else!"

Garrett was entangled with Nona.

Carla, who was sitting in the car, was a little dissatisfied. She said to Johnson, "let's go. I don't know when they will finish if they keep pestering each other like this."

"But Mr. Garrett will be unhappy later. Let's wait a little longer! Mr. Garrett will be here soon. " Then Johnson got off the car and tried to persuade them.

But Nona was stubborn. She wouldn't let Garrett go and said, "you can get divorced even if you get married! How long have you known each other! How could you really like each other? "

"Why can't we really like each other? Nona, can you stop messing around? Huh? " Garrett felt helpless.

Zhao Family and Zheng Family had been friends for generations. Nona had said that she would marry Garrett since she was a child. Every time Garrett saw this woman, he would try to avoid her. Somehow, the news that he was here today was leaked out.

Standing next to them, Johnson suddenly stepped forward and stood between the two of them. He said, "Miss Zhao, Mr. Garrett really has something very important to do. If you have something to talk with him, you can come to our house later. What do you think?"

"I think it's very bad!" Nona roared but only saw Garrett get into the car, but she couldn't catch up with him.

Finally, the car drove away. Carla breathed a sigh of relief.

After getting in the car, Garrett sat beside Carla, as if he had made a mistake. He said to her, "I can explain it. Don't be angry. Okay? "

"Angry? Why should I be angry? If I am really angry, you just took up my time. It's not easy for you not to be so busy. You go out to play with your friends, but I disturb your interest. I'm really sorry! Besides, I think Nona is much better than me. Why did you ask me to come here? "

Carla was also helpless. "How can we expand my connections in such a party?"

"That's right! Some of them will need the products of our company. By that time, they will recognize you to buy, and your performance will be promoted. "

"Garrett, do you think I'm three years old? Haven't you always wanted me to prepare wedding at home? I want to work hard in the company, but you don't allow me to do that. And now? What's going on? "

Carla lost her temper unconsciously, and for some reason, the air was filled with jealousy.

Garrett sighed helplessly. Then he put his hand on Carla's shoulder and said shamelessly, "look, Carla. In fact, I didn't mean to do that. I didn't know that Nona would come! As for improving your performance, I have told my friends that they will come to you soon! I really don't want you to work in the company so soon, but I also want you to work easier, right? "

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