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   Chapter 25 A Strange Message

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Carla looked at Johnson and said, "well, let's go! Try to get there as soon as possible. "

In the car, Carla hurried to catch up on sleep. However, as soon as Carla closed her eyes, she thought of the car accident and felt a little strange. He must have wanted to say something to her, but what did he want to say?

Thinking of this, Carla arrived at the villa soon.

The villa was run by a very famous billionaire, so that he could often experience the feeling of being in the countryside.

Garrett was a very easy-going person. He also liked the aura between mountains and plains very much, so this time he was specially invited to come here to do fishing, and by the way, he also could chat and drink with several brothers.

When they saw Garrett's wife, they all said, "Hey, Garrett, I've heard that you've married a very beautiful wife. Today, I see her. It's true!"

"That's right. Garrett, you are so lucky! What does she do? "

"I am still doing sales in the Garrett's company." Said Carla calmly.

But as soon as they heard that she was doing sales, they all looked at Garrett in confusion.

In their eyes, Garrett was a man who cherished his woman very much. Although Garrett only had dated few times before. Every time, Garrett would protect his girlfriend very much and spoil her as if she was a treasure. How could he be willing to let his woman do such a hard work as sales this time?

"Oh, that's good! It would be a good exercise! "

Looking at the polite faces of everyone, Carla formally introduced herself and said, "my name is Carla Luo, and I'm Garrett's newly married wife. Although we haven't held a wedding ceremony, we have already got the marriage certificate. I hope you can take good care of me in the future. "

When they heard the name Carla, they suddenly thought of tJY Group and showed a very surprised expression.

In fact, Carla didn't think it was a big deal. She was the daughter of JY Group, but now the owner of JY Group had changed.

"Hey, I'm going to dig the potatoes over there. You guys come with me!" One of the bosses, like a child, led his other brothers towards the other side.

Now there were only Garrett and Carla left here, and it was quiet, leaving a very good space for the two.

At this time, Johnson came forward and said what happened last night.

Frowning, Garrett looked at Carla and comforted her, "you must be scared last night! She should have been very scared to have such a nightmare, Not to mention received such a message "

"Yes, I was really scared. But later, Johnson came to comfort me, and he was still dealing with things in the small study next the door, so I gradually became less scared. " Carla sighed and looked at Garrett. "I'm really sorry. I've been thinking about my own things these days, but I didn't expect that the scene was indeed strange when you were in trouble that day."

"Don't worry. It's normal. I thought there was something wrong with that incident, but I didn't mention it. I didn't expect you to be involved in this matter. "

Garrett sighed slightly and said, "Carla

, don't worry. Since I have decided to protect you, I will treat you well. I will ask professional people to investigate this matter. You just need to do your job well. The most important thing for you is to take back JY Group, not to care about these things, understand? "

"Of course I know. Thank you for comforting me! " Looking at Garrett with a smile, Carla felt very comfortable as if she had found a backer.

At this moment, a very beautiful Land Rover stopped at the bridge not far away. Then a girl in sportswear got out of the car. She was very beautiful, with a ponytail and light makeup.

For this, Carla specially took out the cosmetic mirror from her bag and looked at her face without makeup. She couldn't help sticking out her tongue.

Well, if it weren't for the fact that she would be introduced to a client today, she might have dressed casually and came out.

She was born in a wealthy family, but she didn't care about her appearance at all. Unlike most girls, they had to be designed from head to toe and looked very beautiful.

Those who went to dig for potatoes had already returned with a lot of potatoes. Looking at the young lady who just came, one of them called Stephenson said with disdain, "Miss. Nona, what are you doing here? Here is the village. We have to do everything by ourselves, can you do it on your own? "

"Why can't I? Don't look down upon me! I'm here for you! " Nona Zhao looked at everyone angrily, "I'll cook for you this noon!"

"Well, can you cook?"

People around began to laugh.

Someone who wanted to watch the show suggested, "how about this! Now we have two beautiful women here! How about you two competing in cooking? "

"Well, that's a good idea!"

Everyone was kicking up a fuss. Carla felt helpless. She didn't know how to cook at all. When she was abroad, although she usually cooked, she could only cook food to be cooked. It was not cooking at all!

"No, I can't cook. Now that we are together, we are happy. If the food I cooked is not delicious, won't it disturb everyone's interest? " Then Carla looked at Garrett and said, "Let's forget it!"

"What? Garrett, you can't protect your wife at this critical moment! "

"Exactly! It was just cooking. How difficult could it be! All the men here can cook, right? "

Perhaps everyone's words made Nona Zhao, who was standing next to them, very dissatisfied. She swore, "who says I can't cook? I'll make it for you! "

"Okay! Start! "

The men ran to the kitchen like children to make a fire.

This kitchen was also a simple one. It was a house like a farmer's. There was a small house next to it, and there was a stove in it. All the pots and pans were in it. There were two holes on the stove, which could be used to cook.

Carla had never used this before. But fortunately, these men were helping to make the fire.

Soon, it was time for the two of them to show their real skills.

After entering the kitchen, Carla quickly processed the food materials and made the two dishes according to the steps she remembered. Soon, the dishes were ready.

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