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   Chapter 18 An Old Photo

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"Thank you very much." Carla looked at Rowan politely and her heart had already been filled with ripples.

In the past, Carla and her parents came here for dinner. They once said that the chef here was very handsome. At that time, she was still a young girl, and she was just an anthomaniac. Now in the blink of an eye, so many years had passed and so many things had happened.

"It doesn't matter. This is what I should do. 'wait? I don't know why, but I feel that you are very familiar. Have you been here before? " After saying that, Rowan suddenly thought about it. He went to the office and took out a photo from the wall. "The person on the photo should be you, right?"

Carla looked at it and found it was true. When she came to have dinner with her parents, she happened to meet some activities in the restaurant. The family took a photo and left it here.

Thinking of this, Carla couldn't calm down for a long time, with tears in her eyes.

Seeing that Carla being sad, Rowan didn't know what he had done wrong and didn't know what to do.

"It's okay. Go ahead with your work! But can we keep this photo for a while? " Garrett asked.

"Sure, it's hers." After saying that, Rowan bowed politely and left.

A smile tugged at the corner of Carla's mouth, but her tears fell down. Seeing that, Garrett was also a little at a loss. He took a tissue and wiped the tears on Carla's face carefully. He said, "don't cry easily in front of others. Look, your makeup is ruined! Do you think you are a little kitten? "

"What?" Carla was a little confused. She thought she might have misheard. How could a serious person like Garrett say something like that.

She stared at Garrett blankly and asked, "what did you say just now?"

Garrett sighed, "I invited you here to relax, not to make you sad about the past. 'Carla, let bygones be bygones. Don't be so weak. Just focus on your work.'. Do you have any new ideas about your work? Have you made any progress recently? "

Although Carla was a little choked with sobs, she still adjusted her state and replied, "to be honest, I have just started my work in the company. I'm sure I'm not familiar with many things, let alone improving the performance in a short time. What's more, it seems that our company is going to hold some activities. I have to contact the shopping mall with all the members tomorrow so that we can promote this activity as soon as possible. "

"Yes, I know. This activity had a week's time, which was just in accordance with National Day holiday of seven days. In the next seven days, our company will hold a major promotion and sales activity in a shopping mall, and there will be some employees we have arranged in advance to sell in other small shopping malls. Well? Are you the team building the platform for them? "

"Yes, Actually I didn't get informed of the meeting, but I got it later. Since I am new there, they hope that my team will do it. " Carla sighed, "it doesn't matter. Just take it as exercise!"

"Yes, don't put too much pressure on yourself." Garrett continued to wipe the tears on Carla's face carefully with a tissue.

Seeing that Garrett was so considerate to her, Carla thought it was unrealistic, so she asked, "if I

mean if I really can't achieve the goal, I really can't continue to work there? Do I have to go back to prepare for the wedding? I'm not reconciled. Garrett, can I make a request? "

"Hmm?" Looking at the crying woman in front of him, Garrett asked, "what is that? Do you want to announce the relationship between us after you make some achievements in your career? Carla, Actually, there was no need to do that. After we announce our relationship, you can continue to work, right? Besides, when something happened to JY Group, the media had already reported your matter. "

"No, it's different! As the things happened to JY Group. Although those reporters have posted my photos, but they were not so clear. Many people in the company didn't recognize me. In addition, all kinds of rumors about me have been suppressed on the Internet recently, so they will never recognize me! " Then, Carla looked at Garrett and begged, "please, give me a chance to prove myself, okay?"

Garrett was also helpless, but now that Carla had said so

"Actually, if you want to take back JY Group, I can help you. I can even teach you step by step. You can be in charge of a small company and talk business by yourself. But you really don't have to start a small position in the company. In fact, the most important thing for you now is to marry me! You also want your parents to see that you are taken good care by someone now, aren't you? "

"No!" Carla cried and looked at Garrett, "In the past, I thought I just needed to live a good life. As long as I find a boyfriend who loves me, many things will be fine. But now I found that it was not at all! When my parents were alive, I wanted to rely on them, and then on my boyfriend. Now I understand that if I want to get something, I have to pay for it myself. Garrett, please! "

"Okay, I can promise you. But I still want to say that time can't be too long. I'll let you go to the sales department. I'll let you know what's going on in the sales department and let you make achievements. Three months is enough for you! Since you want a fair competition and you want to prove yourself, you should use the most fair way. " Garrett sighed slightly. He knew that it was impossible for Carla to achieve the business result in such a short time if just based on her current understanding of the whole industry and the way people dealt with things.

Unless there was a free lunch in the sky.

Hearing that Garrett had agreed, Carla was very happy. She nodded with a smile and hugged Garrett excitedly.

Garrett was flattered. He didn't expect that the woman in front of him would be so excited about this matter that she even hugged him tightly.

At this moment, Rowan, the chef who just passed by, was surprised. He quickly tiptoed to the side, not to disturb the atmosphere of the couple.

On the way back, Carla was in a good mood. But there were too many things to deal with in the company these days. Carla was so sleepy that she fell asleep in the car.

Garrett felt sorry for Carla.

In the evening, the two of them stayed in the bedroom. Seeing that Garrett was busy with his work, Carla couldn't help saying, "my father used to be so busy. Sometimes I really don't understand."

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