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   Chapter 15 Gossip

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Of course they wouldn't help.

In the past, there was no leader in their group, so they ran errands for other departments to maintain the relationship between them. Now?

"Don't worry. We won't help them. But, Carla, we have to make some achievements as soon as possible, or other departments will laugh at us! " Macy said with fear.

"Don't worry. Since I'm here and I'm going to take you with me, I won't let you suffer any grievance. Besides, I will make our team the sales champion of the whole company! " As she spoke, Carla had already set a goal in her heart.

At the same time, Carla was not idle. She immediately took the cup and pretended to go out to get some water. She planned to ask which group that enchanting woman was in and whether she was in the sales department.

The tea room had always been a place for employees to gossip. Who broke up with whom? Who was the mistress of the boss.

As expected, as soon as Carla walked out of the tea room, she heard what they were talking about.

"Hey, have you heard about it? Someone said that Carla was the wife of the CEO! "

"I don't care what she is! In our company, performance is the most important thing. Even if she was the wife of the CEO, so what? If she is just a beautiful vase, I should let her know how difficult it is to work in the company! "

"That's right. Look at how many shifts we have worked overtime!"

"Well, don't think too much. How could that woman be the wife of the CEO? No figure, no face! "

"I don't she looks fine."

The person who said so was a little girl wearing glasses and looking like a good girl. It seemed that she had just joined the company.

"Sandra, what do you know! Men nowadays like beautiful women, just like the one in the sales team. Eunice, She has a good figure and nice face. "

"I've heard that if the team doesn't make any progress in the short term under the leadership of Carla, they all have to get out of here! All Get out of here! "

"Better leave early! I once asked people in their group to help me copy things, but they didn't even know how to sort them out after copying. As a result, I sorted out the documents crazily in the meeting. "

Many of the people in the tea room were complaining about Carla's team members. Indeed, when Carla first arrived, she saw that all the people in her team didn't look good. But even so, They shouldn't talk about them behind their back!

Just as Carla was thinking about these things, a very charming voice came from behind.

It was the woman who had just put the documents in their group's office. She was indeed very beautiful.

"Hey, isn't this the new employee, Carla? Why don't you go inside the tea room? " Then Eunice Wan looked inside with a smile. Seeing that everyone was in a panic, she said, "Oh, I see. Carla, you just came to the company. It's normal for people to gossip behind you. Besides, you have to let everyone know you so that we can talk to each other easily! It's easy to take care of you! "

Then, Eunice Wan pushed Carla into the tea room.

Carla snee

red and looked at the colleagues in front of her. She greeted them awkwardly, "Hello, everyone. My name is Carla. I just joined in the company."

"Hello!" Then everyone left.

Eunice Wan, who was making coffee, smiled to Carla and then sat at the table. She said to Carla, "don't blame them In the company, everyone knows each other in this way. I just put the documents in your group. It's really impolite. I'm really sorry! "

"I'm fine." Then Carla sat down and said, "I know you didn't do it on purpose. After all, our group didn't have much work to do in the past. It was normal for such a situation to happen. But now that I'm the leader of this group, I'm sure I'll make some achievements in the future. I'll go out with my colleagues later. "

"Of course I believe you. You seem to be a very capable person. It is said that you came back from abroad. Come on! If you need any help, remember to come to me. By the way, it seemed that all the group leaders would have a meeting later! Why are you going to do business? Even if you had to work hard, you couldn't be unable to distinguish the main and the secondary at this time! "

Carla chuckled but felt very uncomfortable sitting in her seat. She checked her e-mail immediately and found one thing. Since she became the so-called group leader, she didn't seem to be dragged into any groups. Generally speaking, the managers should be in the same group so that they could send some messages.

Thinking of this, Carla thought it was reasonable. She didn't know what was important in the Department. By that time, even if the so-called performance was done, it would be useless.

Then Carla returned to her office with a cup of coffee and called her superior to ask about the situation.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Carla. I might be too busy to remember. An hour later, there is indeed a meeting. How about this! Get ready and come here. After all, you are also in our sales department, aren't you? " Then he hung up the phone.

Carla thought it was so ridiculous.

An hour later, everyone gathered in the meeting room.

As the leader of the sales group, Eunice Wan looked at everyone and said, "I'm in charge of this meeting. I want to tell you an activity. We should improve the performance of our products as much as possible by this activity. Of course, an event should also be organized by another party. In the past, Our department organized the event by half sales and half Organization. But now... "

"Eunice, you are the leader of the sales team. You have always been taking care of us! Because of some new comer, Do you want us to compete or... "

"Of course not. Don't worry. I won't let you do that. This activity is very important to our company. So you must go all out. Carla, do you have any idea? "

Carla sat in the corner but didn't know what they were talking about. Suddenly she was called. So she didn't know what to say. After a moment of reflection, she immediately said, "I'm here to hold an activity. It's my first time to take part in such an activity. I'm not experienced. "

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