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   Chapter 14 Strategy

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"What? Don't you understand? " In Carla's eyes, Garrett was already a talent knowing everything. How could he not know about it?

"Speaking of sales, maybe I'm not as clear as the sales director. But there is one thing for sure. If you want to improve your performance quickly in the coming three months, and you go run business one by one, It will be impossible for you to meet the standard in such a short time. " Garrett picked up the hair dryer and dried her hair thoroughly. Then he held Carla's hand and sat on the bed, saying, "you have to go to some parties to let everyone know you, know your career, and keep a good impression on the other party, so that you can continue it. If my memory serves me right, your team has a target this month, right? "

"Yes, there is a project that needs to be signed with a material supplier. This kind of thing should have been very simple, but now I find that basically every good company has a fixed partner, but we can't cooperate with ordinary small factory. It's really embarrassing. Besides, I might have to contact the company that is doing building materials in another city to discuss the cooperation. If we can get these two orders, our sales task will be more than half completed! "

Although Carla didn't know much about the domestic situation, she tried her best to complete it and had no problem in thinking.

"Okay, then go and work hard. If you need my help, just come to me." Garrett said to Carla with a smile.

"I hope I can complete these things on my own. Garrett, I'm a little scared. I'm afraid that I can't complete the task in the company and then l have to leave. When I met the members of the group today, they recognized me at the first sight. I'm Carla from the news. "

The uneasiness was written all over Carla's face.

There was a saying that people would only show their most vulnerable side to the person they trusted.

Carla, who didn't show any fear on the board of directors, now told herself to him how she was worried about this.

"Well, what if they can recognize you? The company was looking at the sales performance of everyone. I believe in your strength! Don't worry. Everything will be fine! I don't believe that you can't even complete such a small task goal. " Then, Garrett held Carla in his arms and said, "don't worry. Just work hard."

"Well, thank you! I really feel at ease with you around. " Holding Garrett tightly, Carla felt warm in her heart.

"It's late. Go to bed early. You are not allowed to work anymore! You can do these work tomorrow. Health is the most important. " Garrett put away all the documents in front of Carla and then he glanced at these reports.

Carla looked at Garrett with a smile and saw him kiss her forehead before walking out.

To be honest, for so many years, Carla hadn't been so moved. Even when she just came back from abroad and met Harden, she had never been so moved.

What's wrong with you, Carla? You had no choice but to marry Garrett. And He just was helping you in return! Don't be moved, or how can you leave in the future!

Carla said those to herself but she

had been thinking about it.

At six o'clock in the next morning, Carla woke up. Looking at the alarm clock, she sighed, washed her face, brushed her teeth and went to the company early.

When Garrett went out, he knew that Carla had already gone out. He couldn't help laughing.

On their way to the company, Johnson took today's Schedule and said to Garrett, "Mr. Garrett, when will be your wedding ceremony with Miss. Carla? Do you have any idea? Miss Carla had been busy with her work these days. I think you shouldn't get back to your work before the wedding. "

"Don't worry. The wedding won't be delayed! I have read her analysis. Her project targets may be completed in a month, or even less. " Garrett looked ahead with satisfaction and said, "it won't be far."

"Within a month? Do you mean those projects which the company is busy with these days? Those are hard index! It's not easy to fix them. "

"Yes, it's not easy to do. Don't worry. If she can't make it in a month, I will ask her to come back home and focus on the wedding. " Garrett smiled at Johnson.

Johnson had never seen Garrett smile so happily since Johnson followed him. It seemed that Miss. Carla was Mr. Garrett's lucky star.

"Well, then I know how to arrange it. Don't worry. I will arrange it well. " Johnson promised.

When they arrived at the company, Garrett read the materials, had meetings and discussed the content of the project with the senior executives as usual.

While Carla was studying the method in her office.

[米雪] and Felicia were also busy with their own work.

"Hey, you came so early today!" Shepherd walked in and said, "well, where is our leader? When will he come? "

"Shh!" Macy pointed at the office and said, "she has been here more than an hour in advance. She had asked each of us to make a plan. What about your plan?"

"I didn't know!"

Seeing that all the people outside had arrived, Carla went out and wanted to have a meeting with everyone.

"We have discussed some methods and strategies yesterday. I plan to go on a business trip to see if This Mr. Wang is interested in cooperating with us. Macy, come here to confirm this matter and make an appointment with the boss of the other party. Besides, I'll leave that matter to Queenie and Shepherd. " Carla ordered.

"Nice to meet you, Leader. I'm Shepherd. I'm really sorry. I didn't know that our leader has come."

"It doesn't matter. Since we are in the same team, we have to cooperate well and try to stay." Carla looked at everyone with a smile.

Just as they were having a meeting, a woman in particularly sexy clothes walked in, threw a pile of documents on the copy machine and left.

With a confused look on Carla's face, she pointed at the woman and asked, "what's going on?"

Macy felt embarrassed and said, "well, leader, here is the thing. Our team has nothing to do all the time, then the neighboring team will occasionally send us something that needs to be input into the computer or copied."

"What?" It was the first time that Carla had heard of such a thing. "Don't touch those documents! Understand? "

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