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   Chapter 13 The Meeting

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The two girls in front of her seemed to be both kind and easy-going.

Carla nodded to the two and then reached out her hands and said, "Hello, everyone. My name is Carla. Nice to meet you."

"Carla?" Macy looked at her in surprise. "Are you the woman mentioned on the Internet these two days! Wow, he is from a rich family! "

"Besides, it is said that Carla has married Mr. Garrett!" Queenie stepped to Carla and said, "Wow, your skin is so good! Is that news about you? "

Lauretta was speechless. "Well, you two still want to inquire about other people's family affairs? Do your job well. Don't you understand? "

"I know! But we get more curious. After all, our department is the worst in the world. When did our leader come here! If it weren't for you Lauretta, I'm afraid the people in our department would have left! " Macy sighed helplessly.

With a long sigh, Carla looked at the persons in front of her and said, "you don't think too much. The person mentioned on the news is indeed me, but I didn't do those things. You will understand me in our future life and work. "

Lauretta was very satisfied with the graceful look of Carla.

"Well, this is your future leader! You have to fawn on her! If you can't increase your sales in three months, then get out of here! If there is any improvement, you can all stay in the company, understand? " Lauretta looked at Carla and said, "well, I've told you everything. Next, have a good meeting in your department!"

"Thank you." Said Carla, smiling at Lauretta.

After Lauretta left, Macy and Queenie took Carla to the office.

"Our old leader resigned last month. We hadn't been assigned a new leader. We thought we were going to be fired! I didn't expect you to come at this time. That's great! " Macy wiped the chair and table clean and said, "let's have a meeting now! I'll go get the materials with Queenie. Please wait a moment, leader! "

There was already some dust in the office. Seeing that they were in a panic, Carla thought that they would need some time to sort out all the documents they needed. So she cleaned up the table first.

An hour later, the office was very clean, and Carla was also sitting in her seat, waiting for them to come in.

"Wow, leader, you are awesome! It's too fast! " Standing at the door, Queenie looked at the clean room.

"Well, let's talk about work now! What project are you in charge of now? How is the Commission for all the sales? How to calculate the score? You all have to make it clear to me! " Said Carla, looking at the two people in front of her.

Although Queenie and Macy didn't perform well, they were very disciplined. They told her all the rules and regulations that those people had told them during the training.

After studying the rules, Carla looked at the two people in front of her and said, "isn't there another person in your department? Where is he? "

"Oh, you mean Shepherd Liu, right! He went out for business. He told us so, but we don't know what he is actually doing. " Macy looked embarrassed.

Taking a look at Macy, Queenie explained awkwardly, "here is the thing. Our

department hasn't been doing very well. So, our salary is only the basic salary. Macy and I have nothing to do with it. After all, we are local. We won't get hungry if we fix our own. As a man, Shepherd had to work part-time to make money. Of course, he wouldn't have done that if the team hadn't been in a bad condition. Leader, will you do anything to him? "

"What can I do? After all, you are here to make a living. I can understand that. But now that I'm here, you can ask him to come back tomorrow. Don't do any part-time jobs. Come back to work as soon as possible! We only have three months. If we can't make any achievement in these three months, we may really get out of here! "

With the experience of being cheated for the first time, Carla knew very well that she couldn't just wait. If you want to improve your professional skills in the shortest time, you must hurry up.

Then, Carla asked her two subordinates to make a summary and analysis of the whole team and the whole sales department and bring it to her for a careful study.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Carla looked at her watch and realized that employees were only allowed to work overtime until eleven o'clock. Unless the whole department had to work overtime and the supervisor applied for that, the company would be shut down at eleven o'clock!

Carla hurried to pack up her things and took the elevator downstairs, preparing to drive home.

On the way back, all Carla could think about was the information she had read today.

In fact, she met the two girls today and she thought they were both very good in character, beautiful and professional skills. Perhaps they didn't know how to communicate with their clients, or perhaps they didn't have a good way to get close to their clients.

Thinking of this, Carla looked at the red light ahead and yawned.

She was really tired!

When she was in college, she often stayed up all night to study, but she didn't feel tired.

When she arrived at Zheng Family's house, Garrett was already working in the study.

Seeing that Carla had come back, Johnson quickly walked up to her and asked, "Mrs. Carla, do you need us to prepare some midnight snack?"

"No, thanks. I am full." Then Carla went upstairs.

When she went back to her room, Carla took a shower and changed her clothes. When she was drying her hair, she was still reading the report.

"you work so hard?" Garrett stepped forward, took the towel from Carla hand and said, "We are busy with our work, But we couldn't let it disturb our life. Understand? If you don't dry your hair well, you will catch a cold easily! " 、

"Thank you!" "I went to the Department to see what's going on," said Carla, looking at Garrett with embarrassment

"What do you think now?" Garrett asked.

"Not bad, right! Although the performance of the whole team is very bad at present, I think there is still some room for improvement. I'll have a try first. But I'm not good at sales. You have to teach me! " Carla looked at Garrett expectantly.

Garrett laughed, "why do you think I, as the president, know something about sales?"

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