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   Chapter 7 Harassment

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They had nothing to do with each other now. Why did he call?

Without hesitation, Carla hung up the phone and frowned. Looking at the beautiful scenery, she was no longer in the mood to appreciate it.

It was not easy for her to forget that bad man. How could he disturb her life again now?

The phone rang again.

After hesitating for a while, Carla picked up the phone and answered, "hello? Who is that? "

"Well, it's only been a while? Have you forgotten Harden's phone number? Carla, you are so heartless! " It was from Wendy unexpectedly.

"Wendy, Isn't it the best thing for you that I forget him? Why are you calling me? If nothing special, I am hanging up. I hope that we will never have any intersection with each other in the future, okay? " When Carla was about to hang up the phone, she was stopped by Wendy.

"You have a temper!" Wendy laughed, "It's about you. The board of directors decided to have a meeting and discuss it. At that time, you should be there! After all, it was you who sold out the confidential information of the company that almost caused it to go bankrupt. If it weren't for the help of Harden, do you think there would still be JY Group now? "

"I won't go there!" Carla really felt upset, "Wendy, I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. Please don't call me again. If you want me to have an affair with your current boyfriend, it's okay. I... "

"Well, do you think you can make him change his mind? Carla, you think too highly of yourself. " With a sigh, Wendy said, "forget it. It's your business whether you want to come or not. I have informed you. If you don't come, I don't know what will happen at the scene and what decision will be made! After all, you have been prosecuted, haven't you? "

Carla felt that she was about to explode. When she was about to argue, the phone was hung up.

How ridiculous! She did nothing, but was wronged like this. Now even...

Carla tried to calm down and thought about the current situation.

Now there was nothing clear about her betraying the confidential documents of JY Group. His father used to put some important documents in his study. But in her impression, she had never touched her father's safe, nor had she looked for anything in the study. How could she sell this so-called secret file?

She had no idea what the confidential documents were?

"What happened?" Garrett walked to Carla and asked, "who called you?"

After calming down, Carla said, "It was Wendy, She asked me to attend the board meeting of JY Group and explain something clearly. It's about the confidential documents and what I did with the money. She also said that I have to give them an explanation for what I have done to JY Group. "

"Explain?" Garrett chuckled, sat beside Carla and asked, "what do you think? Do you want to go or not? "

"I... I don't know. " Looking away, Carla felt terrible. "What could I do even if I went there Those people will still support Harden. I chose to quit from the very beginning. Who in the company would believe me? "

"In my opinion, you are the main character of this event now.

Let's go and have a look! If you are worried, I can ask my people to go with you. " Garrett held Carla's hand tightly and said, "don't worry. These things will be over sooner or later."

"I know, but Harden is too cunning. Now think about it. He has arranged a lot of things and waited for me to get in! For example, every time I signed, and the part-time job as well... I'm so stupid to believe him. " With a long sigh, Carla looked at Garrett and said, "I think I need a chance to experience something now."

Garrett smiled at her and said, "it's not easy to get a chance to experience what you want? Come to my company and work as my secretary assistant. By that time, you will naturally know a lot of things. However, it would take some time. Now you are not allowed to do anything else because your sister and your lawsuit. "

"You're right. There's still a lawsuit! Garrett, is there any possibility of reconciliation in court? I don't want to waste my time on these things. There must be many problems involved in the lawsuit. I think the most important thing now is that I can be alone and strive for my goal. I must take back JY Group. I don't care about what happened now. "

Looking at Garrett, Carla said, "help me figure out a way!"

"If so, you should go to the meeting." Garrett took out a document and said, "read it carefully. Then I will let my secretary talk to you. In the future, you will also be in a superior subordinate relationship. Can you do that? "

"I can do it!" Carla looked at Garrett firmly.

"Okay, you can read these first. I'm going to attend some parties these days, and I need to take my family with me. Can you go with me? " Garrett asked.

"Of course I can. I've married you. If someone else asks, tell them that I'm your girlfriend? " With an uncertain look on her face, Carla's eyes were full of temptation and hesitation.

"Yes!" Garrett agreed. He held Carla in his arms and whispered in her ear, "don't worry. Everything will be fine. We are people who did not die in big trouble. How can we be knocked down so easily? Carla, don't let me down! "

"Okay, I won't." Holding Garrett tightly in her arms, Carla breathed a sigh of relief. From childhood to adulthood, only her father could make her feel this gentle sense of security.

She liked this feeling and hoped that her father could be with her now.

Alas Fate was really good at making fun of people. Who would have thought that things would turn out like this?

Looking at Garrett's handsome face, Carla couldn't help but think of something. These things were very vague and she was not sure.

"Have I met you before?" Looking at Garrett with a smile, Carla said, "it's been a long time, maybe I remember it wrong. I don't know why I always feel that I have seen you somewhere before. "

Garrett's eyes lit up. He touched her cheek and said, "don't think too much. It seems that you are still too tired. You should have a good rest."

"Well, maybe I remember it wrong." Carla turned around and looked at the beautiful sunset. "I hope everything will have a new look when the sun rises tomorrow."

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