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   Chapter 6 Completely Forget

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"Or what? Is there anyone else here? " Garrett held Carla in his arms and kissed her forehead. He smiled and said, "it doesn't matter. I give you the right to choose. As long as you can cheer up, we can not get the marriage license first. What do you think? "

At this moment, Carla suddenly realized that Garrett was so kind to her. The contract had been signed, but now he had given her enough space to think about it, not pushing her into a desperate situation.

But now she had no choice?

JY Group was taken away by Harden, and even her only house was lost. It seemed that she could only calm down and think about how to take revenge and take back everything that belonged to her?

"Garrett, I know you are kind to me. But I don't understand. Do you do me such a big favor just because I saved you? The situation of JY Group was extremely complicated. Perhaps no one wanted to get involved with it now! Marry me? Have you really made up your mind? " Carla was confused.

Hearing this, Garrett felt even more funny.

What was she thinking about? She hesitated all the time. Was she thinking for him? How stupid she was.


"What should I say about you?" Garrett looked at her with a smile and said, "I put forward this condition, of course I'm not afraid of it. Now as long as you agree, we will go to get the marriage license immediately. "

After thinking for a while, Carla nodded and said, "then let's go to get the marriage certificate! Garrett, I trust you. "

"Okay!" Garrett held Carla's hand and walked towards the Bureau of civil affairs.

Everything went fast. The two of them were about to go home with their IDs.

The next step was the engagement, the wedding, and then everything would be ready. But there were still some cases on Carla that needed to be handled well. It was not difficult for Garrett to find someone to investigate these things. He should be able to understand the situation soon.

On the way back, Garrett saw Carla was looking at the red marriage certificate in her hand and couldn't help laughing, "what's wrong? You like her so much? You've been looking at it for more than ten minutes! "

"Nothing. I just feel that I have been with him for so many years, but in the end we have parted ways. I didn't expect a person's greed to be so bad. " Carla signed and got into a sad face, "The car accident was really weird. You know what? That night, I saw the man who hit you jump out of the car and run away! "

"What did you say? That man is still alive. " Looking at Carla, Garrett thought of some reports after the car accident.

It seemed that There was indeed a person

"Do you remember that man?"

"I don't remember. Although the street lights were very bright at that time, I was far away from the car after all. Garrett, who wants to kill you? This is too vicious. " With a sneer, Carla continued, "I suddenly feel that you and I are having the similar life. I was kicked out of the house by my ex boyfriend and all my property was taken away. and you had experienced such a tragic car accident which was it was man-made. "

"You know what? The kidnapper put all the blame on you. But there is another thing that others don't know, that is, there is a dead person on the scene. " Garrett looked at Carla and said, "

only the police know about it. It has not been announced to the public."

"What? That is to say, in fact, the police know that I am not the murderer! "

Garrett shook his head slightly and sped up to go home.

Garrett also had some photos and materials of the scene.

With the documents in her hand, Carla recalled everything that had happened, but she still couldn't remember anything.

"No, it was too chaotic that night. I was scared to death and tried my best to save you. I really can't figure it out now. " Frustrated, Carla put the photo on the table and looked at Garrett, "I'm sorry. I can't help you now."

"It doesn't matter. Have a good rest. Now, the most important thing is to clear up your grievance. The first step is to get you out of the car accident. Next, we have to explain the truth about you betraying the confidential information of JY Group. " Garrett packed up his things, looked at Carla and said, "if you want to go to work these days, I can help you arrange it. If you want to have a rest, I won't say anything. But there is only one thing, Carla, don't be so depressed, okay? "

"Well, I know what you mean. But I might need some time to go through it. Alas It's a pity that the company my parents built is ruined by me now. " Looking at Garrett, Carla said, "thank you for helping me."

"You are Mrs. Zheng from now on. Don't always regard me as an outsider. Have a good rest before you can work well, right? " Garrett said with a smile to Carla.

"Then I'll go to my room first." Then Carla stood up and was about to leave.

After taking only two steps, she seemed to remember something. She turned to look at Garrett and said, "well... You will be in charge of the wedding, or I should... "

"As you like. Set the date and make some arrangements. You just need to be responsible for it. " Garrett looked at Carla and said, "but I may need you to go to the hospital with me tomorrow, for the last reexamination. I haven't recovered from the last car accident. "

Thinking of what had happened that day, Carla blushed and said awkwardly, "well Okay, I see. I'll go with you to have the reexamination. "

"Okay, you can go to rest now."

Carla turned around and was about to go upstairs with a heavy heart.

She couldn't help but recall the scene when she was with Harden, and her tears fell.

Harden, I gave my whole youth to you, but now you treat me like this.

Hehe, the promise he made before was so ridiculous now!

In the future, I will make you regret, and I will let you know what you would get after all these you did to me. Let's wait and see!

Today's marriage certificate seemed to have given Carla a strong psychological effect. After all, she was not alone in the battle now. Garrett could help her a lot, and he was also very nice to her.

But now, Carla didn't want to pay attention to the reports on the Internet anymore. After all, it was slander. Some people deliberately hyped it in order to achieve their own interests.

She wanted to start over and live again regardless of everything. The delicate daughter of Luo Family would probably die in her heart now.

After taking a shower, Carla changed her clothes and sat on the balcony, enjoying the scenery outside.

The phone rang. It was Harden.

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