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   Chapter 5 Starting From Here

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In the ward, Louisa Luo, who had just come down from the operating table, was lying on the bed with a pale face.

With the case in his hand, the doctor looked at Carla seriously and said, "do you know how serious the consequences will be if you don't pay in time? Your sister's situation is so special. As her old sister, you should take responsibility! "

"I'm sorry, doctor. Something happened to my family these days. I..." With a guilty conscience, Carla looked at the doctor and said, "I'm really sorry."

"It doesn't matter. You can pay in time this time. In fact, your sister's condition is not very good. Normally, such a treatment will have a very good effect. Even if the root of the disease can't be completely cured, it can also achieve the suppressive effect. But your sister... "

Seeing the doctor's helpless expression, Carla's tears fell down. "Doctor, please, please take care of my sister as much as you can! Please! "

"Of course you can rest assured. As a doctor, I have to take good care of the patient. But I have to make it clear to you. I can only try my best to do the best. Your sister's condition has not been very optimistic. I will adjust the diagnosis according to the actual situation. Don't worry! "

"Thank you, doctor." Seeing her sister Louisa Luo lying on the bed with a pale face, Carla felt a little sad.

Her sister had a heart attack since she was born. She had stayed in hospital more than at home since she was a child. Her parents were worried about her sister's illness.

Carla's parents had been following up on her sister's treatment all the time. Now that it had fallen on Carla, she was inevitably a little flustered and didn't know what to do.

Johnson had already paid the bill. He came over with the bill. He looked at Carla and said, "Miss Carla, do you think it's time to go back? I have paid the fees and saved some more money into it. Don't worry! "

"Thank you!" Carla looked at Johnson and asked for no reason, "Johnson, why do you help me? Is it just because I saved Mr. Garrett?"

"Miss Carla, I helped you not only because you saved Mr. Garrett. You saw the accident that day. On the one hand, Mr. Garrett did thank you for saving him. On the other hand, there were too many things got involved that day. Since you have been involved, Mr. Garrett must protect you well. "

Carla was born in a rich family, and JY Group was a good company in the local area. Her parents had never told her about this, and she had never heard of it.

What happened to Garrett now really confused her.

After dealing with the matters in the hospital, Carla went back to Zheng Family with Johnson.

After arranging the room for Carla, Johnson said, "Mr. Garrett will stay at home to recuperate these days. You two should get along well. In fact, Mr. Garrett was a very considerate person. Now that Miss Carla has agreed to marry Mr. Garrett, you have to learn to adapt it. "

"I see." Said Carla.

Looking at everything in the room, Carla couldn't help but think of Zheng Family, the huge family.

She had heard of Zheng Family, the most famous family in A City.

Now that things had become like this, the only thing Carla could think of was to calm down and make a plan for the future.

A few days later, Garrett's wound had healed.

As the news on the Internet continued to spread, everyone's discussion about Carla seemed to have never stopped. If such social news usually lasted only one or two days, it would be

completely forgotten.

In the room, Carla sat in front of the window, crying. It was the third day she came to Zheng Family.

Garrett's wound was almost healed. He had thought that Carla would recover soon, but he didn't expect her to be depressed and cry all day long in the room.

"How long will you keep like this? until you get blind? " Standing at the door and looking at Carla angrily, Garrett asked, "don't you want to clarify it?"

"Clarify what? They insist that I did those things. What kind of evidence can I show? " Carla sighed helplessly and looked at Garrett. "Is there any news from the police? What can I do now? "

Carla's decadence drove Garrett crazy. Garrett stepped forward, grabbed her wrist tightly and pulled her up. "Can you cheer up! Look at yourself! Carla, if you keep acting like this, I won't help you! "

Garrett said angrily. After all, Carla was in such a terrible condition.

"You haven't gone through this. How can you know my current situation! Maybe I shouldn't have saved you, or at least I wouldn't have been slandered like this! " Carla said angrily, venting all her anger.

Carla struggled to get rid of Garrett's hand, but was stopped by him. All her grievances turned into tears, and when she opened her eyes, she saw the domineering look on Garrett's face. She got full of despair.

"You HMM HMM... " Carla still wanted to throw a tantrum at Garrett, but was kissed by him. The rest of the words were stuck in her mouth.

Unexpectedly, The smell of his body was very good, which gave her a sense of relief.

Tears streamed into her mouth, salty and bitter. Carla had never been in such a desperate situation, so she was flustered and had no choice. She had been staying at Zheng Family's house these days. She felt like she was sold here. Not long ago, she hadn't recovered from the grief of her parents' death, but so many things had happened. How could she bear it?

"Don't worry. I'll help you." Garrett held Carla in his arms and comforted, "but even if I want to help you, you have to cheer up as soon as possible! Let's start from here, okay? "

"I don't know where to start." Carla looked at Garrett, confused.

Garrett took out the household register, smiled and said, "from the moment we get the marriage certificate at the Civil Affairs Bureau!"

"What?" After a short pause, Carla was pulled into the car by Garrett and headed for the Civil Affairs Bureau.

It was not until Carla got in the car that she realized that she had promised to get married with Garrett. Naturally, getting a marriage certificate was a very important part.

Looking at the hesitant look on her face, Garrett looked at Carla and said, "if you think we still need to think about it, it's okay. We can go back first! "

"Well..." After hesitating for a long time, Carla said, "no, it doesn't? No, I don't need more time! I have promised you. I can't break my promise! "

Looking at the shy look on her face, Garrett smiled and thought of the first time he saw her abroad. At that time, Garrett was talking about a project abroad, but he couldn't find a professional translation for the time being. Coincidentally, Carla was taking photos nearby, so she helped him.

Since then, Garrett had kept in mind that Carla was still elegant and generous.

He didn't expect that the two of them were so lucky to meet each other. This time, Carla saved his life.

"You Are you sure you want to marry me? " Carla couldn't believe it.

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