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   Chapter 4 Wish Us A Pleasant Cooperation

Pull At CEO's Heartstrings By Fei Teng Characters: 6790

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Now that Lord Zheng was in his fifties, he should have thought about who should inherit the property of Zheng Family.

If he could get relations with Zheng Family now, he would have a bright future in the future!

Mr. Matt, since you think highly of me, I definitely would like to sign it! But... " Harden was still a little worried, "it must have nothing to do with Carla. I did perjury..."

"Don't worry! If you trust me, sign this cooperation intention. What do you think? "

The project mentioned in the plan was a long-term project with a minimum age of five years. In other words, as long as the contract is signed, JY Group will have a very high profit in the coming five years, but at the same time, Earth Group will also participate in JY Group.

Seeing that Harden was so hesitant, Wendy urged him, "this is a great opportunity!"

The woman next to him was so anxious that Harden gritted his teeth and said, "yes!"

Looking at Harden in front of him, Matt smiled politely and reached out his hand to Harden, saying, "wish us a pleasant cooperation!"

At the mansion of Luo Family.

Standing at the door, Carla couldn't help but sigh.

This was her home! Now it belonged to others!

Father, mother, it's Carla who is useless!

"Harden, with this cooperation, we will definitely..."

Not far away, Wendy held Harden's arm and walked towards the mansion excitedly. They were so intimate that it seemed that they had been together for several years!

If he didn't have passion to her, why didn't he tell her earlier!

Carla still remembered that Harden was just a poor student in the past, but he was progressive. That was why she was with him. Now he was still progressive, but he had gone astray.

"Carla? Why did you come back? This is not your home anymore! " Harden said coldly, and then walked towards the door with Wendy, ready to open the door.

"I'm here to confirm something! Since you said this house is yours and the company is yours! Where is the evidence? Give me the evidence! " Said Carla stubbornly, looking at Harden.

Seeing that Carla was unwilling to admit defeat, Wendy said impatiently, "Harden], give her the evidence! In case some "murderers" say that we frame her up! Now that someone rushes a racing car accident and was known all over the world, but she dares to come out to show off, she is not afraid of being cursed by others! "

"What are you talking about?" Carla tried to calm herself down.

"Did I say anything wrong?"

Harden was a little annoyed. He looked at Carla and said, "are you here to check something or to quarrel with me?"

Without saying anything more, Carla walked into the room.

Some of the furnishings in the room had been completely changed, and some furniture had been moved out.

Carla's parents' room was also in a mess.

She still remembered that after her parents' accident, she missed her parents so much that she didn't allow the nanny to touch everything in that room. But now...

"How can you go so far?" Holding back her tears, Carla bit her lower lip and told herself not to cry.

Wendy sneered, looked around the room and said, "why can't we? This is our wedding room! We are going to redecorate it! We have cleaned up a lot of your rubbish. If you are in the mood later, you can look through it yourself and see what you can take with you. Don't say we are heartless! A

fter all, you have nothing now, don't you? "

While they were talking, Harden had taken out his identification.

Property ownership certificate and company share certificate.

"Look carefully! These are all real materials! " Harden looked at Carla and said, "look! After that, Get out of here! "

With her trembling hands, Carla took the two identification cards. The name of the account owner had been changed to Harden, and the other one

Taking a deep breath, Carla chuckled and said, "Harden, we've been together for so many years. How can you do that?"

"Have you finished! Get out of here! " Harden gave Carla a push.

Carla tried to stand still and her tears finally fell down.

"Well, Carla, stop acting pitiful here! You'd better pack up and leave now! "

Wendy's aggressiveness and Harden's betrayal both made Carla unbearable.

Well, now that things had come to this, what could she do?

It was all her fault to trust others easily!

Carla held the family photo tightly in her arms. She had planned to take out all her mother's jewelry from the safe. However, the safe had already been pried open.

Well, she didn't know how greedy people were!

There was a small box in the drawer, in which there were a pair of extremely unremarkable silver rings.

After taking that thing out, Carla was about to leave.

In the courtyard, all the things she treasured were thrown on the ground, like a pile of garbage.

She found the last gift her parents gave her that year. Finally a line of tears fell down.

Not long ago, her parents said that they would go abroad to see her. Now...

She put these things in her schoolbag and left this place where she grew up.

Father, mother, I'm unfilial!

At the corner of the Luo Family mansion, Johnson was already waiting.

Seeing that Carla was carrying something on her back, Johnson immediately came to help her and then sent her into the car.

"Miss Carla, Mr. Garrett has handled everything for you. Don't worry. But there is only one thing. Don't go out these days. After everything is settled, we will arrange some activities. " After saying that, Johnson drove back to Garrett's house.

Now, how could Carla be in the mood to care about anything else? She might only find a place to shelter herself from wind and rain, so she went there first!

At this moment, Carla received a call from the hospital. "Miss Luo, your sister has just got worse. We have made the corresponding treatment. But you have to pay in time! When we performed the operation today, we wrote a guarantee and a statement of responsibility to the hospital because the money in your account was not enough, so we performed the operation in advance. If you don't pay the medical fees, the treatment may be suspended in the hospital! "

"No! Please don't! " Carla became anxious. "I'll pay the bill right away. Don't worry. Please don't stop treating my sister. I forgot it. I'm sorry! "

"Okay, I'll wait for you here. Come here quickly!"

After hanging up the phone, Carla looked worried.

Johnson looked at Carla and asked, "Miss Carla, is it about your sister?"

"Yes!" Carla sighed and said, "Johnson, can you lend me some money? I have to pay the bill. Please, my sister can't live without money. It's money for saving her life! I... "

"Of course." Johnson said calmly and then took Carla to the hospital.

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