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   Chapter 3 Debts

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"Of course I know that it wasn't you!" Garrett sighed and coughed. He then looked at Carla and took out a contract. "If you agree to these terms, then I will testify for you and help you clear your grievance. However, you have to be my wife."

Carla wanted to laugh and found this ridiculous. "Mr. Garrett, what are you talking about? As long as I have your testimony, then I can be cleared from being involved in this accident. Why should we do it by making more trouble?"

How could he say such an absurd thing?

"I'm not kidding!" Garett stared at Carla's pretty face with a serious expression. "If you become my wife, then you would be able to explain everything clearly. Why were you at the scene of the accident? Why wouldn't you be the owner of the car? Carla, do you want to go to jail? Or, do you have the ability to pay back the compensation of one hundred million dollars that your boyfriend, Harden Liu, has placed against you?"

Go to jail? One hundred million?

"Mr. Garrett, are you scaring me? Since there was a car accident, there should be cameras on the road. And one hundred million? Well, what is that?" Carla asked with confidence.

"I've already asked someone to check it. But there was something wrong with the cameras that night. This is not just a simple car accident. Do you understand?" Garrett frowned and looked away from her. "If you want to be the scapegoat, then I have no objection."

Carla swallowed and suddenly felt very nervous.

Did it happen deliberately?

"As for your boyfriend, he made an appeal and accused you of stealing confidential documents that belonged to the company. He claimed that you sold confidential documents that belonged to the JY Group to your opponent so that you could gamble. This in turn, caused your company to go bankrupt. And the loss of this document made the company lose property worth one hundred million dollars."

Garrett raised an eyebrow at the stunned Carla and said, "Of course, I won't force you to do anything. Just think it over!"

She didn't expect that her world would change so much in just a few days.

After hearing what Garrett said, everything finally seemed to connect to each other. The car accident, Harden's betrayal, and...

The contract in front of her made her body tremble. She couldn't believe that this was all happening.

"Mr. Garrett, there are two policemen outside the door. They want to investigate on Miss Carla." Holding the remote control in his hand, Johnson switched the TV channel to the camera monitor.

Outside, there were two policemen talking to the security guards.

"According to the evidence at the scene, the police are 90% confident that you were involved in this accident. Carla, you only have three minutes left to consider the offer."

On the TV screen, she saw that the police had gotten the security's permission to enter the premises.

Carla blinked and begged, "Mr. Garrett, you... Can't you help me? Please! I saved your life! I really don't know why this happened. I really... "

"I'm helping you!" Garrett pointed out.

When she saw that the police were about to enter the room, Carla got extremely nervous. She took in a deep breath and said, "I agree!" After saying that, Carla quickly signed the contract.

Johnson immediately hid the document.

The door opened and the two policemen walked into the room. They took their IDs out and declared, "Carla Luo, there is a traffic accident that needs your cooperation. We are doing an investigation and

you need to come with us."

"I..." Carla stood up from the sofa, trembling.

"Mr. Garrett, don't worry. We will give you an answer soon." One of the policemen nodded in Garrett's direction.

"It's best to have an answer as soon as possible, but..." Garrett looked at the police and frowned. "My fiancee has nothing to do with this incident. I hope that you can give us a satisfactory reply!"

"What?" The policeman thought that he misheard him and asked again, "Mr. Garrett, are you telling us that this woman is your fiancee?"

"Yes!" That was strange. According to their investigation, this woman was supposed to be the perpetrator!

To investigate further, the two policemen stayed in the mansion and interviewed them in more detail.

Garrett explained that he had known Carla from abroad for almost half a year.

Recently, Carla came back to visit him and they planned to settle down in the country. That very same night, the two of them were together when the car accident happened on their way home.

Carla didn't get hurt, so she saved him.

"I remember clearly that Carla saved me that night. I think that someone else is the perpetrator. Besides, the car that hit me didn't belong to my fiancee, Carla. I'm sure about that."

Garrett's testimony sounded reasonable. That night, Carla went out with nothing. She carried her bag, but never took it off. It was impossible to leave the so-called physical evidence on the scene.

When the police asked Carla again, she informed them of what happened that night and emphasized that she wasn't driving at all.

Since they both had the same testimony, the police figured out that this wasn't a simple case.

"Well, bearing that in mind, we will conduct a very detailed investigation when we go back. However, we still need to do a fingerprint test here. Carla Luo, please go to the police station tomorrow!"

"Okay." Carla forced a smile and looked at the two policemen.

After they left, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Johnson, please help Carla move her luggage in here. During this period of time, I want to rest. Please see to it that nobody will come visit me." After saying that, Garrett sat on the sofa and flipped through the company's quarterly report on the table.

At the same time, in the Earth Group.

Harden and Wendy sat in their seats and cautiously looked at Matt. "Mr. Matt, the police came to investigate what happened yesterday, and I told them everything you instructed me to."

"Thank you, Mr. Harden. Now that you're the president of the JY Group, we will have more business transactions in the future! I happen to have a project here. What do you think? Are you interested?" Matt placed down a business plan in front of Harden and said, "Now, I believe you know that the JY Group has come to an end. However, if you agree to do this project, then you will definitely be able to turn the tide and save your company!"

When Wendy saw this project, her eyes widened.

The Earth Group was a famous company in A City.

No matter how small an enterprise was, if it was connected with the Earth Group, then they would definitely be able to progress and make a lot of money.

Matt's family, the Zheng Family, was quite famous in the city.

The two brothers of the Zheng Family, Terrance Zheng and Quincy Zheng, had split up and established their own groups of companies. However, the power and financial resources their father owned, namely the head of the Zheng Family, was beyond everyone's reach.

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