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   Chapter 1 Betrayal

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The night was enchanting, and the dim lights on the road reflected the loneliness of the late comers. Once again, Carla Luo worked overtime, it was already midnight. She dragged her tired body back home. As soon as she plopped herself on the sofa, she indistinctly heard faint sounds coming from the room.

'It's already late. Could it be Harden? But he said he had a business dinner tonight, so he won't be back!'

Depressed, Carla Luo cautiously walked towards her room with a broom in her hand.

As she approached the room, she could hear passionate moans filling the air. Clothes were scattered everywhere on the floor. When the door unlocked...

On the bed, she found a man and a woman tightly embracing each other.

"Harden Liu!" Carla Luo gaped at them in disbelief and shouted hysterically, "What are you doing?"

Frightened, the two figures separated from each other.

The woman on the bed pushed Harden Liu away and impatiently got dressed into her pajamas. She walked forward and slapped Carla Luo on the face.


"Stop shouting! Anyways, Harden and I have already finished what we were supposed to do and what we shouldn't have done. Carla, it's really unfortunate that you came at such a bad time."

Carla Luo glared in response. This woman was no other than her best friend, Wendy Tang!

"Bitch!" Carla Luo lost her mind in anger. Still holding the broom in her hand, she tried to hit Wendy Tang. But before she could hit her, Harden Liu stopped her and grabbed the broom.

"Carla, can you be more rational?" Harden Liu sighed as he straightened his clothes. "Let's break up! The person I really like is Wendy, not you."

This was ridiculous. Harden Liu just ruined their relationship after being together for five years.

And Wendy Tang was her best friend.

"When did you two get together?" Carla Luo gave at Wendy Tang a look of disbelief. "I trusted you so much. How could you do such a thing to me?"

"Why couldn't I?" Wendy Tang raised an eyebrow at her and scoffed in disdain, "Do you think that all the men in the world will be there to chase you? I've always liked Harden, but you never knew. You used to be a rich young lady, but you're only a part-time worker now. You act as if you're still more superior than I am. How dare you should so arrogant?"

Carla found it hard to process what she just said.

But Wendy Tang was telling the truth.

For the past year, the JY Group that belonged to the Luo family, had undergone many financial problems. Some time ago, her parents had gone abroad to negotiate a business transaction with foreign businessmen. However, their plane crashed and her parents died in the accident. From then on, Carla had to take over the JY Group.

She had just returned from her studies abroad and wasn't too familiar with the domestic laws or the business environment. Because of that, she left the company's affairs under Harden's leadership, just as Wendy had suggested.

It never occurred to her that her best friend and her boyfriend would have an affair!

A couple of months ago, Harden had even asked her to marry him.

"To be frank, Harden wanted to tell you the truth a long time ago, but I stopped him. I was afraid that you won't be able to accept it. Now that you've witnessed us getting it on, then I guess we don't have to explain anything else to you." Wendy Tang looked down at Carla victoriously and smirked. "If you are smart enough, you can leave quietly. Otherwise, the both of us will be embarrassed."

"This is my home. You should be the ones to leave, right now!" Carla pointed at the door in a furious rage.

Harden felt amused when he heard this. He gave Carla a disdainful look as he sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. He indifferently replied, "You're the one who should leave."

"What the hell are you talking about, Harden?"

The cold expression on his face made Carla feel strange. Harden was a very gentle man when they had first gotten to know each other, but it seemed that he had c

ompletely changed.

"Carla, if nothing's wrong with your brain, then you should remember that you already transferred the company and this house to me! I wanted you to stay here for a few more days, but I didn't expect you to be so blind!"

Carla felt her brain buzzing, she couldn't bear it.

She clearly remembered that she had only given him the position as the CEO and that she was still the owner of the company. She also clearly remembered that she didn't pledge this house to anyone else!


A few days ago, Harden had gotten a seal from her office.

No... She had signed a thick contract a few days ago as well.

"You cheated me and took away my company and my house..."

"Carla, whether you accept it or not, it's the truth. The only compensation I can give you is one hundred thousand. Think of it as a break-up fee! We'll meet in the company tomorrow. Just take the money and get out! Don't bother trying to gain support from the company's employees. Do you think they will believe a puppet's words?"


Carla finally realized how naive and stupid she was!

She had thought that since they were engaged, Harden would never betray her. She never expected for such a situation to ever happen.

How could she stay in such a messy room?

With great difficulty, Carla slowly walked towards the door and left the villa that belonged to the Luo Family. It was her childhood home.

It was already late at night and the wind outside was cold. Carla only wore thin layered clothes and she could feel the shivering breeze grazing her skin. She walked on the side of the road, filled with despair.

It suddenly began to drizzle. Carla wrapped her coat around her and sighed, tears streaming down her face.

How did this happen?

Why did the person that she loved do this to her?

The streets were empty and nobody else was in sight. Only the street lights were on, making her feel even lonelier.

When she returned from abroad, she decided to work part-time at a firm to familiarize herself with the domestic environment. Harden had been the one to give her this suggestion.

In her place, she gave him full authority to run the company. She would only return when the situation at the JY Group got better. Who would have thought that such a situation would happen?

She still remembered that when they had gotten engaged, her parents had complimented that she was lucky enough to meet such a good man. She had long regarded Harden as a member of her family.

'Oh, Carla, why are you so silly?'

Buzz! Buzz! Boom!

From a distance, Carla heard the roar of a sports car's engine getting closer and closer. She suddenly felt a gust of wind rush past her. When she looked back, she found that two cars had crashed into one another.

A few tires and car parts were scattered all over the ground and on the road. One of the two cars had crashed into a telephone pole. The other car had completely turned over and lay still on the roadside.

She saw a man jump out of the car that had hit the telephone pole. He didn't look like he was injured at all. He slowly walked towards the Porsche and took a good look at it before running away from the scene.

"Hey, you..." Carla wanted to stop him, but she was a little scared. What if he wanted to kill her? It was obvious that he would have to pay a lot of money for this tragic car accident!

After calming down, Carla rushed over to where the Porsche was.

Life was more important than anything else. It was impossible for her not to save the people inside that Porsche!

The impact was so severe that the car's gas tank began to leak.

The engine was still running, and if the parts collided with each other and produced a spark, then it would be extremely dangerous.

If she didn't pull the person out right now, the car could explode within a short period of time!

Time was running out!

"Hey! Wake up!"

In the driver's seat, she saw an unconscious man whose face was covered with blood.

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