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   Chapter 65 Something Is Wrong

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, But True Love By Meng Meng Characters: 10034

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Carl took a look at Jenifer and frowned when he saw that it was the woman he just threw out. Fortunately, Jenifer didn't stare at him this time. In fact, Jenifer didn't dare to look at him because she was guilty.

He looked at Cindy again and couldn't help being confused. 'These two women are really haunting me. They are chasing me!'

Ding, the elevator door opened. Carl took a step forward. Jenifer looked at his back and decided to follow him. It was too late for Cindy to pull her!

The figure suddenly stopped. Jenifer was stunned and quickly turned around, pretending to open the door next to her. But unfortunately, there was no door in front of her, only the wall. Jenifer could not help but pray in her heart that the man could not see.

The man didn't come over either. He opened his door and disappeared.

Cindy came over in a hurry and pulled Jenifer's sleeve. "Jenifer, what's wrong with you? He looks like the boss, but he is not. Don't act like this, or he will misunderstand you!"

"But, Cindy, don't you really think he looks like our boss?"

Cindy really felt very tired to chat with Jenifer now.

"Okay, okay. He is just like the boss. Is that okay?"

"Good job!"

Cindy didn't want to continue the topic. She pulled Jenifer and waited for the elevator. After a while, the elevator really came, and Kyler came with a room card. Coincidentally, the room that Bruce helped him ordered was also on this floor.

"Jenifer, let me take you to bed!"

"Is Cindy here?"

"Or what?"

Although Jenifer was drunk, judging from her vague memory, she knew that the house price here was very high for a night.

Jenifer pulled Cindy's hand and said, "Cindy, forget it, I can go back to my rental house by myself!"

"You look so drunk. How can I let you go back alone? Just take it as a comfort. I'll pay for your room this time!"

After that, Cindy took Jenifer to the reserved room.

Jenifer was half drunk and half awake, so she was dragged into her room by Cindy. Seeing that Jenifer didn't look good, Cindy cleaned Jenifer simply and put her on the bed. At first, Cindy wanted to stay and take care of Jenifer, but when she thought that she went out with Kyler today, she took up so much time of Kyler, and also troubled Bruce.

Moreover, there was another question that how to explain it to Jenifer tomorrow. It was better for her to run away first. When the time came, she would tell Jenifer that she was too drunk yesterday and ordered the wrong room. She didn't find anything wrong until she saw the money in her card in the morning. Anyway, in this way, Jenifer would be fine!

Cindy and Kyler looked at each other and left. She had to go back and explain to Bruce.

Before Cindy left, she called Jenifer several times, but Jenifer didn't respond at all.

After tucking Jenifer in, Cindy left.

After Cindy left for a while, in a daze, she heard a knock on the door. Jenifer felt a little dizzy and rubbed her head. She thought she had misheard, so s

ven redder, Carl thought something was wrong and quickly pulled his hand back.

But Jenifer was faster than him. Without the help of inertia, Jenifer leaned forward. Carl's face turned livid. He was a neat freak.

Seeing Carl like this, Jenifer couldn't help but step back, but Carl wouldn't let her go. He grabbed her arm and dragged her into his room. Yes, he dragged her in, and Jenifer was dragged in like a dog.

Turning on the light, Carl pulled off his coat and threw it on the ground. Jenifer shivered and wondered if she would have the same fate as his coat.

When Jenifer was thinking, Carl said, "Woman, who sent you here? Why are you following me all the time?"

Looking at Carl who was like a tyrant, Jenifer didn't dare to say that she wanted to satisfy her curiosity. She wanted to know whether he and Bruce, her boss, were in the same family. Why hadn't she known her boss had a brother?

Trembling with fear, Jenifer thought quickly and suddenly had an idea. "No one. I just want to see you a few more times because you are so handsome!"

Carl squinted his beautiful eyes and looked at Jenifer, as if he was thinking about the authenticity.

"Well, that's a reason!" Jenifer was going to show off for her wisdom, but there was an enlarged face in front of her. It was almost close to her, and Jenifer's heart beat faster.

The four eyes were so close that Jenifer couldn't help but sigh that there was such a handsome man, as if he was about to penetrate her heart. What Carl said next really penetrated her heart.

"But why did you call me a pervert at the door of the men's room? Didn't you say that you wanted to look at me a few more times?"

Then he pinched Jenifer's chin and said, "I think you have some other purpose to attract my attention. Tell me, who on earth are you? My patience is limited! "

Thinking about it carefully, Carl also felt that he was too patient with this woman today. He even asked her to come in and she vomited all over his body!

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