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   Chapter 64 Drunk Jenifer

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, But True Love By Meng Meng Characters: 10118

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The two of them drank one cup after another happily. While drinking, the two of them began to complain.

Jenifer said, "Cindy, what's wrong with me? I'm a good girl. Why does God still treat me like this? I'm so blind."

"Yes, you are so beautiful. That man is blind. That's because he is not lucky. But you did a great job today. You must be able to have a local hot search. By the way, let me show you!"

Cindy took out her phone and looked through it, "Oh, really! Let's see those two people. Piss them off!"

Jenifer raised her glass and drank another glass, "Really? But why am I not happy at all?"

"Jenifer, let's not talk about you anymore. You have been with that jerk for only one year. As for me, I have been with him since we were in college. But now, after we have been married for three years, he has also cheated on me, and he has cheated on my best friend. No, I always think she is my best friend!"

Cindy picked up another cup and drank, but there was no answer. She couldn't help feeling confused, when she looked up and found that there was no Jenifer. Jenifer stumbled to the bathroom.

Looking at the figure, Cindy was worried. She stood up and was about to chase after her, but she ran into a man's arms as soon as she stood up.

"Cindy!" Jeff looked at Cindy with a long face.

"Jeff, why are you here? I must be drunk and dreaming!" As she spoke, Cindy patted herself on the head.

"What? You don't know me after you scold me?"

She looked at Jeff and shook her head. "Humph! How can I not know you? Even if you turn into ash, I can recognize you. You bastard!"

Cindy pushed Jeff away with all his strength. At this time, Kyler couldn't sit still any longer. He stood up and walked over, protecting Cindy behind him. "Sir, please don't keep pestering this lady. If you continue to act like this, I have the right to call the police to solve this matter!"

Jeff then saw Kyler. He looked at Kyler and curled his lips. "What's wrong, Cindy? Is this your colleague?"

"Yes, no, No. he is my boyfriend!"

Cindy's sudden words shocked both Kyler and Jeff. The two of them were dumbfounded.

As for Cindy, she wanted to piss off Jeff and let him leave. Seeing that Kyler didn't move, Cindy pinched Kyler's arm quietly. Kyler reacted and said, "By the way, I'm Cindy's new boyfriend. Who are you? Don't badger here, okay? Leave now!"

"Wow, Cindy, you're so fast!"

"Humph, I'm not as fast as you!"

Cindy still glanced at the bathroom. It had been a long time, but why didn't Jenifer come out?

In the bathroom, Jenifer vomited for a long time. When she just finished the last mouthful, she washed her face and turned around. A tall man stood behind her and frowned at her.

Jenifer raised her head and fixed her eyes on him.

The man's facial features were as flawless as a piece of art, and his skin was smooth and fair. As for his figure. Not to mention the clothes were vivid because of his figure.

The man was more displeased to see Jenifer staring at him. He tur

or was the nearest choice.

At this moment, Cindy also felt that it would be great if she had her own shelter, but unfortunately she didn't!

Cindy and Jenifer went in. Although Carl Xia was a member of the Xia family, he was not interested in doing business. To put it bluntly, this time he came back was still because of his father. For the matter of Jane, his father asked him to come back and keep an eye on Jane and Bruce and prevented it from being a big deal, especially if Bruce really didn't want to have Jane, Carl Xia would try to bring Jane, and didn't ruin the harmony between the two families.

Cindy and Jenifer also followed in. Jenifer and Cindy didn't bring their ID cards. Kyler winked at Cindy, and Cindy understood. Cindy took Jenifer there, saying that they were waiting for Kyler to go through the formalities. At this moment, Jenifer was focused on the person who looked like the boss.

So she dragged Cindy to follow him quietly. Although Cindy felt boring, she had to follow him.

Kyler understood what Cindy meant and called Bruce. After a while, the receptionist gave Kyler a room card. Kyler thanked and went to chase them.

Where were Cindy and Jenifer now?

The elevator came a little slowly. As soon as Carl Xia entered the elevator, the door closed when Jenifer and Cindy were about to catch up.

Jenifer was depressed. The door opened again. It turned out that Carl Xia pushed the elevator open again when he saw figures coming.

Seeing that the opportunity had come, Jenifer hurriedly got into the elevator. Cindy had no choice but to follow and close the door. So after the miserable Kyler came, he could only watch the elevator go. He must wait for the next one. He looked at the room card in his hand and didn't know which floor they had gone to, so he had to call Cindy.

Cindy told Kyler the floor number. After Jenifer and Cindy came up, they didn't press the elevator button at all. They could only follow the floor Carl Xia pressed, which was the top floor!

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