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   Chapter 63 Scumbag and Slut

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, But True Love By Meng Meng Characters: 9937

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Ruby moved closer to Frank and glanced at Jenifer with disdain.

Jenifer couldn't help but feel disgusted. How she could know such a woman? Seeing that Frank didn't move, Jenifer felt so angry that she pressed Frank on the bed.

"Ruby, put on a coquettish look. I'm here to take a photo of you. Don't forget that I'm good at taking photos. Although the photos can't be the headline, they can still give you good luck. By the way, it must be good to post them on the university forum."

Gritting his teeth and seeing that Frank was still in a daze, Ruby was furious and kicked Frank.

"Ah, Ruby, why did you kick me?" How could Ruby know how Frank was going to explain it to Jenifer? He didn't hear what the two men said at all.

Ruby was about to get up, but Jenifer had already walked to the door and shouted in the corridor, "Don't miss it. There's an exciting show. Watch it for free. And you can make the videotape!"

Most people were at home at night. There were three families on this floor. Jenifer was quarreling, and the two families came out. Around seven people surrounded the door of Jenifer and looked inside.

Frank then realized that he should take the clothes, but the clothes were taken out by Jenifer, so Frank and Ruby could only get closer.

The neighbors began to talk about it. And some of them even went upstairs and downstairs to publicize it.

The more people gathered, the more embarrassed Frank became. With a red face, he said, "Jenifer, please give us the clothes of Ruby and me!"

Ruby also echoed, "Good Jenifer. We are good friends, aren't we?"

Hearing this, Jenifer was stunned. Yes, this was her good friend. Looking at the pile of clothes, Jenifer picked them up and walked to the window, throwing them all down.

"Now I don't have anything of you. Good friends, you should exercise hard and go downstairs. By the way, Frank must have a car. You can go in the car. It's popular."

Frank's face was as red as a tomato, and Ruby glared at Jenifer. The discussion at the door was getting louder and louder.

Frank had no choice but to cover himself and Ruby with the quilt and get up.

Ruby also casually pulled up Jenifer's bed sheet, and the two of them almost completely clung to each other.

With a swipe, the two stood up, wrapped in bed sheet and quilt, and rushed to the door.

"I didn't expect you two to like my bed sheet and quilt so much. I'll give those to you as a friend and it's convenient for you to use it at any time. But don't come to my house to do sports in the future. It's disgusting."

Hearing this, Frank stopped, but Ruby didn't notice that the bed fell down a lot in one direction. She was shocked and pulled Frank away.

Watching the two walk away, the neighbors hissed.

A woman next door looked at Jenifer and said, "Girl, come on in. If you want to cry, just cry!"

And then she shouted to the neighbors, "You can leave now."

The neighbors left one after another. She patt

ting herself. In the past, Cindy had never said that. But Jenifer just couldn't smile.

"Little dimples and long eyelashes..." The familiar melody rang. Jenifer looked at the caller ID and hung up.

The caller didn't give up and called again. For the third time, Cindy picked up the phone and threw it to Jenifer

"Jenifer, you finally answered the phone. Where are you? I'll pick you up? I really didn't mean it. It was a mistake. I can explain everything that happened today."

After hearing that, Jenifer snorted coldly, "If you have nothing else to say, I'll hang up. By the way, you shouldn't be spending the good night with Ruby now. Wish you a happy couple. A scumbag and a slut. Oh, by the way, I have a more handsome man. Say something to him personally!"

Jenifer reached out the phone. Seeing this, Cindy winked at Lee. Lee's eyes twitched, but he still agreed, "Okay, good girl. I'm driving!"

Not knowing what the person on the other end of the line said, Jenifer said very hard to the phone, "Goodbye!" Then she hung up the phone. After hanging up the phone, the first thing Jenifer did was to blacklist him and change the ringtone. After that, Jenifer should be very happy, but she couldn't help crying.

Looking at Jenifer's sad face, Cindy couldn't help but feel sorry for Jenifer. "Don't cry. Crying is the most useless thing in the world. Let's get so drunk today!"

In this case, Jenifer could only nod.

Lee parked the car at the gate of the bar. It was Cindy's favorite place to come before. But after living in the Xia Family, she never came again because she had no time!

After entering the room, Cindy chose a seat. Jenifer and Lee also came in. Lee looked inside. To be honest, he didn't like this place.

But he couldn't let these two people stay here alone. The boss asked him to send Cindy back.

Seeing that Jenifer was in low spirits, Cindy shook her head and said, "Well, Jenifer, don't think about them anymore. Let's drink!"

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