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   Chapter 62 Cooperation

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, But True Love By Meng Meng Characters: 9649

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After walking around the corner and entering the elevator, Cindy looked at herself in the elevator. Today, she finally didn't feel heartbroken. She thought, 'Cindy, you should just do this. Jeff is in the past. After you see his real face clearly, don't be sad for him anymore!'!

Jane, who had been watching aside, found that she had a chance. She immediately stepped forward and stopped the disappointed Jeff, "Wait, sir!"

Jeff turned around and saw a young woman calling him. He was confused. He didn't know anyone in the Xia Group.

"Are you calling me?"

Jane smiled, "Yes, it's me. Sir, do you have time? I have something to tell you!"

Jeff looked Jane up and down. Her dress was expensive. He knew that this woman was not simple.

"I don't know what it is. There is no some time!"

"I'm sure you'll be interested in it. It has something to do with Cindy who you just talked with. What's more, what I'll bring to you will definitely be more benefits than what she brings to you!"


"You don't believe me?"

"Let's talk about it deeply!"

"Okay, let's go to the cafe and have a talk!"


At the same time, Cindy had returned to the design team. The second before she walked out of the elevator, she cheered herself up secretly. With a tinkle, the elevator opened. She walked out with a big smile, full of vital energy.

As soon as Cindy returned to her seat, Jenifer came over. Apparently, she was very excited.

Looking at Jenifer, Cindy asked in confusion, "What's wrong? You are so happy today. Did you find the money?"

"It's greater than finding money!"

"Then what happened?"

"Cindy, let me tell you something. Today, I want to invite you to my house!"

"To your house?"


"Why do you suddenly want me to be your guest?"

Jenifer's fingers circled around for a while. Under the gaze of Cindy, she said, "Today is the 1st anniversary anniversary of my boyfriend and me, so I want you to attend it. I also called my good friends. Among these colleagues, only you and I are congenial to each other, so I just want to invite you!"

Cindy had just finished talking with her ex-husband. When she heard Jenifer's words about the 1st anniversary anniversary, she was very happy. "Okay, I will go, but I may be a little late. I have something to deal with at home!"

"Well, it's okay. As long as you are willing to come, it's already a good thing!" After saying that, Jenifer smiled brightly.

Cindy thought of himself and felt lucky that Jenifer was not her.

At the thought of Jeff, Cindy felt regretful.

Jeff was chatting with Jane when he suddenly sneezed.

"Are you okay?"

Jane stretched out her slender hand and handed the tissue to Jeff. Jeff quickly took the tissue and thanked Jane before wiping his mouth.

"I haven't asked you yet. What's your name, sir?"

Jeff took the tissue away from his

versary of Frank Wang and me!'!

"Forget it. I'll stop waiting for her, she will call me if she can't find!" After saying that, Jenifer put all her things in her bag and went downstairs!

In the taxi, looking at the phone screen, Jenifer was eager to return. Unfortunately, she couldn't get through to Frank Wang, but Ruby Li sent a message that she was at her house's door.

It was a bumpy journey. When she finally arrived, she looked up and found that the light of her house was on. Was Frank Wang at home? Hurry up!

She rushed upstairs, but there was no one at the door, so she guessed that Ruby Li must be in the room. Jenifer took out her key to open the door, but it was strange that no one came out when she opened the door so loudly?

Wait, what was the noise in the bedroom? Was it a thief? She couldn't just take nothing. A mop was right. A mop was right.

She tiptoed to the bedroom door and opened a crack. Something was wriggling on the bed.

"How dare you sleep in my bed? Are you out of your mind?"

After saying that, Jenifer hit it with mop.

"Who? It hurts!"

The object on the bed suddenly became higher, but Jenifer panicked as soon as she heard the voice. It was clearly Frank Wang.

"Bang!" the mop was thrown away. The man on the bed was about to get up when he saw Jenifer, but the woman under him pulled him. "Frank, don't move. It's cold outside. I'm naked!"

When Jenifer heard it was Ruby Li, she was so angry that she pulled the quilt and saw Ruby Li's ruddy face.

Before Ruby Li could react, Jenifer slapped Ruby Li. Frank Wang was stunned. Jenifer had never been so angry before.

But the next second, Frank Wang was also slapped.

"Are you happy? Do you want to do it again? I think you are very happy. The door is open. Come on. "

Ruby Li's face turned red. She pointed at Jenifer and said, "You, you, Jenifer, how can you do this? Frank and I are sincere!"

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