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   Chapter 61 Strike First

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Jane was so angry that she had to poke her rice with chopsticks. Seeing this, Bruce said kindly, "The rice is for eating, not for poking. If it's broken, it's not good to eat it!"

Hearing that, Jane was stunned for a while, but she immediately responded, "Yes, Brucie is right. I know!"

After saying that, she slowly put her rice into her mouth.

Jane was in the sulks. After dinner, it seemed that there was no reason for her to stay here anymore. Angela didn't like her, and Cindy had to help Angela wash up. After that, Angela had to go to bed early.

"Brucie, since Angela is still very busy and she is taken care of by Cindy, it's not good for me to stay here. I'm leaving now!"


Bruce said carelessly, but Jane pouted and felt a little aggrieved. "Brucie, I don't have a car. You have to send me back!"

"Oh, I see. You should tell me early. I will ask someone to

l spend money, aren't you? It's my duty to spend money on this matter. After all, there are many people who need to be taken care of. You don't have much salary, so I can pay for it! "

Hearing this, Cindy smiled awkwardly, "Jeff, you misunderstood me. I never said that I would help you. You have Lina, right? What are you afraid of? If you ask her to help, her group won't be able to take over?"


"Besides, we have divorced. I hope you won't badger me anymore. My name is Cindy Cheng. Don't call me Cindy. You don't deserve it!"

Jeff's face turned ghastly pale. He looked at Cindy and had an indescribable feeling. It was not until Cindy left that Jeff cursed, "You bitch!"

He didn't expect that Cindy would refuse him with all her sincerity today. He had come to show weakness to her and make up with her. He couldn't figure out why she didn't accept his suggestion.

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