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   Chapter 53 Helplessness

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In the corner, Jane gave some food to the waiter, and she was watching the drama with a glass of wine in her hand.

The socialite divas who were chatting with her also left and went to Cindy to watch the fun.

It was really nice to stay out of the matter and watch the person she wanted to make fool of looking bad. Moreover, she was just a public relation. How could she stand by the side of Bruce?

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Jane took a sip of the wine in her glass. Now she just waited for these people to peel off the layers of Cindy, so that she could pretend to be a good person when Bruce appeared, and then tell everyone that she, Bruce's real girlfriend, had come back.

Moreover, if Cindy was disliked by everyone, Bruce would definitely feel ashamed and choose to turn a blind eye to it. And then she would have a suitable reason to appear in public. As for Cindy, she was just a public relation.

Jane had a good plan. She even said that everything went as she expected. One of them even poured a glass of wine at Cindy and cursed that she was the reincarnation of a tramp.

At this moment, Cindy felt an unprecedented grievance. This was the first time that she had been treated like this. Even when Jeff and Lina were together, she was not like this. She didn't treat Lina like this either.

But she didn't do anything. How could this be?

Some people began to scold Cindy, trying to drive her out and say that she was not qualified to attend the banquet as a worker.

All the people pointed their fingers at a strange person in their eyes. She was not in their social circle, and she did not know them. Therefore, it seemed that it was natural for her to be treated like this!

Everyone forgot that Cindy was a victim, a person who had been splashed with two glasses of red wine and needed to change into a formal dress.

Cindy could only hear the curses of everyone. She couldn't see her breakthrough, and a sense of helplessness swept over her whole body.

She had thought that she would be strong after what happened to Jeff and her, but she found that she was wrong, completely wrong and boundless. She was still the same Cindy.

Something happened in the banquet hall all of a sudden, so someone went to report it to the host. Especially this female companion, when she entered the hall, everyone saw clearly that it was Bruce who brought her here.

Bruce and the host of the banquet were now together. The person who went to report the news saw that Bruce was talking with that person. And then he naturally told Bruce that he was the one who was surrounded and criticized was brought by him.

When Bruce heard that his man were embarrassed by others, he didn't delay at all. He walked over with the party host and several business men.


bout Bruce, it was abnormal just now.

Bruce had brought some female employees with him before, but he wouldn't deal with the trouble for them. It was all their own business. In Bruce's words, if his employee couldn't deal with such a thing, how could he continue to work in the Xia Group? It was abnormal for him today.

Because of the departure of Bruce and Cindy, it was not appropriate for the party to go on. The organizers could only apologize to everyone with regret, and the party ended ahead of time.

It was also a disappointment. These people also left, but Jane still stood there. She knew that someone else had something to talk to her.

"Uncle!" Seeing Kyler coming over, Jane greeted him respectfully.

Kyler nodded slightly and pointed to the chair beside him, "Sit down!"

Jane rolled up her dress and sat down as he said.

"Didn't Bruce see you today?"

"I haven't seen him yet. I'll go to his company to find him. It's a surprise for him!"

"Your father and I are old friends, and I have watched you grow up. Your parents have emigrated abroad. As an elder, I naturally have to help you. Today's banquet, I originally wanted to let you and Bruce resume your relationship, but I didn't expect it to be like this. You are too anxious!"

Of course, Jane knew what Kyler meant. He just wanted to find out whether she was behind all this?

"Uncle, you misunderstood. They quarreled with each other. How could I be hostile to the people brought by Bruce?"

Jane said sincerely, just as what she had said to Cindy. But not everyone was like Cindy, especially Kyler. He was very clear about the relationship between Jane and Bruce, so Jane's words were not credible at all.

"What are you going to do in the future?"

"I will stay here to see Bruce. We are not young anymore!"

"Don't you mind what happened in the past at all?"

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