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   Chapter 26 Attending the Parent-child Activity

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This was the first time that Cindy had come to his study since she had been in this house for a long time. His study was different from what Cindy had imagined. It was very clean, tidy and big. There was a big desk in it, but it was not the kind that she often saw in TV plays or novels, in which the study usually had a bookshelf on the wall.

There was only something similar to a small bookcase, with a few books in the transparent glass cabinet.

Bruce had been looking at Cindy all the time, so he noticed every move of her. He saw the curious look in her eyes and the change of her expression.

"Have you seen enough?"

Cindy was taken aback by his sudden voice. When she realized what had happened, she immediately calmed down.

"Mr. Bruce, I'm sorry!"

"I don't want to listen to these useless words. Just tell me!"

Cindy was used to the way he spoke. And now she completely calmed down.

"Mr. Bruce, Angela's parent-child activity is on this Friday. I think you should go!"

"That's the day after tomorrow. How long will it last?"

Cindy pinched her hand and said with difficulty, "The whole day!"

As expected, Bruce frowned at this time.

Cindy knew that Bruce had no free time. However, the matter of children was also important. Just as the teacher said, children should not be absent from education, and children's childhood was also like this.

"Mr. Bruce, have you ever attended Angela's parent's meeting at school?"

Bruce frowned but nodded slightly.

"Mr. Bruce, the teacher doesn't know the parent of Angela?"

He nodded again, "I've told the principal that the parents of Angela are confidential!"

Although the kindergarten was either rich or powerful, Bruce still thought it was better not to expose the identity of Angela.

"So, Mr. Bruce, do you think this is the best for Angela?"

Bruce didn't deny what she said, "In my opinion, this is the best!"

"But there are many things that can be absent, but the child's growth should not be absent. Angela gets only one childhood, and the child's growth can only be experienced once. A good childhood is not only about material, but also needs spirit!"

Bruce just listened to Cindy without saying anything.

"Mr. Bruce, I know you have a lot of things to do, but do you know what happened to Angela since she went to the kindergarten?"

"Angela will tell me everything!"

"Do you know how their school held parent-child activities and how Angela attended them?"

Obviously, Bruce was more displeased with her questions, and he frowned more.

"I know Angela's parent-child activity. It used to be attended with those who took care of her. How could it be wrong? Angela said it was good every time, and those people also said it was good!"

Hearing this, Cindy sneered, "Well. Every time Angela takes part in the activity, she is sitting in the corner alone, and the aunts accompanying her also don't care about her. And other children are all smiling. Only Angela is disappointed. Do you know that? Can you imagine that such a young child has to face the surprised eyes of other children alone?"

Bruce heard what she said, but he didn't answer. He still frowned and listened calmly.

It seemed that Bruce wouldn't change his mind. She felt that she met a wooden man who couldn't understand her words and couldn't speak. However, she couldn't be angry at him.

She suppressed her dissatisfaction and said in a soft tone, "Mr. Bruce, I know you love Angela very much and want to take good care of her, but you don't even attend the basic activities of school. In the future, she will go to primary school and college. There will be more and more activities in the school. Will she tell you about these? As time goes by, she will feel that you don't care about everything she does at school. She will feel that you don't like what she does at school!"

Bruce was still listening calmly. At first, Cindy's tone was soft. And now it had become angry. She felt that if she were the mother of Angela, she would definitely scold Bruce. The child needed a lot. Could it be just that there was a good caregiver and good material conditions?

Thinking of this, Cindy said again, "Mr. Bruce, some things can only be done by the parents themselves, and others can't replace them, and they can't be replaced either. I think you don't want Angela think that you don't care about her an

d don't like her, do you?"

Cindy thought that Bruce would at least say something when she said these. She thought he didn't want Angela to leave a bad impression on him, but she was wrong again.

He was still the same. At this time, she didn't want to persuade him anymore, but just left a sentence, "Mr. Bruce, I've said everything I should say. It's your own business whether to go or not. I'll go with Angela, but I don't know if she likes me to go with her. I don't know. Parent-child activities of the school and parents taking children to the amusement park are totally different. The activity will begin at nine o'clock in the morning of this Friday. It's your freedom whether you go or not. I have no right to interfere. That's all. Mr. Bruce, you are busy. I won't disturb you! "

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

However, Bruce said, "Stop!"

She stopped, turned around and looked at him.

He stood up, squinted his eyes and looked at Cindy carefully. At this moment, Cindy began to regret. She seemed to be a little impulsive. Why did she act on impulse?

He walked towards her. Although there was no anger in his eyes, he didn't look good.

Cindy tried her best to calm herself down.

He walked close to her, looked at her and smiled, "Miss Cindy was just talking fervently. Why don't you say anything now?"

"Because I have finished what I should say!" After saying that, Cindy felt that her attitude was not good, but she couldn't take back what she had said.

"Miss Cindy, you really let me look at you with new eyes!"

Cindy didn't know what he meant, so she chose not to answer.

"Miss Cindy, what you said today..."

Bruce stopped talking. Looking at him, Cindy thought he seemed to have something to say. Looking at his eyes, she couldn't stand it anymore.

She didn't look at him. Instead, she summoned her courage to say, "Mr. Bruce, if you want to fire me because of this matter, I have nothing to say. Just fire me. I don't regret it. But, I hope you can take part in more of Angela's activities!"

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave, not looking at him.

"Are you leaving so soon?"

"Or what?" After a pause, she continued, "I will pay back the money I owe you. Please send me your card number, and tomorrow, I will pack up my things and leave before Angela gets up!"

This time, Cindy went all out. It was just a job. At the worst, she could find another one. It would be great if Bruce could accompany Angela to attend an activity!

Seeing that Cindy had twisted the doorknob, Bruce said again, "Miss Cindy, this is the way you persuade people. I have to say that you are too failed!"

"Yes, I admit that I failed, but I have said what I want to say. I don't regret it. As for Angela, she is your daughter. What you want to do has nothing to do with me!"

"You can't make it if you do things like this."

His tone was as cold as ice. Hearing that, Cindy felt a chill down her spine, but she didn't show any cowardice. "Mr. Bruce, I know I can't make it. I'm a loser, but you don't have to worry about me!"

"So, you haven't thought about why you have a failed marriage."

His question caught Cindy off guard. Her face darkened. "Bruce, my marriage is my own business. I don't need your advice!"

"Likewise, I hope you can remember what happened between me and Angela. You just need to be good to her. You don't need to teach me anything else. Besides, your words are not perfect!"

After saying that, Bruce sat back on his chair. Looking at him, Cindy found that the topic of marriage had touched her scales.

"Well, I'll take part in the parent-child activity. Miss Cindy, I hope you can take back your words. You take care of her, and I'm very satisfied with it. From now on, just do your own job. I pretended not to hear what you said just now. I'll reflect on the education method. I'll try my best to take part in the school's activities. Now, you can leave!"

After saying that, he picked up the folder that he closed when Cindy came in.

Cindy looked at Bruce, who was busy with his work again. The line of his face was tight, and there was no sign of loosening. It seemed that she had never been here before, but her heart had a great fluctuation. Jeff came to her mind again. She didn't want to think about it these days, but now he brought it up again.

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