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   Chapter 25 You Are Pressing on My Arm

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After saying that, she changed her sleeping position. Bruce's hand was directly pressed under her head. Cindy used a lot of strength. Bruce was pulled by her and leaned against her.

Her breath could be heard clearly. And he felt that she had a lemon fragrance on her body.

Although Cindy was sleeping soundly, she seemed to feel uncomfortable. She stretched out her hand. And then she woke up, because she felt there was something on her face.

She stretched out her hand and scratched. How could it be fluffy?

She opened her eyes curiously. She vaguely saw a person.

She was not sure and checked again. This time, her sense had completely come back.

Her eyes widened. Was the man in front of her Bruce?

She spoke incoherently, "Mr. Bruce!"

In fact, what she really wanted to say was, "Mr. Bruce, why are you so close to me?"

Seeing that she spoke so loudly, Bruce covered her mouth with one hand, because the other hand was pressed by her. In this way, he leaned forward again. The distance between them was really close.

Cindy's mouth was covered, so she could only shake her head. Bruce looked at her and said, "Angela is asleep!"

Cindy took a look at Angela and then remembered that she had fallen asleep in Angela's room today. Angela was still sleeping, so she couldn't wake her up.

Seeing that Cindy understood what he meant, Bruce released his hand.

Cindy's mouth was covered, so she couldn't breathe smoothly. Now that his hand was released, she had to breathe heavily. Moreover, Bruce was so close to her, and he also had a unique charm. Even if she got married and then got divorced, the charm still attracted her. Only in this way could she hide her nervousness.

Bruce didn't know what was on Cindy's mind, and he didn't go deep into it. He just looked at his arm, which was pressed by Cindy.

Cindy was speechless. Why was Bruce so close to him? Why was he still looking at her? Was there a flower on her head?

She couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Bruce, why are you so close to me? What's wrong with me? Why are you looking at me like this?"

Bruce really wanted to curse, but he controlled his temper and raised the corners of his eyes.

However, Cindy didn't know what he wanted to do. Instead, she kept staring at Bruce, as if he had done something he shouldn't have done.

"You're pressing my arm!"

Hearing what Bruce said, Cindy seemed to be shocked. Indeed, there seemed to be something on her neck.

She immediately raised her head. But she moved in the wrong direction and bumped into Bruce's nose. Bruce hadn't taken his hand out yet, so they bumped into each other.

As a result, Bruce's nose ached. Cindy also ached.

Bruce's face suddenly changed. He had worked overtime for the whole night and came back in the evening. He was really going to go crazy!

Cindy rubbed her face and then thought of Bruce. It seemed that she had just hit him more painful, and she had pressed his arm. Thinking of this, she was confused. Why was his arm under her neck?

Cindy raised her head and wanted to make it clear, but when she saw the expression on his face, she really didn't dare to ask. The words on her lips changed, "Mr. Bruce, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!"

Bruce didn't answer, and Cindy pointed at her face and said, "Mr. Bruce, the effect of strength is mutual. It hurts both of us!"

Bruce's face darkened because of her words. Cindy had no choice now. What else could she say? Was he angry that she hit him?

Cindy suddenly thought of something. 'Did he have a nose job? Was he afraid that he would break it?'

Thinking of this, she covered her face in a hurry and said, "Mr. Bruce, I didn't mean to do that. I won't tell anyone else. If there is anything that needs compensation, I will compensate you!"

Looking at Cindy who was covering her face with her hand and saying something inexplicably, Bruce was speechless and his face completely darkened. What was she talking about? He did have a nose pain just now. But because of Cindy, he was too embarrassed to rub his arm. But what did this woman mean?

He didn't want to see her for a moment. He said coldly, "Angela is asleep. Don't accompany her any more. Just let her sleep alone. You will frighten her. You can leave now!"

Hearing he said she could leave now, she seemed to be granted an amnesty. She quickly stood up and ran as fast as she could.

It was not until she walked out of the door that she realized something was wrong with what he said just now. What did he mean by saying that Angela would be frightened by her? How could she scare Angela?

Although she was unhappy, she didn't have the courage to go in and

ask him. His face was a little scary.

Inside the door, looking at the closed door, Bruce's black face finally softened. "She is so stupid. Will Angela be affected? I really don't know what she is thinking all day long?"

Bruce bent down and looked at Angela. Fortunately, she had fallen asleep at this time. He breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they didn't wake up her.

Bruce slowly turned off the light and pulled the quilt before leaving the room.

However, as soon as he walked out of the room, he found that Cindy still didn't leave.

Now that they were not in the room, Bruce didn't have to keep his voice down. Looking at Cindy, he said, "What's up?"

"Mr. Bruce, do you remember what I told you on the phone this afternoon?"

"About the activity?"


"Let's talk about it tomorrow. I'll try to come back early tomorrow night!"

After saying that, Bruce left. Looking at his back, Cindy stuck out her tongue, and she could do nothing else.

What else could she do? The employer was going to rest now. She couldn't catch up with him and let him stop and listen to her nagging, could she?

Perhaps it was because she was too tired for the whole day, or perhaps it was because she was already sleepy. When she returned to her room, she fell asleep. She had a good night's sleep.

Yesterday, Bruce said that he would come back early today. So Cindy and Angela had been waiting for him. If he didn't come back, they wouldn't have dinner.

However, it was getting dark, but he still didn't come back. The old housekeeper was naturally worried about Angela's health, so he reminded Cindy, "Miss Cindy, Miss Angela's health is most important. In the past, when the boss didn't come back at this time, Miss Angela had dinner first. Shouldn't you let Miss Angela have dinner first?"

Cindy didn't feel hungry now, but the butler was right. Angela was a child and she needed a good rest.

"Angela, you should eat first. You should eat on time, or you will not be tall!"

Angela was always listening to Cindy, but things didn't go well today. Angela was watching the most wonderful part of the cartoon, so she didn't want to put down her phone for dinner. Bruce never allowed Angela to hold her phone and watch while eating.

Looking at Angela with the phone in her hand, Cindy couldn't grab it by force. What Angela saw was exactly the wonderful part, so she had to say sorry to the Butler, but the Butler didn't mean to leave at all. He stood there to look at Angela and let her have dinner first.

Cindy had no choice but to call Bruce first and ask when he would go home. Unexpectedly, Cindy thought that Bruce would be back very late, but he said that he would be back soon.

When she knew that Bruce would be back soon, she hung up the phone. Looking at Angela who was still watching TV, she told Angela her Dad would be back soon.

Hearing that her father was coming back soon, Angela was on the alert, but she didn't want to put down her phone.

Looking at the way Angela held her phone, Cindy felt Angela was like a chicken protecting its food.

She rubbed Angela's head and said, "Well, let's watch it for a while. Just for a while!"

Hearing that, Angela was naturally happy. She was satisfied, and the corners of her mouth were curved. Looking at Angela, Cindy was also affected. It was true that children were the easiest to be satisfied. They would be so happy even if they watched TV more.

Cindy didn't look at Angela anymore. Instead, she went to ask the old housekeeper if there was anything she didn't know. After all, she hadn't been here for a long time and hadn't asked the things about Bruce carefully. Today, she felt that she should know what kind of rule Bruce had and she should be responsible for it.

Hearing her question, the old butler thought for a long time and said, "Mr. Bruce has only two taboos. One is that no one is allowed to hurt Miss Angela. The other is that he doesn't like others to deceive him. He hates deception most!"

When Cindy was about to say thanks to the old butler, Bruce came back.

After dinner, as usual, she accompanied Angela. It was not until Angela was tired and fell asleep that she went to see Bruce.

At this time, Bruce was still working. She had planned to go straight to the study to find him, but she thought it was not appropriate, so she had to call him first. With the permission of him, she went to the study.

In the study, Bruce was busy sorting out the newly received design drafts. There was a knock at the door, and he knew that it was Cindy.

He closed the folder in his hand. With Bruce's permission, Cindy walked into the study.

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