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   Chapter 23 Kindergarten

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Cindy thought she would sleep for a long time, but she found herself wrong. She just slept for a while and then woke up. Why?

Because she couldn't fall asleep at all. She tossed and turned, and everything that had happened these days was replayed in her mind like a movie.

She couldn't figure it out. Wasn't it good for her to be a housewife? Why did Jeff cheat on her? And why did they come to this point? It was not that she was hypocritical, but that she really felt that she had done so much. This result was very unworthy, but how could it be worth in the world?

When she finally fell asleep, there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and knew it was noon. It was time for lunch. She was a little curious. Bruce didn't go home, and Angela didn't have lunch at home either. She had planned to order a take out at noon. Why was there lunch at noon?

It could only be said that what she thought was too simple. Even if the master was not at home, there were so many people in the house. They would have lunch. And the standard was not low.

While eating, she suddenly felt that it was lucky to have such a domineering Bruce as her boss. Although he was a little domineering, the salary was considerable!

After dinner, her sleepiness was also disturbed. What should she do? It would take a long time for Angela to finish school. If she went to sleep, she knew that she would probably not be able to fall asleep.

After thinking for a while, she finally went to the kitchen. She felt that the food was really good. She wanted to learn something about cooking, and maybe she would use it in the future.

She went to the kitchen and walked around. Because of what happened last time, no one asked her to do anything. Helplessly, she had to leave again and went back to her room. Looking at the lawn outside the room, she was in a daze.

Perhaps it was because the house was too big, or perhaps it was because she had nothing to do, she had a feeling that she and these people were locked in a big cage. She was like a bird, singing lonely in this cage.

But the next moment, she felt that she was just a bee busy making a nest and could only fly here and there.

It was always said that a quiet environment was easy to be sad, and being alone was easy to make one's thoughts active, and if one's thoughts were active, they would be woolgathering. It was the most suitable sentence to use on her!

When she stayed alone, she always had a myriad of thoughts in her mind. In the past, she was better, but later, her thoughts became more and more chaotic, and she would directly think about something else!

She wanted to force herself not to think about those sad things, but those thoughts would always jump out. When she played with her mobile phone, she would think that she didn't have many contacts, and even her parents, she couldn't contact them now.

Watching TV always reminded her of her current life when she saw other people's happy life.

She simply threw away everything and began to count the stars with her eyes closed. This was the best hypnotist to make people sleep since ancient times.

At the same time, in the Xia Group, Bruce was in a bad mood when he saw the things from his secretary. The Xia family had a wide range of industries, and now they were going to create their own brand.

Bruce was strict with all the things of his company. He created a new brand this time in order to enter a new industry.

The Xia Group was of great importance. In addition, with Bruce, the strict host, the Xia Group had been flourishing all these years.

Bruce wanted to make a splash in the new industry. As a result, he wanted the best designers. Bruce's network was very complicated, and those people had already introduced talents to the company. He had asked his secretary to issue an advertisement, and there were many people who came. In addition, his original designer team was very good.

However, this time, he really met a big nail on the head. The design drafts brought by the Secretary and those handed over by the applicants were not good. And he was dissatisfied with all of them.

It was not that he had too high requirements, but this time, the brand he mainly launched was completely different from the design ideas of these designers. Anyway, they could not reach the standard of Bruce.

However, this time, the design was the most important thing, and he needed more than one design. The secretary was annoyed, and Bruce was even more annoyed. So he sent back a pile of documents and design drafts.

It seemed that he had to work o

vertime today!

Thinking of this, Bruce turned on his laptop and skillfully pressed on it. Not long after, a picture appeared. It was his home.

He had installed a pinhole camera in his house. He wanted to see Angela, but he couldn't find her when he went to her room and her toy room.

He looked at his phone. At this time, Angela should have gone back as usual. But why hadn't she gone back yet?

He picked up his phone and called Cindy, but no one answered.

He called her three times in a row, which had already exceeded his limit. To his surprise, she still didn't answer the phone, so he had to call the driver.

After the phone was connected, the driver told Bruce that Cindy had already picked up Angela in the kindergarten, but she hadn't come out yet. After entering the kindergarten, Cindy called him, saying that the teacher had something to talk with the parents of Angela.

Bruce knew that Angela was fine. He told the driver to ask Cindy to call him after she picked up Angela. Then he hung up the phone. What happened last time made him afraid. Looking at the laptop in front of him, he closed the laptop and walked to the window. It was destined to be another overtime night!

In the kindergarten, Cindy was talking with the teacher of Angela. It was the first time that Angela had been left.

There was only Angela left in the classroom. The teacher looked at Cindy and asked doubtfully, "Are you the new guardian of Angela?"

"I'm not her guardian. I only take care of her. Her guardian didn't come. I'm just responsible for picking up Angela from school!"

The teacher nodded, "Angela is very obedient at school and studies very well!"

"Yes, I know. Angela likes to listen to stories at home!"

Cindy looked at Angela, and Angela was also smiling at her. Cindy was very happy at this moment. It seemed that Angela was her own child, and she had a happy feeling in her heart.

"But I have something to tell her guardian. Can I?"

"Well, you can tell me first, I will tell her Guardian!"

The teacher's face showed embarrassment. "Here's the thing. Since Angela went to the kindergarten, I haven't seen her parents. We have a parent's meeting this week, and there will be parent-child games at that time. But in the past, her guardian has never come here. Angela just sat alone in the corner and watch. And I found that the person who took care of her had been changing all the time."

"Well, it's true. I know. I will contact her guardian to see if he will come!"

The teacher looked at Angela again and said, "Angela is a very lively and lovely child. I think her parents must love her very much, but they are busy at work, and they shouldn't be absent from the education of the child. It's too late to regret in the future!"

"Don't worry. Her father always cares about Angela, but he is really busy. I will tell him about this!"

"Well, that's good. Most parents of the children in this kindergarten are very busy, but such a large-scale personal activity needs them to take time to come, or let people close to the children come. I think the relationship between Angela and you is much better than the people before. She seems to be willing to trust you. You can discuss with her guardian. If he can come, it will be best. If he can't, you can come with Angela. As a teacher, I hope that every child's childhood is wonderful!"

Cindy nodded repeatedly, "Yes, I will. If you have any problem in the future, you can call me directly. I have been taking care of Angela!"

"Okay, you can leave a phone number for me. I don't have the phone number of her parents here. In such a situation today, I can only leave Angela alone to see you!"

After saying that, the teacher took a notebook and a pen and handed them to Cindy.

Cindy took the pen with both hands and quickly wrote down a series of numbers and her name on the notebook.

The teacher took the notebook and looked at the beautiful words on it. "Miss Cindy, it's very happy to know you. I hope I can always see you in the future. Angela needs a good caregiver. Our teacher and parents should work together, so that the child can have a better childhood!"

Cindy nodded repeatedly, "Thank you for taking care of Angela. I will tell all these to her guardian. When I take care of her, I will try my best!"

"Well. It has taken you too long. I will contact you if anything happens!"

"Okay! Bye!" Cindy turned to look at Angela, "Say goodbye to the teacher!"

Angela walked close and bowed to the teacher. She raised her head and waved her little white hand. "Goodbye, teacher!"

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