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   Chapter 19 Court

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"That's because some kites are well matched, but some kites are not well matched at all. If they are not well matched, they should be parted. Otherwise, the kite can't be pulled, and the kite string will also break. Both sides are injured. The thick string and the big heavy kite are are well matched. We can only put them together, so that we can use them better. Maybe many kites were not matched at the beginning, or they were still not well matched after they were taken away, so they later broke. After they break, we can give the kites and the strings freedom!"

The aunt talked a lot. It was the first time that Cindy had heard a long speech from the aunt. She was very grateful to have such a person to comfort her. At the same time, she was a little surprised. "Aunt, you are really good. You are right!"

"I just said some simple words. You have to understand them by yourself. And these words are not created by myself. A patient I have taken care of told me. I will remember these words in the future!"

Cindy could tell from her words that the aunt had a story, but she knew that she shouldn't ask. Instead of continuing to ask, she had an easier conversation with the aunt.

It was also this opportunity that she knew that the aunt's son was now in college and he studied very well. However, his study was too heavy. The aunt could only work more by herself, and she felt that this job was very good, and she could meet different people.

She felt that she was lucky to meet a person like the aunt. If she met a person like Jessica, she thought that she couldn't live well in the hospital.

She and the aunt chatted for a long time. As the sky gradually changed, the aunt went downstairs to buy dinner for her. Now the aunt had been taking care of her all day long. She had thought after she finished the divorce and left the hospital, she would definitely thank the aunt. Moreover, she had made a decision that she would give her a salary increase.

After the aunt left, she was alone again. She began to search some information about divorce on the Internet. The lawyer asked her to know something herself. Otherwise, she couldn't explain the things clearly.

After what Jessica, Jeff and Lina had done to her, she had made up her mind that she would get everything that belonged to her. Even if she got nothing, Jeff would laugh at her instead of thanking her. In that case, it would be better for her to get everything.

She began to investigate the property of Jeff by herself. What she knew was only the property at home. As for the business in the company, she didn't care about it before. Now she wanted to know, but there was no place to investigate. However, the lawyer said that he had a way to let her remember everything that should be owned in the family.

She quickly recorded her bank account.

Time passed quickly. The court session came soon. On that day, Lina didn't go with Jeff but with Jessica. The aunt was worried about Cindy, so she went with Cindy.

When Cindy arrived at the court, Jessica and Jeff had already arrived. When Jeff saw her and the lawyer, he snorted and left.

She looked at Jeff. They hadn't seen each other for a week. She felt Jeff became a little old, but the more she looked at him, the more hateful he became.

Everything went smoothly next. The lawyer deserved to be called the famous divorce lawyer in the industry. Jeff had an affair before. What's more, the lawyer had collected all the evidence of Jeff's affair.

Now Jeff was worried. He had planned to put some strings at the judge, but when he arrived here, he couldn't even see the judge. The lawyer he had hired was excellent. However, Cindy appeared as if she was very miserable and came in hospital gown. The judge naturally gave sympathy to her.

A divorce case ended. The lawyer invited by Jeff was not just a decoration. He helped to reduce some terms put forward by Cindy.

If it weren't for the fact that it was not appropriate for Bruce, the owner of the luxury car, to come here, and the identity of that child couldn't be made public, she should have got more property. In this way, it had been reduced, but there were also a lot!

When she arrived at the door of the court and waited for the lawyer to bring his car, Jessica and Jeff came again.

Jessica's face was darkened. When she saw Cindy, she scolded her. This time, she was not satisfied with the result of the divorc

e. In her opinion, Cindy should have given up all her property, but she still took so many things from her son.

Cindy was used to Jessica's attitude. She just greeted them lightly and stopped provoking them.

However, Jeff came over and said, "Cindy, you are happy now, aren't you?"

Looking at Cindy in front of him, Jeff felt more or less unhappy. In the past, she would do whatever he said, but now she broke up with him. It had to be said that she had really helped him a lot. If it weren't for her determination to divorce, he really didn't want to divorce.

"Jeff, I think I should have said this to you. Then you can take your beloved Lina home. That's great. You don't have to look at my face!"

Cindy was not as cold as before. She told herself in her heart, 'This is the last time. When the divorce certificate is taken, you and this man will be strangers.'

She felt as if she was mourning her past love. She tried her best not to look at the face she was very familiar with. He used to be confident, but now he was deceitful and obscene.

Noticing that Cindy didn't want to talk to him anymore, Jeff stopped talking about the past. Instead, he said from the bottom of his heart, "Cindy, you are good. I hope you can live a good life in the future. But that old man is really not suitable for you!"

Hearing his words, Cindy was stunned. It seemed that Jeff in the past had come back again.

As soon as Jeff finished his words, he heard Jessica's voice, asking him to go back.

Jeff took a look at Cindy and said nothing more. He put his hand in his pocket and left. Looking at the back of Jeff, Cindy thought that he was really more mature than before.

However, the calmness of Jeff was replaced by the separation of Cindy and Jeff. Thinking of this, Cindy felt more and more painful in her heart. In the past few days, Jeff and Jessica had spoken ill of her, and she didn't care about it at this moment. She was like a kite that had lost its direction and didn't know where she had gone.

Looking at her empty hand, Cindy suddenly fainted. It was not until the aunt beside her who caught her.

Jeff, who was driving in the front, somehow felt a little uneasy. He looked at the mirror and found that he couldn't see Cindy anymore. He only saw the aunt and lawyer. It seemed that she was blocked by them. Jeff sped up. Cindy, don't you want to see me anymore?

When Cindy opened her eyes again, she was no longer at the gate of the court. Looking at the familiar environment in front of her, she knew that she had returned to the hospital.

Cindy supported herself and sat up. It was the last day. After today, she would move out of the ward. Where could she go?

After thinking about it for a while, she decided to change her career from a housewife to a real nanny in Bruce's house.

While she was thinking, the aunt came in with an insulation barrel in her hand. Seeing that Cindy sat up, she smiled and said, "Miss Cindy, are you awake?"

"Auntie, did you drive me back?"

"The lawyer came with me, but he seemed to have something else to do. He left before you woke up. This is the porridge I made. Have some first. I know it's good for your body!"

Cindy nodded and took the thermos bottle. She poured the porridge out of it. The aunt was right. The porridge had a pleasant smell of rice. Even though she had no appetite, she thought it tasted especially good.

After a short while, she finished eating. The aunt looked at her and smiled. She had thought that she would refuse to eat the porridge, but she didn't expect that she had finished it all.

Looking at the empty bowl, Cindy felt a little embarrassed. "Aunt, how about I give you some money and you buy some food?"

The aunt waved her hand and said, "No, no, no. I've eaten it before I came here today. But you, I'm relieved to see you eating!"

Cindy lowered her head, looking at the bowl, and sighed with emotion. After a while, she continued, "Aunt, thank you. Thank you for your hard work these days. I will leave the hospital tomorrow. I hope you can meet a better patient!"

"Thank you, Miss Cindy. I also feel good to take care of you these days. Miss Cindy, the pain is only temporary. Trust me, everything will be fine after this period of time. When you think of what is happening now, you will feel that you were really stupid at that time. You wasted a lot of time to think about these boring things!"

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