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   Chapter 16 Being Teased

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Cindy told the aunt that she was not that kind of person and asked her not to be so careful in the future.

The aunt did her best to do what she could. Cindy used to live with Jessica. They didn't get along well with each other. She put her mind to do everything, but in the end, Jessica was still dissatisfied with her.

When she saw the aunt trying her best to help her, tears welled up in her eyes. She had never been taken care of like this since she broke up with her family.

The aunt had just arranged a bunch of flowers, which she bought by the way when she went downstairs to buy breakfast. As soon as she turned around, she saw Cindy crying.

The aunt was scared and asked, "Miss Cindy, what did I do wrong? Or what's wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable? Do you need me to find a doctor for you?"

Hearing this, Cindy held back her tears hard and smiled, "Aunt, I'm fine. I just look at you and think of something. I haven't seen my parents for a long time?"

"Oh, you must be afraid that they will worry about you, so you didn't tell them. You are obviously a filial child. When the child is sick, the parents are worried most. If you miss your parents, you can tell them. Your illness is not serious. It doesn't matter. With your parents around, you may recover faster!"

When she heard the word "filial" from the aunt, she really felt hot on her face. Back then, in order to marry Jeff, she had broken up with her family and lost contact with them. This had always been a state of no contact. Was it filial? She was probably the most unfilial one. In this way, whether she could contact with her parents in the future was a problem.

The aunt sensed that something was wrong when she saw the sad look on Cindy's face. She comforted, "Miss Cindy, there is no hatred between the children and their parents. You are their daughter. Even if there is any conflict, it can be resolved. Don't worry too much!"

Cindy nodded, "Well, thank you, aunt!"

Time passed by. With the help of the aunt, Cindy felt better faster. It was just a minor illness, and it had only been three days before she almost recovered. She also asked the doctor, who said that she could actually be discharged from the hospital. She just needed to pay attention to her diet and don't eat anything cold and spicy.

She had planned to leave the hospital, but when she thought that she still had a lawsuit to deal with. If she left the hospital, Jeff and Lina could have a chance to slander her. She never wanted to get Bruce and others involved.

She was their nanny. If she left the hospital, she must go to the home of Bruce. At that time, if Jeff went to find her, it would inevitably be a mess. It might get Bruce involved. She couldn't involve anyone else in this matter.

In the past three days, she would call Angela at night every day. Angela wouldn't hang up until she finished a story. In her own words, she couldn't fall asleep without Cindy's story.

Cindy was bored in the hospital. She told story to Angela and she also felt much better.

Angela also said that she would come to the hospital to see Cindy, but she was refused by Cindy. She was still afraid that when Angela came to the hospital, she would meet Lina and others. What's more, Angela was weak. If she came to the hospital, she would definitely need someone else to bring her, which would bring them trouble, wouldn't it?

Cindy was reading some fairy tales. These days, she had to tell stories to Angela every day, so she felt that her reserve of stories was not enough, so she began to search for relevant stories on the Internet.

Now she could think of nothing but stories. When she was still struggling in those stories, a person came in. She thought it was the aunt, so she didn't take it seriously. Although there was another bed, there was only her in this ward. She pointed at the bed beside and said, "Aunt, please sit down and have a rest. You have been busy all day!"

However, no one answered her. She felt something was wrong. In the past, if she quietly looked at her phone or books, the aunt would come in quietly. And when she spoke, the aunt must answer her. Today, it was too quiet.

She raised her head and looked over. The expression on her face changed. The person who came here was not the aunt at all.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, what am I doing here? I'm here to see my good daughter-in-law. The summons from the cou

rt have been sent to home. If I heard it right, you called me aunt. Are you really going to divorce?"


It was Jessica, her mother-in-law whom Cindy hadn't seen for a long time. She didn't expect her to come to the hospital. Knowing that Jessica wanted her to disappear as soon as possible, she fulfilled her wish now.

However, when she heard the court summons, she was still a little surprised.

Hearing what Cindy said, Jessica didn't answer. Instead, she sat on the bed next to her, and then looked around the ward. Jessica said sarcastically, "Cindy, look at you. You left Jeff and lived such a hard life. Even the ward is so clean that there is no fruit basket. It seems that I should bring you something today!"

Hearing her words, Cindy didn't get angry but smiled, "Mom, you're right. It's cleaner to leave Jeff. Your son is indeed a little dirty!"

Jessica had meant to mock Cindy for being too poor, but when she was retorted by her like this, her face darkened.

"What are you talking about? My son is too dirty. You don't know what Jeff has done to you these years. It's all your fault. If you pay more attention to him and work hard to give birth to a child for him, how could he be with Lina? And it's you who send Lina to him. Just look what kind of friend you make!"

Cindy finally understood what she said. So Jessica was not satisfied with Lina. And then she came here to vent her anger?

"Mom, the matter between Lina and Jeff was consented by them. It can only be said that the garbage met the garbage. It has nothing to do with me. If you are not satisfied, you can ask your son to vent your anger. What's the use of looking for me?"

Hearing what Cindy said, Jessica's face changed. "Cindy, what's the use? You don't know your identity. You are still the daughter-in-law of me, and you are also the wife of Jeff. How could you say that?"

Her words made Cindy want to laugh. It was Jeff who had an affair with Lina. If Jessica was unwilling, she could go to find her son. Cindy had cut off all ties with Jeff and they were going to be strangers. It had nothing to do with her. Besides, Jessica had wanted her to leave her son for several times. And now she should be satisfied. Cindy was a living, intelligent person, not a blockhead. She was not a person who could be played with by Jessica!

"Mom, are you kidding me? I'm not going to be his wife anymore. As for Lina, it is all about your son's matter. It has nothing to do with me if he wants to find hundreds or thousands of people. As for mom, you should be happy. You finally get rid of me. You don't have to look at me like a criminal, and you don't have to worry about that I will spend Jeff's money!"

Jessica didn't expect that Cindy, who was usually weak and gave in to her, would start to quarrel with her today. Indeed, she was not satisfied with Cindy, but she knew that Lina was not easy to deal with at the first sight. Moreover, it seemed that Jessica knew that she would never be the person who would focus on raising a family.

Of course, these were not the main reason why she came to see Cindy today. She knew that Jeff might not marry Lina either. In her eyes, Lina was just a playmate to Jeff. It was absolutely impossible for him to be serious. She came here was not because of the matter between Lina and Jeff. Her main purpose was to ask her not to divorce, or to give up her fortune when they divorced. As long as Jessica got the property, she would get rid of Cindy. She didn't want to get any money out of her family.

Seeing that Jessica didn't say anything for a long time, Cindy didn't want to take the initiative to say anything. She was about to pick up her phone and continue to read the story and told it to Angela at night.

Jessica's voice sounded again, "Cindy, I know you have some complaints about Jeff. In the past, I didn't treat you well, but between you and Lina, if I choose, I will definitely choose you!"

Cindy really had a feeling that the sun was rising from the west. This woman, Jessica, had overturned her values.

"Mom, what do you want to say?"

"As I said just now, the summons from the court have come. Now that you call me mom, I advise you not to divorce. Divorce is not good for you and Jeff. You should continue to live together. Jeff will break up with Lina!"

"Ha! Really? Let Jeff say it himself. I will wait for him here. He can say it here himself!"

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