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   Chapter 61 I Will Leave Even If I Die (Part Two)

Trade For Love: Stick With Bossy Billionaire By Xia Luowei Characters: 5318

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:03

When she opened her eyes, she was shocked. Why did she fall asleep? She was held in Harrison's arms and rested on his chest. Didn't they just hold hands last night? It seemed that Harrison was still in his dream, so she didn't dare to move. She stared at the man beside her, not daring to open her eyes wide. His eyelashes were long, his nose was straight, and his thin lips were pursed.

"Have you seen enough?" Harrison suddenly opened his eyes and voiced a question. He looked at Laura with a faint smile and asked, "Can you consider our future?"

Her face flushed and she was about to stand up, but Harrison pulled her back into his arms and said, "You can't run away from me for the rest of your life!"

Stunned, she looked at the domineering man and smiled at him. "Is this a threat? I'm used to it. Mr. Harrison, you don't have to remind me all the time!"

Harrison's hand on her waist stiffened for a moment, and she took the opportunity to escape from his hug. A trace of coldness flashed across Harrison's eyes. Why did she always misunderstand every word he said?

When she returned to the Green Town again, Laura went back to the dessert house. It was no longer what it used to be. Leaning against the big tree in front of the door and seeing others busy there, Laura was about to cry. Her eyes were a little wet. On the way, she didn't dare to speak. She was afraid that her tears would burst out as soon as she opened her mouth. At that moment, things had changed, and tears were still pouring out.

"Laura..." Harrison gently put his arm around her shoulders and said,

est to approach and hold her as soon as he could, but she had lost consciousness.

Harrison went ashore with her in his arms. While wrapping his windbreaker around her, he asked loudly, "Where is the hospital?"

Someone said that he could lead the way, so Harrison ran to the hospital with Laura in his arms. "Laura, remember, I will never let you go!"

The leading man was so frightened that he stopped and looked back at Harrison.

"Why did you stop?"

The man looked at Harrison in horror, speechless.

"Hurry up if you don't want to die!"

Threatening was the fastest way to solve it. The man hurriedly turned around and continued to run in front of him. Finally, they arrived at the hospital. Looking at the Laura's face, Harrison insisted on seeing the doctor take the rescue. The doctor was frightened by the water all over his body and the rage on his face, so he just let him stay in the same room.

As soon as Laura woke up, she saw a pair of bloodshot eyes. It was still Harrison Li!

"You would rather die to leave me, would you?"

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