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   Chapter 60 I Will Leave Even If I Die (Part One)

Trade For Love: Stick With Bossy Billionaire By Xia Luowei Characters: 5785

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:03

Laura looked at Harrison, her eyes full of fear. She escaped again and again, and had to get back again and again. It seemed never to have an end. It was so naive to bet with Harrison. A bitter smile appeared on her face. "Do I have a choice?"

Looking at the frightened look on her face, Harrison felt a little sorry for her. It turned out that she had been hurt so deep that she would feel painful as long as her wound was touched. But he still answered with a tough heart, "No!"

The fear in her eyes gradually faded away, and she changed into a docile look, but the sadness in her eyes could not be hidden. She nodded and said, "Okay, I'll do as you say."

Harrison held Laura up and went upstairs, deliberately ignoring the emotions in her eyes. The light was on, and the soft light shone on her face. Her face was a little red, and only her long eyelashes lowered, hiding all her emotions. Harrison gently put her on the bed, and his eyes were fixed on her. "Look at me, Laura..."

With her eyelashes quivering, she finally raised her head to look at him obediently, with her lips pursed tightly.

Harrison gently touched the hair scattered on her forehead. By instinct, she wanted to dodge, but was pulled into Harrison's arms and the latter kissed her on the forehead. As soon as the kiss started, he couldn't want to stop the kiss and his lips moved down. Laura was so nervous that she didn't dare to move. She stared at Harrison with her eyes wide open until he kissed her lips more and more passionately.

"No!" She pushed him away, curled up her body and stepped back. "My memory has no problem. I don't want to remember anything. Harrison, I don't want to wait for five days. I admit defeat. Don't go on with th

a blank look in her eyes. She had never seen Harrison to be like this. Even in those three days. she had never seen him behavior like this.

"It's too late. Close your eyes!" The smile at the corners of Harrison's mouth looked so unusual in the soft light. "There will be new arrangement tomorrow!"

As soon as she heard that there would be a new arrangement tomorrow, her fingertips trembled.

"Let's go to the Green Town tomorrow. What do you think?" Harrison explained hurriedly. He couldn't see the fear on her face, which made his heart ache.

Finally, she felt a little relieved. The corners of her lips relaxed and slightly upturned.

Harrison held her hand and stared at the woman in front of him. "Have a good dream!"

Ignoring his gaze, she closed her eyes, but her mind was in a mess. How could she fall asleep with him beside her? The man beside her was a devil. She didn't know when he would... Thinking of this, Laura's fingertips couldn't help trembling. Her hand was gently held by him, and the temperature of his palm was transported to her heart slowly. It seemed that there was a magic that could make people feel at ease.

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