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   Chapter 59 Promise You A Future (Part Two)

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Finally, she came to her senses and struggled, "Harrison, what the hell are you doing? I don't want to do the crazy things with you."

"Laura, remember our bet. You must cooperate with me in everything!"

Biting her lips, she didn't say anything more and got into the car obediently. To her surprise, the car returned to the Li's Villa. Harrison held her hand and went back to the villa. The living room of the villa had changed, and the lights were all on. In the dazzling light, it suddenly occurred to Laura that the bloody incident had just happened here not long ago.

"Miss Sarah!" A gentle girl pulled back her thoughts. It was Zara!

"Zara, why are you here?" Laura looked around and said, "You come here..."

Before Zara could answer, Harrison ordered her, "Zara, take her upstairs and we will start!"

Zara nodded, smiled and took Laura upstairs. As soon as she entered the room, Laura frowned.

"Miss Laura, it's not good to frown." Zara put down the dresser and said with a kind smile.

Laura also smiled and asked, "Zara, did he ask you to come here? What are you going to do?"

"Mr. Harrison wants to give you a new memory. What do you think he wants me to do?" Zara replied as she opened the dresser.

Biting her lips, she said, "How can he erase my memory so easily?"

"Sit down, please!" Zara ignored her complaints and pressed her to sit down in front of the dresser. She looked at her pretty face and said, "Laura, you must be fine and happy. Do you know that? Mr. Harrison loves you so much."

"Well, you want to persuade me..." Laura patted Zara's hand, with joy in her eyes. "No, I have to win this time, or I will never have a chance to leave."

Zara's hand suddenly stopped. "Do you wa

Harrison Li!" "Don't come over! Stop!" shouted Laura.

However, Harrison had already stood in front of her and gently held her in his arms. "You forgot about it. We didn't do anything next."

"You..." Blushing, she tried to push him away.

Harrison held her in his arms and smiled charmingly. Then he kissed her on her side face. The gentle kiss made her look more charming, which reminded Harrison of kissing her on the lips last time. However, Harrison still tried his best to stop. He was afraid that he would frighten her. If she didn't cooperate next, it would be bad.

Struggling, she asked with fear, "Is that enough?"

"Not enough..." Harrison whispered in her ear. The warm breath made her neck itchy. "Let me think what will happen next."

"Nothing happened!" "Then you drive me home." she interrupted Harrison and replied.

"I want to help you rebuild your memory, so there is something next!" Harrison looked at her with a weird smile.

Shocked, she stared at Harrison and asked in a trembling voice, "What are you going to do next?"

Harrison stared at her with eyes full of love and murmured, "I want to watch you sleep!"

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