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   Chapter 58 Promise You A Future (Part One)

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Harrison took a few steps to stand in front of Laura. The tenderness in his eyes confused her. "Of course I can do what I have promised!"

In the morning, the winter sun shone faintly on her face, and the light yellow light fell into Harrison's eyes. Harrison could not help but stop and gazed at her from a distance until Laura turned around and met his gaze.

"Let's go!" Harrison turned away his eyes and walked in front of her.

Laura followed him quietly and got into the car. The Ferrari sped away.

Laura did not say a word wherever in the hospital, at the funeral home, at the cemetery. She just stared at her mother, Conie, and watched her leave her life completely.

However, Harrison's eyes were fixed on her for each second. He was in a panic, because if she had cried hysterically, it meant that she had accepted the fact. But now, she was calmly watching all this.

It was very cold in the winter in the cemetery. In front of the tombstone, the flowers were trembling in the cold wind, but Laura knelt straight for a long time.

"Laura..." Harrison bent over and put his arms around her thin shoulders.

"Don't touch me!" Laura exclaimed and pushed away his hand, glaring at him.

Harrison's eyes were still gentle. He looked into her sad and angry eyes and said, "Laura, everything is settled..."

"Yes, everything is gone." Biting her lips, she smiled bitterly. "Harrison, you are the dust in my eyes. The memories you gave me were all nightmares from hell. Even if everything is settled, what you have done to me is still there. You can never change the past. Did you hear it, Harrison?"

"Laura, didn't you ask me how I would pay you back? I promise you a future and give you back everyth

was her only chance

The driver sent her by the lake and she watched the car leave. Snowflakes were flying all over the sky. This scene was so familiar, and the surprise and joy in her eyes were still there! While she was thinking, her phone suddenly rang! It was Harrison! There was no other number saved in her phone except for Harrison's!

"Harrison, what are you doing?" Laura asked, in an unfriendly tone.

Harrison answered gently, "Wait there. I'll be there in a minute!"

Shocked by his tone, she hung up the phone and did not reply. Looking at the phone, before she came to her senses, the familiar roar of the Ferrari had approached. Stunned, she saw Harrison strode towards her and his usual cold face softened.

"I want to rebuild your memory!" Harrison's lips moved slightly and said firmly, "Today, the person I know is not the substitute of Olivia! It is Laura Yan!"

In a daze, she couldn't utter a word. It was because of the natural way of his mentioning of Olivia's name. He was so sure she was not a substitute.

Harrison's eyes were full of love. He hugged her gently and said, "Are you cold? We'll go back soon."

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