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   Chapter 57 You Are A Devil (Part Two)

Trade For Love: Stick With Bossy Billionaire By Xia Luowei Characters: 5739

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That bright future made Conie moved. She always felt guilty to her daughter! This was the only weakness that Kevin and Mary had grasped! Laura didn't want to leave that beautiful town. It took Kevin a lot of effort to persuade his daughter to come with him.

The gear wheel of fate was started and turned. Kevin had arranged a mobile phone number for her. That was what happened next. There were plans, accidents...

Conie thought that her daughter was fine until those photos appeared in front of her. She was shocked by those photos. Should her daughter repeat her past? Conie immediately set out to find Kevin. She wanted to make it clear. She would not let that happen to her daughter again.

Kevin told her the address of the Yan Group, and Conie found it directly. Someone told her that the owner of the Group had already been changed! Conie stumbled to the cemetery that the man said. Unexpectedly, as soon as she sat down in the cemetery, she met Mary and Jeffrey!

As soon as Mary saw Conie, she screamed madly and even hit her. She kept cursing her "Mistress", the third person. From the moment Conie saw the photos, she had been in panic. Now she met Mary's crazy abuse and insult. She couldn't bear it and had a heart attack!

Although Jeffrey didn't know what had happened, he left the city with Mary in a hurry.

Staring blankly at Mary, Laura saw the weird expression on her face when she finally told the truth. She was neither excited nor painful.

"Mary, you are really good at scheming!" Mary walked over, stared at Mary's eyes and said coldly, "But you set the wrong person!"

Looking at Harrison, Mary was stunned for a while. Then she burst into laughter and even tears came out.


y as he was talking about the weather.

"Why? He has sold the news to you, and you still don't let go of him?"

"Do you know why he doesn't want the fifteen million but ten million?" "As soon as he came here, he knew it would end like this. He wanted ten million just because he thought he might lucky! I hate deception the most. Besides, he has done this once before. This is the second time! "

"You killed him?" asked Laura in a trembling voice

Harrison glanced at Wayne, and the latter quickly replied, "Mo, Mr. Harrison will only make him be paralyzed for life!"

"Lifelong paralysis? Harrison, you are really a devil." She stepped back and looked at Harrison with fear.

"Get out!" Harrison snapped at Wayne, who left in a hurry, sweating.

"Laura," the man called her name.

"Don't come over..." Harrison wanted to get close to her, but was stopped by her shrill voice. "I got it. You can do anything. You are Mr. Harrison."

"Laura Yan!" Harrison stared at her decisively. "I'll pay you back double for what you've lost."

"Pay back?" The sad look in her eyes made Harrison's heart ache. "How can you pay it back?"

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