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   Chapter 42 See The Woman Tomorrow

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Amanda stood up, stared at her brother, bit her lips and said nothing.

Sellers knew that he had her sister was angry at him, so he had to pretend to be pitiful. "Sister, are you trying to kill me? Let me tell you, no one will be so good to you except me..."

"Sellers Lian, shut up! Are you good to me? Someone has bullied me, but you don't help me..." Amanda roared, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Seeing that there was really something wrong, Sellers threw away the pillow, gently put her arm around her sister's shoulder and comforted her, "Amanda, what happened?"

"Get away! Leave me alone..." In a fit of pique, Amanda tried to push her brother away. But her brother insisted standing there, so soon Amanda stopped struggling.

"Who offended my dear sister? Tell me!" said Sellers dotingly.

With tears in her eyes, Amanda rolled her eyes at Sellers. "It's useless to tell you. Aren't you going to deal with something more important?"

Sellers sighed and said helplessly, "Amanda, I really have something important to deal with. I'm with Harrison at that time..."

"What?" Amanda was surprised at that moment. "What were you doing?"

"I've told you that I'm dealing with something important. It's about our business! Amanda, what happened to you actually? Ron said he found you near the Li's villa..."

Amanda pursed her lips and said, "Laura are not willing to leave from the Li's villa. I've told her everything I know, but she still doesn't want to leave."

"Wait. Wait..." Sellers frowned. "Amanda, tell me what exactly happened."

Amanda pouted and told her brother her experience today when she met Laura. Hearing that, Sellers breathed a sigh of relief. Then he asked, "What do you want to do?"

With tears in her eyes, Amanda gave a sly smile and said, "I have my own way. You don't need to worry about me."

"Hey, Amanda! Since you have a solution in your mind, why did you blame me not to help you?" said Sellers with an aggrieved look on his face.

"Hey, don't you see how arrogant Laura was at that time? My heels were broken and I sprained my ank

feel cold in her heart. "I want you to realize a fact. Even if you know the so-called truth, you can't leave here!"

Laura smiled, "I don't need you remind me. I've realized it. We will connected for a long time until I die!"

"Good!" Harrison's slender fingers touched Laura's face and outlined her appearance. "You're getting smarter..."

The ringtone interrupted Harrison. When he was holding the phone, Laura intended to run away from him. But when he saw the number on the screen, he picked it up and held her in his arms. "What's up, Amanda?"

Laura took a deep breath and held her breath. Anyway, she didn't want to be an enemy of Amanda. She had no energy to deal with her! A sweet voice came to her ears, "Harrison, can you go shopping with me tomorrow? It is weekend."

Harrison glanced at Laura, which made her hold her breath. Harrison asked gently, "Laura, Do you have any plan for me tomorrow?"

Laura was shocked and frightened. She glared at Harrison. When did she dare to arrange his time table? It was obvious that he wanted to make Amanda hate her to the extreme! Harrison looked at her playfully.

"What did you say, Harrison?" Amanda's voice was full of anger and her anger was about to burst out.

"Well, Laura is my personal assistant. I'll ask her if she has any plans for tomorrow. Wait a moment!" Harrison said seriously as he saw the blush on her face.

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