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   Chapter 23 What Else Can You Do To Threat Me

Trade For Love: Stick With Bossy Billionaire By Xia Luowei Characters: 6900

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Harrison's cold smile made her shiver in the sun. "What a pity. If you can't do it, the An Group will probably follow the step of the Yan Group..."

"What do you want?" Laura panicked when she heard about the An Group.

"It depends on whether you behave well or not." Looking at the panic expression on her face, Harrison felt uncomfortable. He hated the way she was so worried when she heard that the An Group was in danger.

Looking at Harrison, Laura bit her lips and asked, "What on earth do you want?"

"Be my assistant!" Harrison said coldly, looking at her reaction.

Staring at Harrison, she said without hesitation, "All right then!"

The smile at the corners of Harrison's mouth froze. Didn't she want to escape? For the sake of the An Group and Terence, she was so straightforward. Harrison grasped her arm and pulled her away.

"I haven't told the boss that I quit..."

In the sea breeze, there was no response.

When they arrived at the Li's Villa again, Laura followed behind him from a distance.

"Laura Yan!" Without looking back, he called out. Laura rushed over immediately and didn't dare to delay any longer!

"Miss Laura..."

Betty, who opened the door, looked at her in surprise, but was interrupted coldly by Harrison. "Betty, she is not Miss Laura anymore! You can give some work to her. She is my live-in assistant!"

"Your life-in assistant?" Staring at Harrison, Laura asked, "What is the life-in assistant? I won't do..."

"You don't want to do it?" With a sneer, Harrison interrupted, "You don't care about the An Group, do you? Do you want it to be destroyed like the Yan Group?"

"Enough!" Terrified, Laura took a step back, bit her lips and shouted, "Harrison, that's enough. I'll do as you said. I will..."

Harrison gave a smile, pinched her chin with his slender fingers and looked in her eyes carefully. "That's good!"

Laura turned her face away, shook off Harrison's hand and glared at him. Her stubborn look made Harrison feel something unusual. "Be good, or you know the consequences..."

Watching him leave, Laura leaned against the door, tears streaming down her cheeks. What kind of person was he? What on earth did she do to offend such a person? For the whole day, Harrison didn't show up. Laura felt a little relieved. She said goodbye to Betty and went back to her rental house.

The phone rang loudly, interrupting her thoughts. It was Harrison again! Terrified, she picked it up cautiously and said, "Hello..."

"Who allowed you to leave?"

Harrison's roar hurt her eardrum. Frowning, she said, "It's already ten o'clock..."

"Don't leave without my permission!" Harrison interrupted her before she could explain it.

"Yes, Mr. Harrison!" She answered, only to find that her phone ran out of power. Laura breathed a sigh of relief. Well, then he wouldn't call her again. However, as soon as she just changed her pajamas, she heard a quick knock on the door. She opened the door reluctantly. It was probably the landlord again!

"What?" As soon as Laura opened the door, she saw the angry face of Harrison.

"I've told you, Laura Yan! Don't turn off your phone. Don't you remember?" Harrison's tight lips indicated how angry he was, and his voice was as cold as ever.

Standing at the door, she explained dully, "My phone is out of power..."

"Really?" "Don't you invite me in?"

"It's too late. Mr. Harrison, I'll go to work on time tomorrow..."

A sarcastic smile appeared on Harrison's face. It seemed to hurt her eyes. "Laura, are you playing Cinderella? Is Terence like that prince?"

"Harrison, what do you want to do to me? I have agreed. What else do you want?" said Louisa angrily.

Harrison stared at her and replied, "Move out of the house and to my villa!"

Biting her lips, she was too angry to say a word. After a while, she calmed down and said, "Harrison, don't push me too hard. What else can you do except threatening me with the Am Group?"

"Move or not?" Harrison's expression did not change.

Staring at Harrison, Laura didn't say anything.

"Okay! Laura, I will let you know what else I can do!" Harrison turned around and left, leaving a burst of panic in her heart

On the second day, when Laura arrived at Li's Villa in panic, she found that Harrison was not in. Betty told her that Mr. Harrison had gone out very early. Laura felt a little relieved. Betty took her to the study and asked her to clean it. As soon as Laura entered the study, she was stunned. She couldn't help but take out a book from the two bookshelves, finding that someone had read it carefully and left a lot of notes in it.

The hurried ringtone of her phone made her take away her gaze from the book. The landlord!

"Laura, help... Come back quickly, please..."

The crying voice of the landlord startled her. "What happened?"

"Laura, come back quickly... If you are late, I'm afraid my house will be in ruins..." The landlord's words were incoherent and couldn't tell what was going on. The roar from the phone made her scared.

"What is on earth happening? What's the sound beside you?"

"Laura, aren't you asking me what else I can do? Come back and have a look!" Suddenly, there was a teasing voice from the phone.

"Harrison, what are you doing?" Laura asked in a trembling voice.

"Laura, if you come back now, maybe it's not too late!" Harrison's voice was as cold as ice.

Crazily, she went out and took a taxi back to her rental house. From afar, she heard the sound of the excavators. When she approached, she finally saw clearly that the long arm of the digger was reaching for the house where she lived in. As soon as she got out of the car, she rushed to the digger and opened her arms to stop it.

"Laura!" Harrison roared and held her in his arms. The two of them fell to the ground, and the long arms of the digger stopped right above the two of them. "Laura, do you want to die?"

She struggled to get up and pushed Harrison away. Her face was covered with dust, and her arm rubbed against the broken stones on the ground, making a large area of skin hurt and a large amount of blood stains. But she didn't notice it at all. She asked loudly, "Harrison, what are you doing?"

Harrison concealed the concern in his eyes and sneered, "Don't you want to see what else I have? This is my answer!"


"Laura, please... Stop him. Promise him what he wants you to do, okay? Please..." The landlord interrupted her, grabbed her arm and pleaded.

It was not until the scratch hurt that she found the bruise on her arm. Looking at the miserable look of the landlord, she turned to Harrison and said, "Stop them first!"

With a smile on his lips, Harrison waved his hand and the boom of the excavators immediately stopped. The chaotic scene suddenly quieted down.

"What can I do to make you stop?" Biting her lips, Laura asked.

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