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   Chapter 21 I Wish You Could Stay Here For A Lifetime

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For the next dozen days, Laura sometimes woke up and then fell asleep again from time to time. Her thin body was even weaker and her face was horribly pale. Every time Terence went to see her, he would wander around the door. He didn't know if he hoped her to wake up or fall asleep When Laura was awake, she stared at Terence blankly without saying a word, and nobody knew what she was thinking. She seemed to be better when she was asleep, but her tightly frowned her eyebrows and tightly pursed lips made him more nervous. What on earth had she experienced? Even in her dream, she was painful.

One day, when Terence came back, he saw her at the first sight. He ran to her in surprise and didn't know what to say.

Still weak, she smiled at him and said, "Mr. Terence..."

Only then did Terence smile. "It's good that you're fine..."

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "Thank you for taking me in these days, Mr. Terence, I don't know how to show my thanks to you..."

"Miss Laura, call me by my name, Terence!" Said Terence with a smile.

Lowering her head, she murmured, "I'm not the lady of the Yan family..."

"Then I'll call you Laura!"

She looked up at him gratefully.

"Laura, do you have any plan?"

Biting her lips, she stammered, "I... Terence, I want to ask you one more thing..."

"The bankruptcy of the Yan Group was caused by the fact that Sellers persuaded most shareholders to sell their shares to him..." Terence told her the truth he had obtained these days.

Tears welled up in her eyes, Laura said, "Thank you, Terence. I..."

"Not at all, Laura. What else do you want to know? I'll try my best!"

It was so kind of Terence and Laura was deeply moved. "I... I don't care if I'm a member of the Yan family, but my mother..."

As soon as Terence saw the weakness on her face, Terence felt his heart ached. "It took time for me to investigate what happened twenty years ago. Don't worry!"

Tears fell down from her eyes, dropping on her restless hand.

Terence couldn't help but hold her thin hands and put her head on his shoulder. "It's been so long. You can cry loud if you want..."

Tears welled up in her eyes, and all the grievances burst out at this moment. After lying on the bed for so many days, she thought a lot. She couldn't go back and let her mother worry about her. She wanted to know the truth twenty years ago.

One day, when Terence came back, Laura was not there. The servant said that she had gone out. Worried, Terence called her.

The phone rang for a long while before it was picked up. Feeling even more uneasy, he went out and asked, "Laura, where are you?"

"Terence, I'm one my way back..."

Hearing what she said, Terence frowned and said in a strange voice, "All right..." After hanging up the phone, he didn't go back but walked forward. He didn't know what happened to her. A soft sigh interrupted his thoughts. He looked for her around and finally saw a petite figure in a corner. It was Laura!

Her eyes were red and swollen. She was trying to make herself look normal by paper towels.

Seeing this, Terence's heart twitched. He couldn't bear to see her like this. However, it seemed that Laura didn't want to have anything to do with him. She always wanted to repay him. Holding back himself from rushing over, he slowly retreated and went back.

When Laura returned to the villa of the An family, she gave a slight smile on her face. Looking at her, Terence felt sad.

"Terence, I have

found a job!" Laura announced happily, with joy in her eyes.

Hearing that, Terence was stunned. The girl was crying a moment ago. Why did she suddenly find a job? Terence gazed at her and put his hands on her shoulders. The feelings expressed in his eyes made her at a loss.

"Terence, what's wrong with you?" Laura asked dully.

Without any warning, he held her in his arms and said softly, "It's okay. It's okay..."

Lying quietly in his arms, she didn't dare to move. She didn't want to think about what this sudden hug meant.

Soon, he let go of her and asked, "Are you leaving?"

"I have to go to work tomorrow. I can't move there today, so I have to stay here for another whole night..." Laura wanted to make a joke to reduce the embarrassment. But this time, she didn't expect that he would hold her tightly.

"How I wish you could stay here for the rest of your life..."

"What? Terence, what did you say?" Laura asked in a daze.

Letting go of her, he shook his head and smiled, "Go to bed early. I'll drive you to your new place tomorrow!"

"No, no, no..." Laura shook her hand quickly.

"It's a deal. Don't refuse!" He gestured for her to stop talking that. Laura had to nod to agree what he said.

Actually, she would be a dishwasher in a small restaurant. The whole day, she kept washing dishes, completely forgetting that Terence was coming to pick her up. It was not until the Bentley stopped at the door of the restaurant that the crowd burst into an uproar.

"Laura! Is this your job?" His voice was full of anger. She turned around with her hands still covered with bubbles.

Stunned, she said, "Terence, you're here..."

He grabbed her hand and was about to take her away.

"Terence, please let go of me first. Listen to me..." "It hurts..." Laura struggled.

As soon as he heard that, he immediately let go of her and said, "Okay, I'll let you go. You go with me!"

"This is what I can do now," said Laura, trying to keep away from the crowd.

"That's not what you can do!" He was about to take her away.

She shook off his hand and said, "Terence, I... I want to rely on myself..."

He stared at her, stunned. This delicate woman became stronger. And it made him feel more sorry for her. "You can go to work. I'll wait for you..." Terence stopped the idea of taking her away now.

Laura nodded, turned around and burst into tears. This man saved her. She didn't want to owe him too much.

It was almost midnight when he sent her to the apartment she rented. As soon as he saw the small house and the simple layout, he frowned.

Before he could say anything, Laura said, "Everything will be fine!"

He had seen through her stubbornness, so he didn't object, and just kept silent by pursing his lips.

Finally, she settled down. The nightmare seemed to have come to an end on the surface, but when it was at midnight, she would always wake up trembling and never fall asleep again.

Unlike Laura, Amanda kept thinking about when Harrison would show up. She leaned against the sofa and looked at her brother who just entered the room. "Sellers, you said he would show up soon, but he still hasn't."

Shaking his head, Sellers came over and said, "Amanda, you have to take good care of yourself and make sure that you will appear in front of Harrison perfectly..."

Amanda disturbed her brother. "That's useless! He didn't show up at all..."

Before she could finish her words, her phone rang. "Who is it? You are so annoying!"

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