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   Chapter 19 Everything Was Ruined

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When she returned to the Yan's villa, it was still early in the morning. Ignoring the strange eyes of others, she put the check on the table and went straight upstairs to her room. Leaning against the door, she collapsed to the ground and held herself tightly in her arms. The bright spring sun rose slowly, stung her eyes and made her tears down. Sitting there, she watched the sun fade away little by little, and darkness engulfed her.

"Laura Yan, get out of here!"

Someone shouted and smashed the door hard, waking her up from her own world.

"What did you do? Get out of the room!"

The door was opened, and the one outside bumped into her arms because of overexertion.

"Aunt Mary..."

Without saying a word, Mary grabbed her arm and walked out.

"Aunt Mary, what happened?" She stumbled after her, not knowing what was going on.

"Let me tell you, Laura Yan. If anything happens to Kevin, I won't let you living the world!" Mary said, pushing her into the car and ordering the driver to start the car.

"Dad? What happened to him?" She had already gotten ten million.

"Shut up, you!" Mary shouted at the driver, "Can you drive faster? Hurry up!"

Soon Laura could see the shadow of the Yan Group building from a distance, and the noise in front of her gradually became clear.

Kevin's driver Jack, ran to Mary as soon as he saw her. "My lady!"

Mary squeezed through the crowd with Jack and asked anxiously, "Where is Kevin? How is he?"

"Mr. Kevin... is still up there!"

Laura raised her head and saw a figure shaking at the top of the Yan Group building at the twenty eighth floor. Was it her father? Laura was shocked. At that moment, the figure flew down like a demon in the dark night.

"Dad!" The moment she called out, the figure seemed to have heard her call. He came to her and fell heavily in front of her. The warm blood splashed on her nose, cheeks, and then rolled down from her face.

"Kevin..." Mary's scream seemed to come from another world, which was so far away from her! It seemed that Laura had been out of the world. All the noise and screams of fear had nothing to do with her. There was only the sound of the heavy fall beside her ears, and there was only a large area of red in front of her.

Her finger trembled slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes. It was as dark as ink in front of her eyes. She didn't know since when it rained. Her long hair was wet and stuck to her face. She tried to recognize that she was still in the Yan Group's building. The darkness on the ground not far away reminded her of what had happened before.

Dad, how was Dad?

Laura struggled to her feet and began to run towards the Yan's Villa. The cold wind blew her wet hair, and it rained even more heavily.

'Dad, you can't be in danger. Please don't do that...'

When she saw the light in the Yan's villa, she slowed down. The fear in her heart almost made her not breathe! The moment she pushed the door open, she was frightened by the bright light. She had been struggling in the darkness for too long. She had run for too long.

"Miss Laura..." Patti called out in a low voice.

"Are you indeed Laura Yan?" Before she could realized what was going on in the house, a tall man came over. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her neck and said, "You bi

tch killed my father. I want you to pay for it!"

"Jeffrey, Jeffrey..." Mary stopped the man in a hurry. "If you kill her, you will be in jail. What if you want your mother to do? Jeffrey, let go of her..."

The man finally let go of her. She leaned against the wall and coughed violently.


With red eyes, Jeffrey shouted at her, "Don't call him Dad!"

Tears were welling up in her eyes. "He..."

"Laura... It's you who killed him!" Mary pulled her hair and shouted, "The daughter of a bitch is a bitch. You can go out to seduce a man, but why did you kill your father? Do you hate him so much? Are you avenging your mother? After all, he is your father. Why did you kill him..."

"Mom, my dad doesn't have such a daughter!" Jeffrey pushed Mary away and pushed Laura out of the door. He pushed her to the ground and slammed the door.

It was raining heavily. Tears welled up on her face. She killed her father. Aunt Mary was right. No matter what he did, he was her father, but she killed him. Harrison said she couldn't save the Yan Group, and she really couldn't. She had experienced his fake kindness for three days in exchange for the destruction of all these.

Step by step, Laura crawled forward. Her arms and legs were rubbed hard by the stones on the ground. She didn't feel any pain. She wanted to leave. She wanted to go back to the small town, where there was no pain but her mother. She wanted to ask her what a good life her father said was. She missed the simple life there, the simple happiness.

At Kevin's funeral, Terence arrived first. He looked around for Laura, but didn't find her. He did what he was expected to do and then left. Feeling a little disappointed, Terence looked out of the Bentley window and suddenly saw a group of people surrounding the street corner. He didn't know what happened. Feeling uneasy, he ordered the driver, "Go and see what's going on there."

The driver, Hans, was stunned and then immediately got out of the car. Mr. Terence had never been involved in other people's business, and today he was a little unusual.

Hans ran back and reported to him, "Mr. Terence, a woman fainted over there. She looks like..."

"Like what?" He asked unhurriedly.

Hans swallowed and said, " Miss Laura..."

"What?" Terence pushed the door open, strode over and pushed away the crowd. He didn't find her at Yan's Villa. Now this place was not far from the Yan's Villa.

Terence went there. The girl's clothes were still wet, and her long hair was also wet and clung to her face. Her face was pale.

He bent down and picked up the girl on the ground. Holding her tightly in his arms, he shouted at Hans harshly, "Go to the hospital!"

In the Bentley, Terence gently smoothed the woman's messy hair in his arms and said, "Miss Laura... Laura..."

However, the girl in his arms didn't respond at all. Terence felt a little nervous. It seemed that she had been in the rain all night long, and there were big bruises on her forehead, arms, palms, and legs. "Hans, hurry up!"

As soon as the car stopped, Terence held the girl in his arms and went straight to the hospital. "Doctor, doctor..."

When Laura woke up, she saw the white color in front of her, which was unique to the ward. Then she saw a smiling face as warm as spring.

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