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   Chapter 18 Are You Relying My Love

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With her eyes wide open, Laura couldn't help but step back, trying to avoid Harrison. "Harrison, You... "

Harrison's tight lips were still perfect, but his eyes were cold. He picked her up and went straight to the bedroom. As she struggled all the way, she was thrown on the big bed. Her little face wrinkled and she stepped back, hiding in a corner and looking at Harrison in horror. Was this the man who had been gently doting on her for the past three days? He was motionless except for the coldness on his face.

Leaning against the door, with his arms around his shoulders, Harrison looked at her and said coldly, "Take your clothes off!"

Laura held her shoulders tightly and stepped back, but she had no way for her there.

Harrison rushed to the bedside and kissed her hard.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Harrison's kiss her on her neck. "Why?"

Harrison stopped unexpectedly with a gentle smile. He pinched Laura's chin, but his eyes were bloodthirsty and cold. "You don't know the reason? Laura Yan, you are asking me why I am doing this to you."

Looking at Harrison with her mind blank, she was confused and wondered if she was wrong.

"Go back and tell your father that if he is willing to sell his daughter, I will accept it without hesitation. Don't bother to do so much to make your plan! And you shouldn't have used that phone number. This is your punishment!"

Her father? Laura was stunned, but the deep kiss from Harrison didn't allow her to think too much, which made her heart sink. Laura didn't struggle anymore, which made Harrison stop and stare at her. He couldn't tell whether he was angry or lustful.

With tears in her eyes, she stared at Harrison's handsome face and said, "Is this the reason why you have done all these for the past three days?"

Harrison smiled coldly and gently stroked her red lips with his slender fingers. "So are you replying my love?"

His answer told her that her guess was right! He had admitted it! Tears welled up in her eyes, but she couldn't say a word.

"Laura Yan, you don't know what I like most was to push people from the peak of happiness to hell! Three days. I'll spoil you. Now..." Harrison raised her chin with his slender fingers and said, "Laura Yan, enjoy yourself. You have enough time..."

All of a sudden, Laura blinked her eyes hard, with big tears rolling down, but the corners of her mouth slightly rising. She smiled, and her delicate hand trembled slightly to touch Harrison's face. She moved slowly. If she didn't love him, it was not a hell for her. "It seems that my acting skill is not bad! Harrison, who do you think you are? Am I relying you love? It's ridiculous!"

Harrison's lips twitched. He whispered in her ear, "Really? Let's make a fair deal. The price is ten million. Isn't it a good price?"

Clenching her teeth to hold back her tears, Laura said, "The price is really high. Thank you for taking care of me for the past three days..."

"Is Terence An okay? Isn't the price he offered high enough?" Harrison's voice was flirtatious, but what he said was a great humiliation to her.

Hearing him mention Terence, Laura was stunned. Then she chuckled, "Terence? Harrison, are you jealous? Do you want to compete with him? How can you compared with him?"

Laura didn't need to say anything more. Her mentioning him repeatedly and the smile at the corners of her mouth made Harrison crazy. Harrison got close to her and kissed her on the lips harshly. He didn't want to hear another man's name form here anymore. The overbearing kiss made her unable to think. The sound of clothes tearing was like a sharp knife, cutting into her heart, and making her heart dripping with blood. However, with her eyes wide open, she looked at Harrison who was burning with lust, with a slight smile on her tightly closed lips.

The smile on Harrison's face didn't

fade away. "Do you want to irritate me in this way?"

Laura wanted to say something, but the sudden pain under her body made her want to cry out, but she held it back. The piercing pain made her bite her red lips, and the scarlet blood winding along the corners of her lips. It seemed that she was so charming and inviting.

"Does it hurt?" Harrison kissed away the red spots on her lips. Then he kissed on her lips, which were stained with blood. He didn't want to leave and kept kissing her for a long while.

Staring at Harrison, she clutched the bed sheet tightly with her hands. Her nails were deeply into her flesh. The pain from the heart almost made her faint, but Harrison wanted her to bear the punishment soberly. Even when she was about to faint, he would use more pain to keep her conscious. If Harrison could get rid of the nightmare that night when she met him for three days, then he didn't know how to make up for it now...

Finally, Laura fainted, but it was a long time later. At that moment, the corners of her mouth were relieved. Was she dead? The nightmare was finally over.

Harrison's hand was still on her face, gently stroking it. A complicated expression appeared on his cold face. He had been spoiling her for three days, but he seemed to have forgotten his original purpose. He thought she was different from other women and just wanted to be nice to her. However, she still broke his dream. She was no different from other women. She shouldn't have taken advantage of the only connection left by that woman. She should have been punished.

As soon as Laura opened her eyes, she saw that Harrison was standing beside her, staring at her with his clear eyes. She couldn't help but curl up and retreat, but the pain in the lower part of her body made her lose her balance and fall into his arms!

Harrison put his arms around her waist and rubbed her belly restlessly. "You are seducing me..."

Embarrassed and angry, Laura broke free from his flirtatious hug, but stumbled over the blanket wrapped around her, she fell to the ground with a flop.

"What do you think will happen if Terence knows what happened tonight?" Harrison asked.

Glaring at Harrison, she said with a smile, "You can tell anyone you want. I don't care, neither does Terence..."

Harrison clenched his fists. The tenderness in her eyes made his heart burn with anger. His tall body stood straight immediately with an arrogant expression. His voice dropped to the freezing point in an instant. "Take your ten million and get out!"

The check was thrown lightly in front of her and covered on the dazzling red stain on the bed sheet. As if Laura had got an amnesty, she picked up the check, bit her lips tightly and fled in a hurry. Behind her was Harrison's voice from hell, "You can't save the Yan Group. No one can save it!"

She stumbled out of the Li's villa and wandered around the street corner in the darkest time before daybreak, looking for the direction of her home. She hand thought that her three birthday wishes, going to the children's welfare house, seeing her mother and falling in love with a man, had all come true. However, the fact was that her wish was fulfilled. He gave her three days of gentle love just to humiliate her.

Laura clenched her lips. The tear stains on her face hadn't dried yet, and she was holding the check tightly in her hand. Three days of warm and love. If everything was not so bloody revealed, she would give him what he wanted, but he couldn't buy it with ten million, no matter how much money the man offered, Was this the result of own his tenderness for three days? A wry smile appeared on her face. Well, at least she knew the truth. It turned out that in her father's eyes, she was worth ten million. It turned out that in Harrison's eyes, she was someone that he could bought. However, was that all?

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