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   Chapter 17 Ten Million Are You Worth It

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"Are you asleep?"

Harrison's soft voice made her smile, "Not yet..."

"Go to bed now!" Harrison said in a domineering voice.

"I know. You should also go to bed early!" Laura agreed meekly.

"Laura, I can't go out with you tomorrow..."

"Just go with your work. I'm the one who delayed your work these days!" said Laura thoughtfully.

Harrison chuckled, "But I will miss you. Can I pick you up for dinner tomorrow tonight?"

Laura nodded, "All right and good night!"

"Good night!"

After hanging up the phone, she was in a mess about how to tell Harrison that she needed a million.

In the Li's Villa, looking at his phone, Harrison smiled. With the corners of his mouth, he gave a meaningful and complicated expression. 'I'm waiting for you to make a move!'

In the early spring afternoon, a breeze blew by the lake, making it a little cold. After walking for a long time, Laura still didn't know what to do. Closing her eyes, she held her hands tightly until her fingertips turned pale. A burst of bitterness came to her heart. How should she say that to Harrison? How should she say it?

"Miss Laura?"

A low voice with a little hesitation made her turn her head. A tall and slim man leaned against a silver Bentley. The smile at the corners of his mouth was not as cold as that of Harrison, nor as hospitable as that of Sellers. She always thought his lips were sexy, and she could not help but blush for such a thought.

"Do you forget me?" Looking at her red face, the man still smiled. He thought that she was embarrassed as she had forgot who he was. So he came over and said with a smile, "I'm Terence An! You must remember my mane this time and never forget it!"

Laura frowned slightly. It occurred to her that at the party that day, when Harrison gave a speech, Sellers had greeted this man. He had also nodded to her, and they had met once at Amanda's birthday party. It turned out that he was the CEO of the An Group. With an apologetic smile, she said, "Oh, you are Mr. Terence. I've met him twice both in a hurry. So I didn't say hello to you."

"It's okay. Are you used to living in this city?" he asked with a faint smile Looking at the surprised look on her face, he explained, "I heard from Uncle Kevin that you just came here!"

Laura nodded with a smile and said nothing.

Blinking his eyes, Terence asked, "Is it the first time you have seen snow here?"

The smile at the corners of her mouth suddenly spread. She liked the white crystal and cute flake. She said excitedly, "Yes. I've never seen snow before. It's so beautiful! It's the first time I've seen it. I'm so surprised that I can't even breathe."

Hearing that, Terence was stunned for a moment. The delicate smile was so pure that he was moved. He had never seen such a pure smile, and the pair of dimples on Laura's face made him almost unable to control himself.

A light ringtone interrupted their conversation of the two.

"Sorry, I have to answer the phone!" With an apologetic smile on her face, Laura explained. Terence signaled her to do as she wanted.

Laura nodded and answered the phone.

"Where are you?"

Harrison's gentle voice reminded her that she still had something important to do. "I'm near the Shadow Lake..."

"Do you miss me?" Harrison said in a teasing tone.

Blushing, she said, "I don't want to talk to you anymore..."

Harrison smiled and said, "Don't go away. I'll pick you up!"


Laura hung up the phone. Her obedient look made Terence feel a little jeal

ous. He had already heard that such a pretty girl belonged to Harrison, not him! "Miss Laura has something else to do, so I won't disturb you!"

"Goodbye, Mr. Terence!" With a smile, she watched him get into the car and leave.

The roar of the engine pulled her mind back. She turned around and saw the black Ferrari coming.

Holding the steering wheel, Harrison turned a corner and saw the Bentley leaving. His eyes suddenly became cold, and there was an imperceptible strange emotion in his eyes, but then he returned to normal.


With a perfect smile at the corners of his mouth, Harrison gently kissed on her red lips and arranged her to get in the car.

On the rooftop of the Li's Villa, Harrison held her in his arms and rubbed her hair with his chin. Lying in his arms, Laura lowered her head and said nothing. She didn't know how to say it.

"What's wrong? Laura!"

She looked up at the man in front of her. He had a determined smile on his face, and his clear eyes reflected himself.

"Harrison, I..." Biting her lips, she asked, "Can I beg you for one thing?"

Harrison looked at her with a smile, "What?"

Gritting her teeth, she said, "The capital turnover of the Yan Group needs a sum of money."

"How much?"

"Uh... Ten million?" She spoke out the number cautiously and stared at his reaction.

"No problem!" Harrison agreed readily.

Laura looked at Harrison in surprise. She didn't expect him to agree without hesitation.

The smile at the corners of Harrison's mouth had been indifferent all the time. He held her in his arms and dialed a number. "Mandy, send me a check!"

While they were talking, Harrison lowered his head and asked Laura, "You need ten million, right?"

Laura nodded. She wondered why Harrison asked again. Was it clearly just now?

Soon, Mandy sent him a check. Harrison put his arm around her shoulder and leaned against the sofa lazily.

Mandy put down the check respectfully, "Mr. Harrison, this is the check you want!"

Harrison sat up straight and casually wrote: ten million dollars, and then signed his name! Then, he looked up and saw Mandy still there. "You can go now!"

"Yes, Mr. Harrison!" Mandy left in a hurry.

Under the bright light, Laura's white skin was tinged with a faint halo. Her delicate lips were tightly closed, and her long eyelashes were lowered to cover her eyes. Her hands were twisted together uneasily. "Harrison, why don't you ask me the reason?"

"Look at me, Laura!" Harrison's voice was very light, but could not be ignored.

When she raised her head and saw the pair of clear eyes, the nightmare immediately appeared. A chill swept over her and her heart tightened.

"Laura, do you think I should ask?" Harrison's handsome face got closer to her, and his warm breath came to her face.

Laura blushed, lowered her eyelids and her lips were pressed by his. It was not the first time that Harrison had kissed her, but this kiss made her scared, as if it was sucking her life and making her unable to breathe.

Harrison didn't just hold her waist, but also held her head. He didn't allow her to move, so she could only accept what he did to her.

"Harrison..." She struggled.

"Laura, isn't this what you want?" Harrison stared at her coldly.

"What I want?" Looking at Harrison in horror, she felt an unprecedented coldness in his eyes.

The smile at the corners of Harrison's mouth deepened, which was reflected in her eyes. "Ten million. Let me see if your naked body is worth it."

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