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   Chapter 15 To See Her Mom

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Mom? It was Laura's mother's voice! With her eyes wide open, Laura finally saw the woman in front of her clearly. It was her mother, the woman who gave her life, Conie Su!

"Mom..." Tears welled up in her eyes as she threw herself into Conie's arms. "Mom..."

Conie's eyes were full of tears as well. She stroked her daughter's hair and said, "My good girl, mom is very good. Don't worry about me..."

After a long while, the two of them wiped their tears. Conie asked, "Why are you back, Laura?"

It was not until then that Laura remembered Harrison. She turned around and saw him standing next to her. "Mom, let me introduce him to you. This is ... my friend. My friend Harrison Li. I can only come back because of him..."

"Oh, thank you so much..." Conie expressed her gratitude to the man repeatedly.

With a doting smile on his face, Harrison looked at Laura and said, "Auntie Conie, Laura miss you so much, so I brought her back!"

Holding her daughter in her arms, Conie nodded and smiled happily. However, Laura blushed and changed the topic, "Mom, the guest is waiting..."

"Okay. Yes!" Conie wiped her hands in a hurry and said, "Laura, you can go out for a walk. I'll close the shop after I finish the desserts ordered by the guest..."

"Mom, how can you close the shop? You go in first. I'll help you right away..." Laura pushed her mother.

"Well..." Conie wanted to say something more, but was pushed in by her daughter.

Laura looked at the mother and daughter, and the dessert shop which the two lived on, expressionless.

Laura turned around and pursed her lips. "This is not the right place for you. You can walk around! There are many guests now. I have to help mom..."

Harrison was about to walk over, but she turned around and walked in. Harrison didn't leave. He leaned against a tree outside the dessert shop. The location was just right, and he could see the busy figure of Laura. She skillfully made dessert drinks with her deft hands, then raised her head and smiled to the guests. Maybe she was too skilled and looked kind of mechanical, but the smile that appeared from time to time made everyone feel like bathing in the spring breeze. It was an extremely beautiful scene, making people unconsciously indulge in it

Harrison forced himself to look away from the girl. The tree was big and comfortable to lean against. Was there a man who leaned against the tree and appreciated her like him a long time ago? Thinking of this, Harrison couldn't help clenching his fists. Somehow, he felt annoyed at the thought of such a person.

"Here you are!" The soft voice and the strong fragrance made Harrison let go of his hands. Then, a cup was handed over to him. Harrison took a look at it and found it was a cup of fancy coffee, with a strong smell of coffee and a delicate rose drawn on it.

Looking at his face, Laura's eyes were clear. "I guess you never had this kind of thing..."

Of course, Harrison didn't drink these things, but he took it over, put his arm around her waist with the other hand, and said, "Of course I take the food you make..."

"Don't do that..." Blushing, Laura didn't want her mother to see it. Afraid that the coffee would spill, she didn't dare to struggle. "I have something important to ask you..."

Harrison held her in his arms with a smile and whispered in her ear, "I'm listening. Tell me!"

Laura's face was redder. "How were we here? By plane?"

"So why do you ask such a question? Is there a problem?" Harrison asked, looking at the shy look on La

ura's face.

"No. Of course not!" Laura asked in a low voice, "Are we going back today?"

Harrison smiled. It turned out that the girl was worried about this. "It's all up to you. Do you want to go back?"

"Me?" Biting her lips, she did not answer. Actually she didn't want to go back. She never wanted to go back, but...

Nodding solemnly, Harrison stared intently at her, waiting for her answer.

"Can I stay here today?"

"Okay!" Harrison replied briskly as he gently rubbed her nose.

Laura was so excited that she didn't care about what Harrison done to her at all. She turned around and ran away. "I'll tell mom that I will stay tonight..."

Looking at her back, Harrison smiled. She was a good girl here. It would be wonderful if only she could always be so nice. It was just an idea that came to his mind, but he was frightened by it. He was just using her. So it should not matter whether she was good or not.

While he was thinking, Laura came back with a timid look. "I want to... go to a place..."

With a faint smile, Harrison stood up and said, "Let's go!"

Laura gave him a smile and turned around and left. Harrison followed her to the riverside and walked on a trestle bridge, which looked like an old dock. Now there was no ferry on the river. The willows around had already sprouted. The branches were dancing in the breeze.

Sitting at the bridge, Laura shook her long legs, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the moment of peace. The breeze waved her long hair.

Harrison stopped far away and stared at everything in front of him. It was so unreal, as if he was in a beautiful painting.

"Thank you, Harrison! Thank you for helping me realize my birthday wishes. The three wishes, to go to the welfare house, to meet my mother, and the last one..."

Hearing her soft voice, Harrison's heart trembled. Was her birthday wish so simple? Harrison walked to her side and sat down. He looked at the girl beside him. Her eyes were closed, and she was as calm as a fairy from a fairyland.

"Harrison, you know what? I like to watch the sunrise and sunset here the most..."

Harrison put her head on his shoulder and said, "I'll stay with you..."

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she looked at the river with clear eyes. The setting sun covered the river, and the breeze blew, bringing the smell of the man beside her, making her feel at ease.

When the last ray of sunshine sank into the river, her heart seemed to sink, and her eyes were inexplicably wet.

"Are you cold?" Together with the man's warm voice, Harrison held the girl's small hand with his big one, and the warmth of his palm had been spreading to his heart.

Raising her head, she looked at Harrison shyly. Her eyes were full of tenderness. She put her red lips on his face and kissed him.

Harrison's lips curved into a beautiful smile, but his eyes were cold. He didn't allow her to stop the simple kiss, and he covered her lips with hers and did not stop for a long will.

In the dusk, Harrison held the girl with a red face. They laughed all their way. That night, Conie and her daughter slept in her room, and Conie was arranged in Laura's room.

When she was free, she called Kevin.

"Dad, Mr. Harrison took me to see Mom. I won't go back today..."

"What?" Kevin's voice sounded a little strange, but instantly returned to normal. "Oh, you are so thoughtful. Take my regards to your mother!"

"Thank you, Dad! Good night, Dad!" Laura hung up the phone carefully. She was happy that her father believed her!

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