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   Chapter 7 Mr. Sellers' Female Companion

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Leaning against the chair in the CEO's office, Harrison stared at Mandy with a faint smile, "How dare you show up again?"

"Mr. Harrison, it's my fault. I won't do it again. I hope Mr. Harrison can give me another chance. From now on..."

Harrison leaned forward and approached Mandy. He pinched her chin with his slender fingers and looked at the bruises on her lips that had been covered by makeup. "Really?"

Tears welled up in Mandy's eyes because of the pain. Unable to speak, she could only nod her head desperately, showing how scared she was. She didn't know what punishment she would receive next.

But to her surprise, Harrison let go of her and said, "Go out to work!"

Mandy sniffed and said, "Yes." Then she turned around and was about to open the door.

"Wait a second!" As soon as Mandy's hand touched the doorknob, the voice of Harrison came from behind. A chill came from Mandy's spine to her scalp. She forced herself to smile and turned around to face Harrison.

"[Mr. Harrison, is there anything else I can do for you?"

Harrison didn't look at Mandy but asked, "Do you have anything to tell me?"

"I..." For a moment, Mandy's scalp was numb and her brain was almost totally a mess. Her fingernails pinched into the flesh, and the pain made her sober up a little. She was thinking hard. "The people of the Yan's Group forced me. If I didn't tell them, they would want me to die..."

"Mandy Tang, you are smart. I like smart women!" Without raising his head, Harrison said, "You can go out."

Mandy walked out of the CEO's office and took a deep breath, her heart almost jumping out!

When the sunshine of the setting sun shone on Mandy's face, she knew that she went through the whole day. She knew that she finally came back. In the future, she would have a constant connection with this landmark building, the Li Group Building. Many looked up at the sky and put on a smile. In high heels, she was going to congratulate someone. His guess was right.

In the cafe, Mandy stirred the coffee in front of her. Her beautiful eyes was watery. No one knew what she was thinking about

"Mandy!" A gentle call brought her back to her senses. She looked up at the person in front of her and smiled, "Hi, you?"

The man in front of her was tall, handsome and had a smile on his face. The smile was not as cold and thin as that of Harrison. But it was not that warm either. It seemed that it was just his usual expression. He looked very comfortable in casual clothes.

The man pulled out a chair and sat opposite Many. "How is it going?"

Mandy smiled, "You're right. I'm back with him!"

"Did he believe what you said?" As he expected, the man didn't care about it.

Mandy shook her head with confusion in her eyes. "I don't know. I can never guess what he is thinking, just as I never thought that he would let me go back..."

The man laughed and his eyes became sharp immediately. "But I can guess it! Mandy, you are still useful, so he wants you to go back!"

"Am I useful?" Looking at the man opposite, Mandy's eyes suddenly became very sad. "Am I useful to you or to him?"

The man didn't seem to expect that Mandy would ask him such a question. He was stunned, and his phone rang at the very moment.


"Sellers, I'm Amanda. Where are you?"

This man was the brother of Amanda, the president of the Lian Group, Sellers Lian!

There was a warm smile on his face, and a doting look could be seen on Sellers Lian's face. "What's up, Amanda?"

"Sellers, come back quickly, will you?" asked Amanda like a cute little girl.

Raising his eyebrows, Sellers Lian said, "Okay, I'll be right back!"

"Okay, I'll wait for you..."

After hanging up the phone, the doting expression on Sellers Lian's face was immediately replaced by indifference. "Mandy, do your job well. I'll call you again if anything happens!"

Pursing her lips, Mandy nodded and watched Sellers Lian leave in a hurry. Mandy was not sure about any men, whether it was Harrison or Sellers Lian. That was all she could do...

As soon as Sellers left Mandy and returned to the Lian's villa, he was pestered by his sister Amanda.

"Sellers, the photos of Harrison and that woman, Laura, are everywhere on those gossip magazines..."

Sellers Lian sat down and comforted his sister patiently. "As you said, those are gossip magazines. How can you believe it?"

But Amanda didn't think so. She made trouble out of nothing and said, "I don't care. I just don't want to see that bitch be with Harrison! Sellers, can you help me?"


When Sellers was about to say something, he was stopped by Amanda. "Sellers, you are my brother..."

"All right. All right. I'm persuaded by you! I've made out a plan..."

"What is it? Tell me!" Amanda was excited to hear that.

"Hey, don't you forget, Amanda? Your birthday is coming in a few days. This is the best opportunity!"

"What opportunity?" Amanda blinked and didn't understand what her brother meant.

"She was so ostentatious at the party. I'll give her a taste of her own medicine!" Sellers' eyes turned cold. Even Amanda was scared. She had never seen her brother behave like this.

"What should I do?" Asked Amanda cautiously.

When Sellers came back to his senses, he patted Amanda's hand and answered, "You just need to show up at the birthday party. I'll take care of the rest."

With her eyes wide open,

Amanda burst into laughter. She wrapped her arms around her brother's neck and said, "I know you are the best."

Sellers couldn't do anything to his sister, and he just couldn't watch her live a bad life. Therefore, he could make Kevin miserable even if his daughter could hook up with Harrison by accident. And he would make Kevin and his daughter suffer the most!

In fact, since the banquet, [颜顺明] had been busy dealing with all kinds of problems of the Yan group because of lien Sizhuo. It was a busy day.

As soon as Kevin got home, Many came up to him, "Why are you so late again? Does everything go well?"

"Nothing can go well recently." With a tired look on his face, Kevin fell on the sofa and asked, "Did Mr. Harrison do anything these days?"

Mary glanced at the room upstairs, "Mr. Harrison didn't come at all. It seems that her phone that Harrison sent her didn't ring at all. You didn't let me ask about that day..."

Kevin sighed, "Mr. Harrison has seen all kinds of women. It's not easy to deal with him."

"If Mr. Harrison can't work, Mr. Sellers Lian is good as well!" Mary whispered in Kevin's ear, which cheered the latter up at once.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at this!" Mary passed an invitation to Kevin.

Kevin opened it and asked, "Amanda's birthday party?"

"Not only that, but also to be a female companion of Sellers Lian!" Mary looked at Kevin excitedly.

Kevin's brows relaxed a little. "It's strange. I begged him before, but he refused to help. Why does he suddenly show kindness to us now?"

Mary's eyes twinkled with shrewdness. "Although the Yan Group has some problems now, if the Li Group joins hands with us, the Lian Group will still be unable to withstand it. In addition, Mr. Harrison has said that there would be a big change in the Lian Group. And Sellers is very clear about it!"

Kevin nodded, "This time, you must prepare well for Laura!"

"Don't worry. I will prepare everything for her in person!" Mary looked at the room upstairs, as if she was going to attend a fight.

Lying on the bed, Laura looked at the documents given by Kevin, which were all about the three big groups, The Li Group, the Lian group and An Group. As for the Li Group, Laura knew it. She had no impression of the Lian Group and the An Group. In the past few days, apart from recuperating, she had been reading these documents. She couldn't imagine the financial resources, strength and power of the Li Group. When she knew this information, and thought of the cold eyes of Harrison, she felt even colder. What happened that day was like a nightmare. She didn't want to see that domineering man any more. The man changed too much. When he was gentle, he was like heaven; when he was cold, he was like hell

The slim and eye-catching woman stood in the Li's Group Building and looked up at it. Sooner or later, she would become its hostess! The high-heeled shoes under her feet made a crisp sound, and she entered the Li Group Building as if no one was around. She was the sister of the president of the Lian Group, Amanda. Who dared to stop her?

The elevator went straight to the 27th floor of Harrison's office, the CEO's office! As soon as Amanda walked out of the elevator, Mandy heard the crisp sound of her high-heeled shoes.

"Miss Amanda!" Not daring to neglect, Mandy greeted with a smile, "Miss Amanda, are you here for Mr. Harrison?"

"Yes!" At the mention of Harrison, Amanda gave a big smile. "Is he here?"

"Mr. Harrison is ..."

"Then I'll go to find him!" Before Mandy could finish her words, Amanda rushed in and called, "Harrison!"

"Mr. Harrison..." Mandy stood at the door, fearing that Harrison would blame her.

"You can leave now!" Harrison glanced at Mandy and then turned to Amanda. "Why are you here, Amanda?"

"I come here to invite you!" Amanda smiled coquettishly, took out the invitation card and pushed it to Harrison.

Harrison frowned and glanced at her casually. "A birthday party?"

"Harrison, you must come!" Amanda said coquettishly.

Harrison smiled coldly and asked, "Will Laura go there?"

Amanda's anger flared up at once. Fortunately, she was pacified and exhorted by Sellers. She took a deep breath and answered with a forced smile, "Of course Miss Laura will go. How can she not go? She is my brother's female companion!"

The last sentence was specially stressed by Amanda. Unexpectedly, Harrison just nodded coldly without any special reaction. "Okay, I will go!"

"Then I'll wait for you, Harrison!" Amanda said with a seductive smile.

However, Harrison still looked indifferent. He simply replied, "Okay." Then he said, "If there's nothing else, Mandy, see the guest out!"

Mandy came in immediately, "Miss Amanda, please!"

Amanda pursed her lips, but said nothing. She turned around and left angrily.

Looking at Amanda's back, Harrison smiled weirdly. What a good chess piece Laura was! With her appearance, this birthday party would be a battlefield without bullets. If a woman was jealous, the war would be extremely fierce. He had to watch the battle carefully. Of course, he had to bury seeds for the following war!

A war without smoke might be more interesting, and the war between handsome men and beautiful women was just like this: in the brilliant light, the fragrance of clothes and the toasting. Under the spotlight, Sellers Lian and Amanda were already on the stage!

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