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   Chapter 5 She Will Die

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In the villa, Harrison leaned against the sofa, shaking the Lafite in his hand. There was a trace of sadness in his eyes hidden behind the scarlet wine. With the shaking of the wine, a smiling face seemed to appear in front of him. The smiling face giggled at him. She was as pretty as a flower. Unfortunately, the woman with that smile had never been heard of...

With a loud bang, the glass of wine was put on the table. With a gloomy face, Harrison dialed a number.

"Wayne, come here!" Harrison said firmly.

The man on the other end of the line agreed immediately.

Harrison didn't want to wait for another second. The smile on his face was cold. The phone number was the last connection between him and that woman. No one else could couldn't use it. Whoever wanted to play with him with this phone number, he would let him pay the price!

But his phone rang again. He frowned. Who dared to call him at this late hour?

Was it Wayne Guan? Harrison picked it up.

"Mr. Harrison, well..." The voice on the phone hesitated.

"If you have something to say, just say it!" Harrison said coldly.

"Well... The girl you brought out. Miss Lauran..."

Harrison frowned and interrupted Wayne with displeasure, "Wayne Guan, come here right now!"

"Mr. Harrison, she will surely die!" Wayne pleaded on the other end of the phone.

"Die? Does it have anything to do with me?" Harrison replied coldly before he hung up the phone.

He leaned against the sofa, the smiling face floating in front of him again, but there were slight dimples on the face. It was Laura Yan! Damn! Harrison frowned.

The doorbell rang. Betty went to open the door in a hurry.

Standing at the door, Wayne Guan greeted him timidly, "Mr. Harrison!"

At the sight of him, Harrison's eyes were filled with coldness. Wayne Guan was holding a woman in his arms, and her petite body was wrapped in Wayne Guan's clothes. She was no other than Laura Yan!

"Wayne Guan!"

Wayne Guan looked down at the woman in his arms. Her face was pale, her eyes were closed, her lips were purple, and her whole body was cold. He said dully, "Mr. Harrison, she will really die!"

With a cold smile on his face, Harrison glanced at her and said, "I don't want you to come here to save her!"

"Mr. Harrison, everyone has witnessed that It's you who brought her out!" Wayne Guan reminded him cautiously, "Maybe she is still useful, as Mandy..."

Ignoring Wayne Guan's words, Harrison asked directly what he was concerned about, "Before the banquet, you called and said that Mandy went to the Lian Group, did she?"

Wayne Guan didn't dare to put Laura down. He just held her in his arms and answered, "Yes, Mandy Guan left here and went straight to the Lian Group, but she also left soon!"

Harrison frowned and waited for Wayne Guan to continue.

"Then she went home. Nothing else special!" Wayne Guan added.

"Put her down!" Hearing Harrison's words, Wayne felt relieved. When he was about to put her on the sofa, Harrison started to step and said, "Put her upstairs!"

Stunned, Wayne Guan followed Harrison and carefully put her on the big bed where she had just escaped.

Harrison was already on the phone. "Dr. Will, please come here as soon as possible!"

"Mr. Harrison..." Wayne Guan didn't know whether he should stay or leave.

Harrison looked at the girl on the bed without raising his head and waved his hand, "You can go now!"

Wayne Guan left as soon as he saw Harrison's signature. He thought to himself, 'Miss Laura, that's all I can do. It's up to you next!'

"Betty!" Harrison called the servant. Betty appeared at once. She had already seen that Laura was brought back by Layne Guan. A girl was wearing thin clothes and got out. Wouldn't she get cold? "Take care of her!"

"Yes, sir!" Betty went to take care of Laura Yan.

Soon, a gentle middle-aged man arrived. Needless to say, he was Dr. Will, who was mentioned by Harrison!

Harrison stood at the stairway and waited for Dr. Will to go upstairs. "Dr. Will, please!"

"Don't worry, Mr. Harrison. Let me have a look!" Dr. Will went upstairs and came to the bedside.

Leaning against the door and looking at Laura, Harrison had a new plan in his mind. 'This woman will be a good chess piece. I have to seize her!'

"How is she?" Harrison held his shoulders leisurely and looked at Dr. Will who was frowning.

Dr. Will hesitated, "Mr. Harrison, this lady..."

"So how is she? Will Han! I am asking yo

u!" Harrison straightened up and stared at Dr. Will impatiently.

"Mr. Harrison, she has pneumonia!" Will Han had to answer respectfully.

Harrison raised his eyebrows and stared at Will Han, "Pneumonia?"

"Yes, she doesn't seem to adapt to the weather here. In addition, she is seriously caught cold, which is why she has pneumonia!" Will Han explained in detail.

"Did she catch a cold?" Harrison frowned and thought the scene Laura jumped into the lake. How reckless was she when she jumped into the lake! "Is it serious?"

"She is having a high fever. I will prescribe some medicine for her. If her fever gets down tomorrow morning, she will be fine soon!" Will Han answered cautiously, trying not to let the man worried.

What kind of person Harrison was? How could he allow Will Han to avoid the important and dwelling on the trivial? "What if her fever is not brought down?"

"Then it will be troublesome..."

Harrison waved his hand and interrupted Will Han's long speech. "I don't want to hear you talk so much nonsense. Cure her!"

"Yes, Mr. Harrison!" Will Han agreed immediately.

The Li's villa finally returned to quiet, but there was a violent cough in the darkness, which was heartbreaking. Laura was woken up by her own cough. She opened her eyes weakly, and the dim light of the table lamp reflected on her face. She moved her hand, and the piercing pain made her frown. Only then did she realize that she was on an infusion.

Laura became a little sober. She took a look at the infusion and felt a pang of fear in her heart. Why did she come back? She shivered at the thought of Harrison's face. No, she had to leave! Gritting her teeth, she pulled out the drip. The pain made her face twisted. Then she got out of bed carefully and opened the door. Mo one was there!

She still felt dizzy and her fever was still high. In a daze, she finally reached the railing of the stairs and wanted to go downstairs quietly.

"Are you leaving?"

A chilling voice came to her ears. She staggered and was about to roll down when she missed a step. A pair of powerful arms wrapped around her thin waist and held her in his arms. Finally, she did not roll down the stairs.

"Let me go..." As soon as she got close to Harrison, the fear in her heart surged. She gritted her teeth and struggled desperately. How could she come back here?

When she was struggling, she accidentally put her foot on the stairs. With a light click, she sprained her ankle. With a scream, she lowered her body and rolled down the stairs.

Harrison's hand was empty, and he immediately drew it back and clenched into a fist. "Dr. Will!"

"Yes, sir!" Will Han, who had been standing aside for a long time, hurried downstairs and came to Laura's side.

"How is she now?" Harrison also went downstairs and looked at the woman on the ground.

Will Han replied in a hurry, "Her fever hasn't gone down yet. She sprained her ankle and her forehead!"

Harrison bent over and picked up Laura. Will Han was taken aback, and so was Laura. Although she was not conscious, she was still in fear.

As soon as she was put on the bed, her body shrank into a ball, and there was a large area on her forehead was blood-red. The needle hole on the back of her hand kept bleeding because she forced the needle out. Her ankle and wrist had been swollen. She murmured, "Let me go... I need to go back... "

"Mr. Harrison, let me check her ankle!" As Will Han spoke, he held her ankle and twirled it gently. Then he took a deep breath. After a sound of click, he got relieved.

At the same time, Laura screamed in pain, straightened up and came to her senses. As soon as she saw Harrison, she shrank more tightly, like a frightened deer, and dodged weakly.

Looking at her, Harrison took a deep breath and asked, "Am I that scary?"

With her head down and her shoulders trembling, Laura couldn't say a word.

"I'll drive you home at dawn!"

"Now, send me back, Okay?" Lowering her head, Laura muttered weakly. She didn't want to stay here for even a second

"Laura Yan!" Harrison growled and stared at her. He had promised her that he would send her back. Was he so bad that she would not stay in the villa for another second?

Laura's body trembled and she didn't dare to say anything more. She was even more scared.

The two of them were in a stalemate for a while. When Harrison turned around and was about to leave, Laura timidly called him, "Please wait..."

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