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   Chapter 4 Finish The Task

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In the galloping black Ferrari on the ground covered with snow, Laura murmured, "I want to go home..."

"I'll take you home right away!" With a mysterious smile at the corners of his mouth, Harrison turned his face to look at the dazed woman.

Without opening her eyes, she nodded her head trustfully and tilted her head to the side of the car door.

The corners of Harrison's mouth twitched. He glared at her, but she didn't come close. What was this woman thinking about?

On the icy road, the Ferrari jolted slightly. At the same time, her weak little head slid towards Harrison's shoulder slowly and leaned against it. Harrison got furious at a glance. This woman dared to use that phone number. Kevin and Mary looked flattering and excited. He was sure that she came with a purpose!

Harrison thought, 'Since you have come prepared, and now you refuse me again, I will give you a chance, so that you can't refuse me!' Harrison skillfully controlled the car. As a result, Laura bumped her head against his should.

"I'm sorry!" When she came to her senses, she found herself leaning on his shoulder and bump her head. She apologized immediately and kept leaning her head against the car door.

Harrison pressed his lips and moved his feet again. The car slipped and Laura's head hit the door hard.

"Uh..." Laura groaned and touched her head.

Harrison gently stroked her head and held her in his arms. "Does it hurt? Lean on me!"

"No, you are driving..." Unable to open her eyes, she struggled in a daze.

"You don't believe my driving skills?" Harrison's gentle voice made her unable to refuse. She closed her eyes and gently leaned on his shoulder. "Have a rest. We're going back." She heard his gentle voice again.

When Laura woke up again, she was already on the soft bed. She had no strength at all but felt sore and cold all over her body. Subconsciously, she moved and caught a glimpse of Harrison standing in front of the French window.

"Are you awake?" Harrison walked over step by step. The coldness in his eyes confused her. Was she dreaming that he had been so gentle and kind to her a moment ago? "I'll cooperate with you to complete you task!"

With a confused look on her face, Laura looked at the increasingly bright light in Harrison's eyes and felt a little scared. "My task? What task?"

"It must take you a lot of time for Uncle Kevin to get that phone number, right?" The smile at the corners of Harrison's mouth was even more dangerous in her eyes. "Actually, there's no need for him to do that. As long as he asks, I will give him what he wants!"

"What did you say? I don't understand..." Shaking her head, she shrank back and grabbed the bad sheet tightly.

"You don't understand?" Harrison leaned over and his handsome wear a big smile. Then pulled his tie and sad, "I'll let you know right away!"

His cold lips pressed on hers, which made her eyes wide open.

What was going on? What was he going to do? This was her first kiss...

"No..." She wanted to struggle, but she was too weak to push him away.

Harrison's hand slid down on her body slowly, and Laura held his hand desperately.

Harrison stopped and looked at Laura strangely. "What's wrong? Is this want you want? Or do you regret it?"

Without saying a word, Laura struggled to get out of bed, but tripped over the quilt tightly wrapped around her and fell down. It didn't hurt. The floor was covered with thick carpet. But before she could react, he kissed her again.

"Hmm..." Laura tried to push Harrison away, but she couldn't dodge his lips. She was almost unable to breathe.

Harrison was finally willing to let her have some air. At this moment, without knowing where she got the strength, she avoided Harrison and rushed to the door.

"You want to leave?" The sneer at the corners of Harrison's mouth hadn't disappeared yet. He waved his long arm, picked up Laura who was climbing to the door and threw her on the bed.

With a bang, she bumped into the headboard of the bed. The pain made her frown, but she didn't cry out. Regardle

ss of the pain, she struggled to escape again.

"Now that the game has begun, it's up to me when it's over!" With a cold voice, he put his arms around her. His slender fingers moved slightly, and the shawl of the evening dress was completely torn off, and her fragrant shoulders were exposed. With desire burning in his eyes, Harrison kissed her again.

"Let me along... Harrison..." Laura struggled desperately, "Get out... Don't touch me... Get away from me..."

"Laura Yan!" Harrison roared and pinched her chin with two fingers. "If you want to get something from me, you have to pay the price!"

Tears streamed down her fever-red face. It was heartbreaking to see them, but in Harrison's eyes, they were so hateful.

"Please... Let me go..." Her voice sounded hoarse. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew that she had to leave here. Anywhere should be better...

"Let you go? Okay!" Harrison's lips moved, and he really let go of her chin, returning to his indifferent expression. He do not have to force a woman to have sex with him. He would like to see what on earth this woman wanted to do!

As soon as Harrison loosened his grip on her, she got up, stumbled to the door and ran downstairs, bumping into Betty.

Seeing that Laura ran out despite her thin clothes, Betty couldn't help but call him in a low voice, "Mr. Harrison!"

With a cold face, he stood at the foot of the stairs, looking at the open door, but didn't respond.

Betty didn't dare to say anything and went back to work.

Laura put her arms around her shoulders and shrank. She only wore a long dress and the shawl was torn off by Harrison. Besides, she didn't even have time to put on her shoes when she escaped. Now she was barefoot on the thick snow, which made her heart cold.

She used up all her strength to escape from the villa. Now, her eyes were blurred and she tried to identify the direction. She didn't know where her home was, nor did she have any money with her. Besides, there was no car on the road at this time of the day due to the bad weather. The only cell phone she had with her was thrown into the lake by Harrison. She felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground!

"Laura, you have to go home. You have promised to call me every day. You have to go home as soon as possible. Hurry...


With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, in a trance, her mother waved at her in front of her and staggered over. Within two steps, she fell to the ground, and her red face was covered with cold snow.

"It's so comfortable..." With a satisfied smile on her face, she just lay on the ground.

The thick snow reflected the light. The night did not seem to be so dark, and the dazzling light of the car broke through the darkness of the night. On the back seat of the black Benz, Mary held Kevin's arm with satisfaction.

"Kevin, Laura really is capable. How could she... in such a short time..." Mary said with an envious look, "Kevin, you know, that's the first dance after Mr. Harrison took over the Li Group. It's unusual. If one can dance with him, the position of the Mrs. Harrison of the Li family will be soon..."

Kevin glanced at the woman beside him and interrupted her, "Don't say that. It's just the beginning!"

"What's wrong?" Mary immediately pulled out her arm and shouted, "Don't forget that if Laura can marry Mr. Harrison, not only can she help the Yan family get through the crisis, but also she can enjoy the rich life all her life! It's too late for you to go back on your words. It looks that we are hurting Laura! "

"Well, I didn't say anything!" Kevin sighed. Mary turned her face away and ignored him.

The black Benz sped past Laura. Through the window, Kevin saw a black figure lying on the ground. His heart moved, but he couldn't see it clearly when he looked back.

Kevin muttered, "Why does that woman look so much like Laura?"

"What are you thinking about? Laura is with Mr. Harrison now. Why is she in the snow?" Mary curled her lips and rolled her eyes at Kevin, "Can't you think anything good?"

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