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   Chapter 3 Something Important About Mr. Harrison

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Zara didn't answer Laura's question; she simply smiled and accompanied her as she went to Harrison, who was resting with his eyes closed. Then, she politely said, "Mr. Harrison, Miss Laura is ready."

Harrison opened his eyes and gently nodded his head. Without a look at Laura, he got up and said, "Let's go!"

As soon as Zara and Laura walked out the door, a black Ferrari showed up and pulled over in front of them. After opening the door, Zara said, "Please get in, Miss Laura!"

"Thank you, Zara!" Laura obliged with gratitude and got on the car.

Zara politely smiled back at her and closed the door. At that moment, she thought, 'Mr. Harrison drove the car himself. This woman is not just some random girl...'

Laura instantly felt uncomfortable the moment she sat in the car. After all, it was Harrison who was driving the car!

Harrison didn't say a word, which made the air inside the car feel so suffocating. When the car finally stopped, she reached out to open the door, trying to get away from the tense atmosphere as soon as possible.

"Stay where you are!" Harrison said in a cold tone, stopping Laura in her tracks.

Although her hand was already on the door's handle, she watched in confusion as Harrison got off the car. After a few seconds, the door beside her suddenly opened.

Harrison reached out his hand with a gentle smile on his face and didn't seem to be as overbearing and aggressive as he was earlier.

Left utterly dumbfounded, she didn't know how she was supposed to respond.

"Laura, we're here!" Harrison's voice sounded kind of warm. As she looked at him, she couldn't help putting her hand in his palm. It felt so warm!

As soon as she got out of the car, a gust of cold wind blew, which made her shiver and calm down a lot. She was just about to retract her hand. Harrison let go of her hand but he bent his arm.

She glanced at his arm but didn't hold it. How could they possibly walk together like this?

While Laura was still hesitating, Harrison grabbed her arm and linked it with his.

Caught off guard, Laura raised her head and looked at him. There was so much tenderness in his eyes that she had trouble looking straight at him. So, she lowered her gaze and her long eyelashes helped to hide her embarrassment.

"Mr. Harrison!" On the long hallway, people started greeting Harrison one after another. Laura really wanted to pull her arm out, but Harrison wouldn't her do so. In fact, he actually held onto her hand tightly.

The moment the two of them entered the hall, someone greeted them. "Harrison!" A sweet voice came through. And a woman who was wearing a sexy strapless long dress with long wavy hair and such enchanting eyes came over. When she saw the woman next to Harrison, her gaze suddenly became sharp. Nevertheless, Laura still held onto Harrison's arm intimately. "Harrison, who is this?"

"Amanda... This is..." Before Harrison could introduce her, a majestic voice interrupted him, "Laura!"

All of them turned their heads toward the direction where the voice came from. It was Kevin Yan, Laura's father. He quickly strode over and scolded her, "What happened to you?"

"Dad!" Seizing the opportunity to get away from Harrison, she walked toward Kevin Yan and said, "I..."

"Right. What happened to you? It's a good thing that you came across Mr. Harrison. Otherwise, you would have made us so worry about you," Mary Gong, who stood beside Kevin Yan, grumbled.

Although she felt so uncomfortable, Laura still nodded her head politely and said, "Thank you for your concern!"

Kevin Yan patted his daughter's hand to comfort her and then said to Harrison in a humble manner, "Laura just arrived in this city. She's not yet familiar with the place. Fortunately, she met Mr. Harrison. It's quite a stroke of luck. Thank you for taking care of her!"

With a smile on his face, Harrison replied, "You're welcome, Uncle Kevin!"

"So, you're the daughter of the Yan Family!" The woman holding Harrison's the other arm chuckled, "I'm Amanda Lian!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Amanda!"

Harrison seemed to have cast Amanda Lian aside so easily before he wrapped his muscular arm around Laura's waist. "Uncle Kevin, you can go ahead and talk to my father if you want. I'll take care of Laura!"

"Oh, all right then!" Smiling from ear to ear, Kevin Yan walked away with Mary Gong. He didn't expect that Laura would actually meet Harrison so soon and even show up with him. In fact, he couldn't believe it when he received the phone call from Harrison earlier. Moreover, he never thought that Harrison would be so close to his daughter!

Seeing at the vibrant smile on Kevin Yan's face, Harrison pursed his lips in disgust.

Gritting her teeth in anger, Amanda Lian glared at Laura after getting treated coldly by Harrison. She was burning with jealousy. It seemed that she had met a rival!

At this time, someone came over and respectfully informed Harrison, "Mr. Harrison, your father wants to see you!"

Nodding his head, Harrison let g

o of Laura. "You'll have to excuse me. I'll be gone for a while."

With such disdain, Amanda Lian looked Laura up and down, the seemingly ordinary woman who "happened" to come across Harrison. She was just about to tease Laura a little, but the hall suddenly turned silent.

A dignified middle-aged man stood under the spotlight, and Harrison was right next to him. Nodding his head to the crowd, he said, "Everyone, thank you for coming. This old man is quite grateful! Today, I invited you here to make an announcement. I'm going to step down from my position and retire, so Harrison will be taking over the Li Group. I hope all of you can treat him the same way you treated me!"

As it turned out, that man was none other than Colin Li, the head of the Li Group. Now, he had retired and asked his son to take over. Under the warm applause of the crowd, Harrison became the one in the spotlight.

Laura had no idea how big of a deal it was to take over the Li Group. Standing in the corner, she could only see the side of Harrison's face. He curled his firm lips upward and smiled. It was cold and apathetic, but it was nonetheless a perfect side profile. She couldn't deny that!

"Everyone, since I'm going to take over the Li Group, there's going to be some changes in the company. Please look forward to it!"

Needless to say, everyone was startled after hearing that. The Li Group was going to experience a drastic shift!

"Thank you all for coming. Enjoy yourselves!" Harrison politely said.

After the crowd dispersed, Laura sat down among them. She felt a little lightheaded and had no strength to move around at all. The air felt so heavy, so she looked around and tried to find a place where she could get some fresh air.

"Miss Laura!" someone called out to her. Hearing the voice, she knew right away that it was Harrison! As soon as she turned around, she saw him looking at her. With a cold smile on his face, he asked her, "Can I have this dance?"

Laura pulled a long face before giving him her hand, albeit reluctantly.

Harrison then wrapped his arm around her slender waist. As soon as they stepped into the dance floor, everyone was left stunned. Harrison caught a glimpse of Kevin Yan and Mary Gong, who had a peculiar and meaningful smile on their faces, as though they had already won. This infuriated Harrison so much!

Even Amanda Lian was biting her red lips as she watched the two of them. There should only be one person in Harrison's arms, and that was her, Amanda Lian. Who the hell was this Laura anyway? How dare she compete with her? Now, not only was Amanda Lian burning with jealousy, but she also began to despise this woman. At that moment, she was convinced that Laura was showing off to her!

"Miss Laura, what do you think about the Li Group?" Harrison asked her, with a contemptuous smile on his face.

Caught in a daze, Laura ended up dancing more and more out of tune as she tried to give him a response. "Hmm..."

As the smile on Harrison's face grew even wider, he interrupted her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I..." She struggled to keep herself upright, but she felt so dizzy, as if her whole body had caught on fire. A chill came over her, and she said, "I... I want to go outside..."

When Harrison tried to get close to her, she wanted to push him away, but her arms had no strength in them at all. In the end, she collapsed in Harrison's arms. He sneered in disgust, "All right, let's go outside!"

With his arm wrapped around her waist, Harrison led her to the balcony beside the hall and let her sit down. He leaned against the sofa, waiting for what she was going to do next.

However, much to his surprise, Laura simply sat there in silence and really took a deep breath of fresh air. Her small face became flushed for some reason, and then she held her shoulders and said, "It's cold..."

With a devilish grin on his face, Harrison got close to her and said, "It seems that Uncle Kevin has trained you after all..."

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly and her eyebrows became deeply furrowed. She seemed to be feeling so uncomfortable. At that moment, she looked so weak and helpless. But, as far as Harrison was concerned, it all seemed so despicable! She curled up her body, trying to avoid him. However, Harrison still touched her smooth skin. His hand froze for a second. It felt like her whole body was burning up!

Instantly, he sat up straight and put his hand over her forehead to check her temperature. It was so hot!

"Is this your trick to get close to me?" Harrison looked at Laura, who was looking back at him with blurred vision and red-flushed. The wretched grin at the corners of his mouth deepened. Then, he lifted her up and said, "As you wish!"

Watching as Harrison left in such a hurry with Laura in his arms, the other guests glanced at each other in astonishment. However, they didn't say anything.

"Harrison!" Amanda Lian called out his name and was just about to chase after him, but someone forcefully pulled her away.

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